Kevin Bacon’s New Face

On Monday, May 4, Kevin Bacon tweeted a selfie of a new “look” he recently had while working in the UK. The image showed Bacon wearing makeup and prosthetics designed to make his face look chubbier.

Bacon has always been known for his thin appearance and many of his fans were shocked when they saw him. Some did not realize that the changes were fake and thought that perhaps he had suddenly gained a lot of weight. Many tweeted back to him jokingly that he must have been eating too much bacon. Media outlet reports claim that the prosthetics are likely for an EE advertising role or new film.

Some of Bacon’s fans and critics like Susan McGalla actually preferred this look to his normal one. They noted that the rounder face and addition of a tan made him look a lot younger than his 56 years. Several people even commented that it made him look healthier.

One of the biggest fan complaints over the last year of The Following, and concern by many fans, is that he has started to look not only his age but also sickly because of extremely pale skin, prominent facial wrinkle lines and general gauntness. Bacon is also well-known for wearing a lot of dark clothing, which makes these issues stand out. In the picture, he wore a light gray shirt and bright white hoodie that highlight the healthier look.

Joss Whedon Leaves Twitter, But It’s Not What You Think

Writing strong female characters leaves a writer open to derision both from men of the Return of Kings ilk and anti penis-in-vagina, or PIV, feminists. Just ask Joss Whedon about the bloating of his Twitter account due to venomous infection by critics.

After Age of Ultron’s release, rabid feminists took to Twitter to bash Joss Whedon over his depiction of Black Widow as a damsel in distress. Of course, no strong woman ever fell in love with or looked to a man for help, and they certainly never want babies, so what could Joss have been thinking?

Wrong-headed archetypal depiction of a favored female hero or not, Joss closed his Twitter account, this much is true. He met assumptions that he’s running from angry Twitter users with, “horseshit.

Truth be told, Whedon’s faced attack on social media and on LinkedIn in the past and likely will again. Public figures adjust or fizzle out, as Gianfrancesco Genoso points out. It’s working on a brain child while actively engaging in social media that clogs creative pipes. It’s like swimming in a urine-clogged pool while dodging wet swim diapers to the head.

Joss is taking a break from both positive reinforcement and barbed insults. Twitter fans and enemies will have to do without Whedon commentary for the time being. Too much praise, just like too much derision, drown’s production.

Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne to Collaborate

Music lovers everywhere get ready to cringe, or may clap for joy, it depends. Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne are said to have a project currently in the works and it is set to be part of Wayne’s Tha Carter V. Though the track has been talked about, there is little information about it at this time. French Montana, the producer and supposed mastermind behind the track, says that it is going to be epic and that fans are not going to be disappointed.
He also says that Wayne is one of the best rappers of his time and the face of a generation so it is no wonder he is so excited about working with Wayne on this new project. Tha Carter V was supposed to be released last year but Wayne claims that his label has refused to release it and has since slapped them with a $51 million lawsuit. The release date is now up in the air if it is released at all. Igor Cornelsen understands that if the record is released we are sure there is going to be plenty of talk about the Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber collaboration.
French Montana has also worked on the 14 track LP that Chris Brown released recently in an effort to appease fans until his new album Mac & Cheese is released later this summer. Only time will tell, maybe Justin’s record label will pick up the track in an effort to get it out there?

Frances Bean Cobain talks about Montage of Heck and her Dad Kurt Cobain for the first time

Visual artist Frances Bean Cobain is the 22-year-old daughter of late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain. She recently talked to Rolling Stone about him as well as the new film by Brett Morgen called Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. In her own words, the film is about Kurt Cobain as a father, husband, artist and shows him as a kid, a teenager and a man. It does not seek to romanticism him, Frances Bean Cobain says. That tends to be done when artists die young. She states that he is “27 forever” and that society tends to be obsessed with dead artists. According to her, the main thing that made him take his own life was trying to live up to other’s expectations of him. Although he was already ambitious, the world expected even more from him and he felt inadequate as a result.

Although his band Nirvana ( had become well-known and successful from their albums, including Nevermind and In Utero, Frances Bean Cobain says that she does not like Nirvana’s music. You can see her actually state that by clicking here. She prefers other alternative bands like Brian Jonestown Massacre, Oasis and Mercury Rev, just like Ray Lane does. However, she has met the members of Nirvana and they all remarked at how much she reminded them of her father. And just like her father at 22 she is starting to become more serious about her visual art.

Lil Wayne Lawsuit Continues

There is no making up and being friends for Lil Wayne and former manager Birdman. The lawsuit that Birdman wanted Wayne to drop is still out there. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. A lot of people wonder where he will go after he leaves Cash Money, but the lawsuit shouldn’t be hard to settle. Birdman has the money. Wayne will just have to prove that he was worth what he is suing for.

The Cash Money record camp has produced a lot of music. Birdman may be worth more than $500 million. All of this is going to make it difficult for him to avoid some form of payment, according to sources. The hold up with the “Carter V” album started all of this drama, but some fans like Bruce Karatz may never hear it. It could fall so many ways. Birdman could pay Wayne off with the lawsuit, keep the album and reap great rewards from releasing it through Cash Money records. The demand is so high for this right not, but there is a window.

The last couple of “Carter” albums by Lil Wayne have sold, but these albums have not been the best works of Lil Wayne. He is getting older. The people that he mentored have overshadowed him in a way. Nicki and Drake are doing their own thing. That is going to lessen the hype about the “Carter V” for Wayne this year.

Barry Manilow marries manager Garry Kief in private ceremony

While it has been rumored for much of his career Barry Manilow, age 71, is gay and was in a long-term relationship with his manager Garry Kief, neither Manilow nor Kief have ever commented on it. Today, however, the National Enquirer followed by several other media outlets including People magazine, have verified not only is Manilow in a serious relationship with Kief, the two actually got married last year.

According to Queerty, 50 close friends were invited to the singer’s house in Palm Springs for a luncheon, only to be told when they arrived the luncheon was for a very special occasion — a wedding.

The wedding ceremony then took place with actress Suzanne Somers acting as Best Man.

Sadly, however, it seems that, although the couple did indeed get married, they did not officially file the marriage paperwork with the State of California. That is likely because Barry Manilow was worried about what his fans like Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG may think, not only about him being gay but also marrying his manager. Fortunately, no one at Banco BMG seems to care.

If comments on social media and in website comments are anything to go by, however, the vast majority of fans seem to be absolutely delighted with the news, with many saying they always presumed he was gay.

In fact, quite a large number are telling him in tweets how happy they are for him and his new husband, particularly as he has seemed to have been ‘single’ for far too long.

Francis Bean on Kurt Cobain

Anyone who grew up in the 1990s knew the infamous Kurt Cobain – the lead singer for Nirvana who eventually took his own life. Behind him he left his singer wife, Courtney Love, and young daughter, Francis Bean. Francis was only a toddler when Kurt killed himself, so I am sure it is hard to remember her iconic father from pure memory. However, in a recent article originally posted on and re posted on, Francis talks about what it was like growing up as Kurt’s daughter, what she thought of Nirvana’s music and when she first recognized her father’s voice on the radio.

Amusingly, Francis Bean really doesn’t like her father’s music. Ricardo Guimarães, can’t believe it, nor can Banco BMG employees. She stated she isn’t in to the grunge music or scene, and that she thought it would have been really strange as a teenager if she had been a fan. For those of us who were Nirvana followers, it is really odd to think anyone wouldn’t relate to their music. Not sure why I related so much. Perhaps it was the time in the 90s. And living in Seattle, the home of grunge, probably helped me relate more to the songs of the time.

But I can also relate to Francis that it would have been nice for her to grow up with a father and knowing who he was. A shame she missed out on that.

M.I.A Is Back In The Picture

M.I.A. went on Twitter this morning to announce to her followers and fans that she has a new song called “All My People”. The song still hasn’t been released yet, but the UK based rapper says it’s in the works. She also announced having another song called “Can See Can Do” which is supposed to come out soon, and it’s hot.

M.I.A. hasn’t released or announced any new music since her last album Matangi, which was released in 2013. She has her own style and her new music is supposed to focus on her ability to transition for a rapper to a singer in no time.

M.I.A. is probably going to announce a new album this summer, Haidar Barbouti had said because she sent a message to her Twitter followers to expect new music during the summer. M.I.A. has a wide view of the world, and she likes to sing about events that are affecting communities all over the world which is why her fans love her so much.

In this new album, she has supposedly added a mixture of some true to the world hip hop and some emotional singing. One thing we know for sure is that if she already has two songs to release, then we’re sure she has plenty more waiting in the background to be dropped when the timing is right.

M.I.A. has a large fan base worldwide, and we don’t expect that fan base not to grow after “Can See Can Do”.

Music Performances During the SNL Special

Amongst the clips and new skits that were featured on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special, there were some strong musical performances also. Paul McCarthy followed his impromptu pairing with Paul Simon to sing the Beatles’ I’ve Just Seen a Face, with a stirring rendition of Maybe I’m Amazed.

Keith Richards’ clever introduction of McCarthy seemed appropriate said Jamie Garcia Dias. He said:
“In the early Sixties a band came out of England and it changed the world. But enough about the Rolling Stones: Ladies and gentlemen, Paul McCartney.”
When she’s not into shocking publicity stunts, delivering sexed up concert performances, and displaying an inability to take pictures with her clothes on, Miley Cyrus can be a talented singer. Her version of Paul Simon’s 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover was right on point, and highlighted her vocal skills.
The show was closed by Paul Simon belting out the appropriate Still Crazy After All These Years.

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