Entrepreneur Works With Festival to Spread Awareness of Autism

Autism Awareness Month is April, and Sanjay Shah Denmark has put together a festival that will take advantage of this month each year. One thing that could be said for Sanjay is that he is very creative and keeps an eye open for opportunities to spread awareness on autism. With Autism Rocks, he can get more people aware of the condition and also more aware of what they can do in order to help researchers come up with a treatment that is more effective. This is something that Sanjay Shah is very passionate about after finding out that his son has the developmental condition.

Autism Rocks is not the first company that Sanjay has founded. He is also the founder of Solo Capital, a firm that he has started during the economic crisis. He has used the skills that he has gained from working for various banks in order to make wise investment choices. As a result, he has brought his firm into a successful period. He has always used a good amount of his money towards charity. Before his son was diagnosed with autism, he has made general contributions. Afterwards, he has started funding autism research.

Sanjay has shown a lot of creativity when it comes to funding autism research. He has come up with an effective plan for spreading awareness of autism research. He has decided to use concert hosting as one of the methods for spreading awareness on autism. He has hosted a lot of artists such as Snoop Dogg, Flo-Rida, Lenny Kravitz and others. The concerts not only provide people with a lot of good entertainment, but also gets people aware of the developmental condition so that they will make contributions towards finding an effective treatment.

Sanjay Shah is someone who is a great example to follow. He has worked very hard towards building the life that he wants and using the profits that he has gained towards helping others. His heart for people at a disadvantage is a great quality to have. This helps him come up with the funds needed for supporting others and helping them find the assistance they need.


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Best Places to Ski at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is an ideal place to ski because of the beautiful scenery and atmosphere. It is great for families, friends, or even couples. In addition to skiing, there are many things to do: shop, eat, jacuzzi, bike, snowboarding, etc. There are some great resorts that offer these activities while also providing a fun place to lodge. Heavenly Mountain Resort is a great ski resort in Tahoe; it offers year round activities while also providing one of the best views of all the resorts. Another popular Lake Tahoe Resort is the Diamond Peak resort. This resort is more medium-sized for people who prefer that. The resort has dog-sledding, a kids zone, sledding, and other fun things for people who may want to take a break from skiing and snowboarding.

Squaw Resort is another ski resort in Tahoe that has both summer and winter activities. There is even a kids camp that is geared towards kids so that they can get the most out of the trip as well. The Squaw Resort is known for its great shopping centers, yoga studio, spa, and dining areas. Some summer-oriented activities include golfing, hiking, fishing, roller skating, and even golf. Many resorts don’t offer summer-oriented activities which makes this a great experience. It truly embodies and tries to maintain the ski culture in every aspect possible.

Alpine Meadows is only a a 10-20 minute shuttle ride away. It is meant to be picturesque but also a thrill. With over 100 trails spanning over 2,400 acres, every person can find their difficulty level whether a beginner or an expert. The main concern is the experience of the people coming to ski, which is evident not just with the beauty and trails but also with the hospitality.

Lake Tahoe differs from many Colorado resorts in many ways not just regarding terrain. It truly is a one of a kind experience that should be enjoyed if possible. Unlike a lot of other vacation spots, you do not have to feel like such a tourist if you are not wanting to, while you can if you are wanting to. Whether it is as a group of friends wanting to shred some slopes, a family looking to make memories, or a couple wanting a romantic getaway, there is always something that is offered. It is adventurous, and with the resorts, the perfect amount of outdoorsy (or not) as well.

Better Reputation, Protect Your Reputation

According to an article, “Choosing a Reputation Management Service”, when it comes to business, your reputation means a lot. However, social media can help you build your reputation quite fast as well as a review website called Yelp. Since the internet moves extremely fast, that in turn could cause you to fail and to hit rock bottom. This can happen really quick. If you were someone who earned a 5 star rating fast, hitting rock bottom can be just as fast.

If you are looking for a job or if you are a professional, the same thing can happen. If employers are searching Google and come up on information about you that is questionable, it could very well cost you the job you have been wanting. Another thing, if you are already hired and an employer sees questionable information about you, you could possibly be fired.

However, if your online reputation is not where it should be, Online Reputation Management services can put an end to your problem. They will help you stop, fix, and prevent disasters from happening. Keep in mind that whenever someone would like to learn about you, they go to the internet according to Patrick Ambron. Also according to Shannon Wilkinson whom is the CEO of Reputation Communications says that will help to add brand, contribute to longevity and will help to prevent anyone from misusing your identity.These services are great because they will help you whether you are an individual or business.

On their website, Better Reputation has a place where you can click and get a free quote. You can put in your name and email address. They are showing that it is important to get this quote because they are giving you reasons as to why you should get the quote. Most of us do not think about this but what if someone already has information on us when we meet them the first time. A lot of times, if people want to know something, the first thing they will do is use Google. People search Google for other people. Better Reputation is saying to take control of your search results now.

By getting your quote, it could help you in the long run and keep your reputation from going downhill. They are even offering the quote to you for free. When someone looks online for you, they should be seeing great things about you, great things that will make you feel good about yourself.

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ClassDojo and Stanford’s PERTS Center Team Up to Popularize Growth Mindset Approach Using Animated Videos

A growing number of teachers are increasing accepting ClassDojo into their classrooms making the communication platform the number one preferred learning tool in the classroom. It therefore follows that news of the new compelling research being done on growth mindset and its power to change student perceptions of learning is widely welcomed by many professionals.

According to Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychology professor, kids are able to approach learning positively when they realize that their brains are malleable and that abilities can further be developed as they grow up. This revelation makes kids eager to learn and improve their performance in school.

This message is also well received by many teachers who are glad that what they have been trying to impart to students is now being given mainstream attention thanks to ClassDojo and the Project for Education Research That Scales center (PERTS) based in Stanford University. This new partnership aims to produce a five part animated video series that tackles the topic of growth mindset. The videos will feature ClassDojo characters that have become synonymous with the brand.

ClassDojo allows easy interaction between students, teacher and parents. It allows parents to know what is going on in the classroom through texts, photos and videos that are shared by teachers using the communication platform. Today, ClassDojo is now commonly used by most schools in the United States as well as in 180 global countries.

PERTS center hopes that the research yields actionable information and data that can be used to accurately assess the effect of the growth mindset education approach as well as the five animated videos to be produced.


ClassDojo was started in 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. The firm’s communication platform allows teachers, students and parents to interact freely. It also allows students to share their favorite class moments with their parents setting the stage for a highly interactive learning process both at school and at home. The application aims to make parent-teacher meeting a thing of the past.

This communication platform is teacher-led. Given that teachers are perhaps the biggest stakeholders in the education sector, they should be given a platform to voice their opinions and build better teaching models for their students. Today, 2 in 3 schools in the U.S. use this communication platform in their classrooms. ClassDojo now serves over 15 million students and allows the sharing of up to 8000 moments per minute.


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A Night Out With Fabletics

Going out at night usually requires a certain amount of style that is not always the most comfortable. The trademark little black dress is something that is visually appealing, but usually leaves the wearer wishing that had stayed at home in their yoga pants. Recently, the athleisure trend has been putting its mark on the world of fashion and is now available for night life as well. Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics, has introduced a line of athleisure dresses that everyone will be happy to be seen wearing for a night on the town. Athleisure is a trend that is a welcome change for anyone who loves fashion and still wants to stay comfy.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Hudson sat down and went over her thoughts on Fabletics and the new line of athleisure dresses. Like many women, she felt that choosing between style and comfort was unnecessary. She found a way to use the soft, versatile fabrics of activewear and combine it with the chic and fashionable looks that people love to be seen wearing. In the article, the popular Tropez Dress of Fabletics is pictured and is clearly a good choice for both day and evening wear. Hudson herself explains that the inspiration behind the style is to make sure people can maintain an active lifestyle while looking great in the process. Source: http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/

Being the face of the company, Hudson has been using Fabletics to show people everywhere how important physical fitness is to daily life. The company prides itself on making the latest styles available to customers at a much lower price than competitors. Fabletics also offers a subscription service that will give members access to exclusive sales while making sure they always have exactly what they need for a good workout. The low monthly fee gives customers a new outfit every time they need one at a discounted price making this service one that is perfect for anyone looking to become more active while remaining stylish. For many people, having the best workout clothing can often lead to the best workouts. See: http://www.fabletics.com/kates-picks.htm

Kate Hudson and Fabletics are breaking the activewear mold. With all the classic staples people need, like yoga pants and leggings, and new products like athleisure dresses and swimwear, this company is keeping customers happy with the wide variety of choices. People no longer have to choose between low quality or a high price tag. All the clothing sold through Fabletics is made with top of the line materials to give customers the very best experience. With the addition of their athleisure line, Fabletics is sure to keep growing and giving fans exactly what they need. For anyone who enjoys staying active, look no further than Fabletics. 

Sam Tabar Urges Investors To Focus On Commodity Trading

According to the U.S. News and World Report, in order to maintain the present standards of living, the average American will require between 75% and 80% of his or her pre-retirement income.
Sam is an alumnus of the Columbia Law School and Oxford University. He is a renowned attorney and successful capital strategist. Sam is the former director and chief capital strategist at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He was in charge of the Asia-Pacific region. Below, Sam provides his insights on how individuals should save for their retirement.

Sam is conversant with the commodity market. However, he urges investors to understand the pitfalls of such investments before engaging in the trade. Sam posits that an investor should undertake more research before putting his or her money in any form of investments. This is because the market is volatile and prices fluctuate wildly. It is for this reason that Tabar empathizes on the need for proper diversification of the commodity portfolios.

He cautions that investment for retirement does not entail trading on the floor or being a mutual fund adviser. Sam advises that the best way of generating capital is achieved through investing in socially conscious startups. Tabar gives an example of Muhammed Yunus who established the Gremeen Bank. Sam posits that the social entrepreneur came up with the idea of availing loans to small business owners in Southeast Asia. Yunus’ concept has been trending in America and abroad. Sam invested in THINX, which is a socially conscious organization that manufactures fashionable panties for the women to wear during their menstrual cycles. THINX donates sanitary pads to women living in developing countries. This way, young women are able to attend school even during their menstrual period. You can see this investment, and many others on Sam’s Angel.co profile.

Sam contends that many Americans can start saving for retirement through investing in social entrepreneurship and trading in commodities. Sam concludes by asserting that the most important investment for the future is commodity trading.

Beneful Is One Of The Few Dog Food’s I Trust When Feeding Cleo

My golden retriever is named Cleo. Cleo is a very well behaved dog who is so well behaved that I don’t have to put her on a leash when I take her for walks and I also don’t have to worry about her running away when I leave the door open. Cleo is very responsive to her name which is why she behaves so well. My last golden retriever didn’t really know his name so well so he ran away a lot and was extremely stubborn at times. Due to the fact that Cleo is so well behaved I frequently give her Beneful dog treats by Nestle Purinastore Petcare. The types of Beneful dog treats [https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/] that I have given Cleo are baked delights stars, baked delights hugs, baked delights snackers, and dental ridges. Beneful dental ridges keep Cleo from having a lot of plaque build up on her teeth and work wonders for her dental health whereas baked delights hugs, snackers, and stars are good for her when I want to reward her in some way. Cleo also eats Beneful originals beef flavored dog food. Beneful originals is a dry dog food that not only comes in the beef flavor that I give to Cleo but that also comes in salmon or chicken flavor. Many of the dogs in my neighborhood eat Beneful dog food and Beneful dog treats which is why I decided to buy on Wal-Mart for them to not only Cleo but my previous golden retriever who lived to the old age of 12 thanks to the healthy ingredients in Beneful. So far Beneful has shown many great results for Cleo such as keeping her coat clean and fluffy but also keeping her healthy and helping to maintain her weight even when she decides to eat a little more than she normally does on a daily basis. I would never feed any dog I own in the future anything but Beneful due to the fact that it has proven to be a very good source of nutrition for not only Cleo but my dog before her. Beneful is one of the few dog food’s out there that I would even trust feeding to my dog.



Designer Athletic Wear for Your Designer Body

Going to the gym has never been an event at home where you sit in your closet and ponder of what you will wear to go sweat off some pounds. Most people, especially women, wear clothing that most likely hides the areas they are ashamed of and the reason for them going to the gym in the first place on http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/kate-hudsons-fabletics-made-headlines-its-ad-campaign-bleeped-word-168558. Fashion and Working out have never really been a match made in heaven however, that has all changed with a vision for change in athletic fashion. As mentioned by the Clothes Maiden, Fabletics is a new up and coming, hot to trot Athletic Fashion line created by A-lister actress Kate Hudson. Society has found a new love for health and wellness and Kate Hudson found a way to combine this new love with floral print pants.

It’s not just fashion, it’s a lifestyle change. When making healthy lifestyle choices such as going to the gym, eating healthy and becoming more active, why do your clothes have to look like you just got out the bed? Kate Hudson’s Fabletics S/S/16 collection makes it possible for any women to feel good while they look good whether going to the grocery store or going to the gym. These fabulous designer prints are not only comfortable, and look good, but they are very affordable for the everyday woman. Fabletics has created a VIP monthly subscription service that allows you to pick and choose your athletics fashion tailored specifically to your likes, needs and personality.You have the option to opt out of a monthly payment in the event that you just can’t afford it that month, and then pick back up whenever you are ready to start purchasing again. It eliminates the pressure of having an obligation to buy something every single month on http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos.

But wait, there’s more. Fabletics didn’t leave out the men. Along with several different collections for women, Kate Hudson also designed a line for men as well. Pro Pick’s can be found on the Fabletics website along with all the collections from past and current. All of these collections have a combination of breathable fabrics, style and affordability making it an easy choice to say yes to a healthy lifestyle.

Beneful Offers A Full Line of Nutritious Dog Food Options

For those of us who value the health of our pets it’s good to know that Beneful by PurinaStore offers a full line of dog food options to keep my favorite four-legged companion healthy and happy.
Beneful Original Dry Dog Food [http://www.amazon.com/Beneful-Food-Originals-Real-15-5-Pound/dp/B001VJ0B0I] provides 100% of my dog’s daily nutritional needs with whole ingredients such as beef, chicken, or salmon and accented with spinach, peas, and carrots. This original blend includes crunchy and chewy bits and is loved in our house!

Beneful Healthy Puppy was created with a young growing dog in mind. With real meat and vitamin-rich vegetables puppies are able to start their first year off right by getting 100% of their daily required nutrients as well as DHA to support brain and vision health. Beneful Healthy Puppy comes in wet and dry blends.

Beneful Weight Management Dog Food was created for the dog who loves to eat. This calorie conscience blend encourages healthy eating without sacrificing taste or nutrition. Made with real chicken and a blend of fruits and vegetables my dog never knew he was on a diet.

Beneful Chopped Blends is a wholesome fresh meal for my dog. He loves the texture and taste and I love knowing that there are whole grains and vegetables you can see mixed in. With several Chopped Blends to choose from there is a combination for even the most picky of pups.

Nothing is more important than my dog’s health and I feel good knowing that the entire Beneful line of dog food is developed by researchers with a PhD in Animal Nutrition. Because safety and quality are important all of the Beneful dog foods are backed by a quality guarantee. When I put Beneful in my dog’s bowl I know he’s eating healthy!
Beneful Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beneful/

The Role of Helane Morrison at Hall Capital

Hall capital is a leading investment company in the Bay area; it has an enviable success story. Behind this story, there is a woman; Helane Morrison who is the current managing Director, General Counsel, and it’s Chief Compliance Officer. Helane is also a member of the company’s Executive Committee.


Helane has worked in conjunction with different other people who hold similar beliefs to boost the presence and impact of the company in its enforcement wing. The core role of the evaluation department involves examining staff records and books including investment advisors, mutual funds, and brokerage firms. Sometimes, they can refer the cases to the enforcement department, or deal with less egregious issues by writing deficiency notes and request of corrections in business undertakings.


It is not a joke to have three powerful women at the pinnacle of Hall Capital’s management. The kind of diversity that is exuded through gender, background, and education balancing is critical in not only attracting clients, but maintaining them as well. The role they play is important in realizing the role of overall multiplicity endeavors.


Enforcement staffs investigate and file a suit for individuals who lie to investors; however, Ms Helane has developed an interest in boosting online brokerage services, a majority of whom are found on the local market, and provide information that assisting investors with relevant information. She strongly believes that unless people comprehend how this process operates, they can really get shocked on what happens to their orders.


The strength of an established company is pegged in the area of accountability, integrity and regulation of its customers. There has to be some level of appreciation of the difficulty and the technicality of investing today with the hum resource, time, experience, and effort given. The client asset level of any company supports a considerable research capacity, and leads to a close link with a wider range of investment companies. The access and resources provide a level of experience that is somehow hard to jumpstart companies and replicate the same.


Hall Capital has focuses her growth in acquiring foundations and winning endowments; in fact this takes up to 20% of the company’s growth points. Driven by positive and fast growth, this company is investing all its efforts to ensure change in the industry. The target is to benefit many individuals who already have a stake in the company. Also, there is more that still needs to be done regarding the technology and skill needed to manage finances and effectively support the needs of clients.