There is an old, outdated concept that you will find the “best eyeliner” for your eye color and type. This concept is so far from the truth these days. There are colors that will naturally draw out the eyes. There are colors that will add a “certain something” to your eyes and face; however, there is not such thing as “the best” eyeliner.

What you can find is some tricks and tips to help you get the most out of the color you choose from your eyes.


What you need to do is pick out an eyeliner that will contrast your eyes. Say you got some really deep blue eyes. Your best choices are between copper and gold. These two colors will bring out your blue eyes more.

All you do is dot the inner corners of your eyes. Either do the whole lid or keep it tight to the corners. This will bring out the blue in your eyes more. Using one of these two colors will bring out your iris and make it pop.

You can also use colors like champagne and navy.


Red compliments green in a very big way. Pick out eyeliner colors that have the red undertones in them. You really want to make your eyes sparkle, pick something like garnet or bronze. Rust is also good. Make sure you line your lid with black first. This will reduce the appearance of your eyes looking “tired.”


Anything having to do with an earthy brown is good. You really want to make your eyes sing though, try using colors like amber and midnight blue. Don’t want to go with too much color? Try using dark blue on the rims of your eyes. It will give the same effects, just less severe. Some other colors you can use are mink grey, cobalt and purple. These colors will really make you brown eyes look amazing. It doesn’t matter what shade of brown you have, even hazel, the colors will work.


Are you having a Lime Crime Attack? If you aren’t, then you should be. Lime Crime is all the rage right now. It will be even more of a rage five years from now. Just ask the creator of Lime Crime, Doe Deere. Doe created this line herself. This is not just another flash-in-the-pan makeup brand either. This is bold, enticing and it’s here to stay. If you don’t know about Lime Crime yet, get informed now.

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Frans Schoeman: Brilliant Lawyer of Environmental Law

Environmental law falls in the classification of law whose chief objective is to conserve the surroundings. This is accomplished by controlling activities that destroy the environment. These activities might vary from throwing away of waste, fossil energy emissions to incorrect utilization of naturally occurring resources. It executes this by barring environmental abuse as well as offering mechanisms, which punish such activities through penalties or otherwise. The law might range from one state to another although a lot of materials are obtained from international pacts plus conventions.

This kind of law may be broken down into various regulatory subjects. There is absolutely no pact illustrating the perfect subcomponents making up environmental law. Nevertheless, all come to an understanding that the main purpose is in solving environmental pollution on There are additional aspects, which have risen such as the handling of natural resources like fisheries, forests as well as minerals that affect legal Principles.

Bit by bit, the arena of ecological law has developed due to emerging awareness plus distresses that are influencing the environment all over the world. This has caused the identification of main ideas as ruling principles. These principles comprises of Sustainable growth. It is described by the UNEP as growth that satisfies the requirements of current times without disturbing the forthcoming generation’s capability to satisfy their desires. The other idea is Polluter Pays Principle. This supports the concept that the standard burden must be taken by the contaminator instead of the entire society. Principles like equity, inhibition, and community involvement have been giving rules in this area in collaboration with precautionary principle.

The kind of attorneys with a specialty in this classification of law is referred to as environmental attorneys. Any kind of attorney can work in this category plus others such as commercial or even injury law yet the expert ones are excellent. Frans Schoeman on is ranked among the wonderful minds practicing this particular kind of law. He serves as the executive of Phatsima Diamond a top law firm based in South Africa with its HQ in Bellville. Frans Schoeman has legal knowledge, know-how and skills needed in offering legal counsel as well as solutions since he has been practicing for over 25 years. He is a specialist in mining laws plus management because he has supervised the daily operations of Phatsima Diamond Corporation mining franchise in Angola.

Frans Schoeman was born in Cape Town South Africa, on January 5, 1969. Cape Town is the same place he presently lives. He studied in University of the Free State that is based in New York, and completed in 1987. He is able to speak in English, and Afrikaans. Frans Schoeman likes Porsche car, painting as well as art. He also likes participating in different charities, plus takes part in various causes, such as children and human rights, environment as well as education. Schoeman according to joined the Law Society of South Africa in July 1990 that aims to offer the education and constant learning to lawyers, needed to make sure that they can offer outstanding legal services.

Leaders in Innovation

Juniper networks has been lucky to obtain Shaygan Kheradpir as their new CEO. The phenomenal man with a PhD Was London born and grew up about the hills of Iran. He later attended high school at Aiglon Collage over in Switzerland, then traveled over to the United States to her bachelors masters and doctorate degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. Kheradpir has Sense the new member of the engineering counsel at his college. Starting his career, he has has GTA laboratories as his very first job, I’m the man worked on network routing management and control then eventually became the chief information officer of the corporation.

Looking forward to 2000 when GTE worst with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon communications, Shaygan Kheradpir continues to serve as the president of arises a business division. Never wanting to settle in being complacent Shaygan Kheradpir eventually became Verizon’s first CIO/CTO. An interesting point In Mr.Kheradpir’s career was back in 2001 when he’s form small teams that were each responsible for thinking up and developing new product ideas. He worked with the team of approximately 7000 staff members and would also work late into the night. Him and his staffs hard work finally paid off in 2003 when his team created iobi, The wonderful picture of that manages address books call ID and other devices.

Fast forward to generate 2011 when the still young at heart Shaygan Kheradpir’s decided to hop aboard Barclays as chief operating officer where he contributed to the development of customer products. He was part of a team that help the develop Pingit, The mobile payment system software. Through all of his accomplishments he still manages to hold a healthy social life according to his Twitter. He has made tweets reminiscing about the first install in Keller Texas all saying happy birthday to Verizon 10th birthday. Following him on the social network shows his quirky lovable side. With his trips to the mall and social dinners, making what sounds like on paper a rigid businessman into it more recognizable average Joe.

He has bounced all over the globe collecting his education, and then conquered the business world ahead on with such force and enthusiasm that it has made an imprint on the big wigs running the corporations. Eventually becoming one of the bigwigs himself. Shaygan Kheradpir maybe taking some down time for now but we know we will see him back in action soon. There has been no word as of today about any future career choices for Mr.Kheradpir. Hopefully he takes this time to relax, kick off His shoes and restrategize a new plan on getting back into the technological business world. With all that he has done for the previous corporations that he has worked for in making magic happen in The marketing department, Shaygan Kheradpir is sure to make a big comeback once he decides to ascend back in to corporate world Like a Phoenix being reborn once again. Corporations will surely welcome him with open arms.

Android OS and the Top Four Apps

iOS and Android are the number one operating systems being utilized on cellphones and tablets today. I personally believe that Android is the top OS in today’s low income economy. It comes on a variety of devices and is easy to use. Not only that, but there are a vast amount of apps available for Android devices.

One of the apps that I find useful is Smart Voice Recorder. Smart Voice Recorder is used when I need to attend a meeting that is very fast paced and am unable to write out all of the notes. Therefore, I use Smart Voice Recorder to record lectures, meetings, and interviews so that I may be able to take notes afterwards and possibly give feedback on that late afternoon meeting or lecture.

Microsoft OneNote, a software application that I create notebooks in and arrange in in order that helps make things simple. Microsoft came out with an app for this software application basically named Microsoft OneNote. As stated before, I create notebooks for each subject that needs to be organized. Within those notebooks, I create tabs, otherwise known as tabs, to further separate what are known as pages. On these pages I type a lot of information that gets synced to the cloud which then gets synced with my personal computer.

If you’re looking for a great app to meet people or just to communicate with friends, go no further than zendesk’s Skout. Skout is a free service that I use to connect with people from all over the world. The app is available in 14 languages and allows you to communicate with over 180 countries. The app is very secure and is much safer than using Snapchat which has had breaches in the past year with photo leaks. Out of all the reviews given to this app at the time of writing, this app received over 4.2 out of 5 stars compared to Snapchat’s 4 out of 5 stars. Another cool feature that is available with this app is the Travel section. This section is especially helpful when I want to communicate with someone or a group of people in an area of Tokyo, Japan that I’m visiting.

As with all devices, security is a must. I recommend CM Security. CM Security scans my devices to find viruses, junk, and even privacy issues; moreover, once these issues are found, CM Security will ask your permission to resolve the issues that it has found and give a big blue screen with a checkmark to indicate that it has finished resolving all of the problems.

In conclusion, Android is a safe OS in combination with the above mentioned apps. CM Security protects my device from spying people, apps, and viruses. Skout is the best app to use when I want to be able to communicate with people and even dating. Microsoft OneNote and Smart Voice Recorder being the best record keeping apps. I know that if I like these apps, others will like these apps and I look forward to the updates that these apps will receive in the future.

Trying Skout Organic for the First Time

People that have never heard of Skout Organic will be in for a very pleasant surprise. I can remember when I tried the trail bars. I thought that this was the best thing on earth. It seems unreal that someone had not thought of the ideal of organic trail bars sooner. These bars are nutritious and delicious. I know a lot of my friends that hike are adamant on taking these for snacks. I had to learn the hard way that candy bars and all that sugar would not be as beneficial as I thought for long hikes. It was with the Skout Organic bars that I was find myself with the most energy.

I discovered the bars through friends, but I have been able to order from the Skout Organic websites on instagram since I discovered these bars. I know that the products from this company are made in Oregon. That explains why I never saw these bars in stores in the south. I was in Oregon on a trip and that is where some friends made the recommendation. I could not believe that something that was organic was so delicious. I hear a lot of buzz about the organic craze, but I have always assumed that this was just a lot of hype. I didn’t think that any organic products would be worth spending more money on, but Skout Organic made me a believer.

The great thing about this brand is that it has so many different flavors. I love the apple trail bars, but I am also quite fond of the chocolate ones. These are some delectable snacks that have helped me get through many trips. I think that I would rather have these trail bars and some trail mix more than I would anything else.

I love the way that Skout Organic has become my great little secret. While others are munching on the trail bars from local stores I get in fresh deliveries of the Skout Organic bars. I have told some friends about the brand and most of them cannot believe that I have been holding out on them. I love these products because the trail bars have a lot of vitamins and nutrients. I like the large array of products that are on the market because my family likes variety. My daughter will try anything once, but she just isn’t going to eat the same thing over and over again. That is why I like the Skout Organic products so much. There are vanilla, peanut butter, coconut and chocolate trail bars. There are also raw pumpkin seeds that are sold by this company.

I could be wrong, but I really do think that Skout Organic is on to something. The founders may have to expand operations outside of the Oregon area. That is just how popular the brand could become.

The Career Progress of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan acquired an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University, where he majored in control systems. Throughout his engineering career, which spans for over 10 years, he has strove to build visionary teams to achieve the objectives of the company. He has unified the traditional boundaries of diverse disciplines across the world to form strong working relations. Recently, Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed the president of Jupiter networks Company. Jupiner Networks is a networking enterprise, which deals with inter-firm internet connection and online sharing of information. Before his appointment, Shaygan headed the technology department and oversaw all the network operations in Barclay’s group.

Shaygan’s Works In London
After four years of services, he moved to London, where the headquarters of Barclays bank are situated to work as the operation officer of the global retail bank. Shaygan Kheradpir was later promoted to the position of the technology and operations officer, the same position he held at Jupiter networks but his time round he was in charge of the entire Barclays bank globally. At the London-based headquarters, Shaygan brought tremendous changes, which transformed the bank to the 21sttechnologicalstandards- for instance innovation of products that transform the lives of people, such as the Cloudit and Pingit.

Shaygan Moves to Boston
He began his career as an intern in GTE Labs in Boston. He was charged with the responsibility of managing and controlling network routers of the company. His commitment and dedication in his work earned him the rank of the head of software system of the firm. Here, his core responsibility was to recruit first –class professionals into the company’s work force; consequently, he created an excellent firm, which led to establishment of the first Boston’s network management company to integrate infrastructure, switching and transmission in GTE. These advancements consolidated the network operations of GTE into a highly efficient networking company globally.

Shaygan Service in Dallas
Shaygan was later transferred to Dallas-based GTE headquarters where he headed the system developments in information sharing, internet working, wireless, and wireline for the entire GTE department globally. During his time in Dallas, he re-structured and nationalized the core systems of GTE Labs Firm into the modern technological operations. These innovations drove the company into globally renowned excellence. In addition, the re-structuring significantly reduced the costs structures for the corporation.

The Verizon Company
In 2000, Shaygan moved to New York City. This was after the Bell Atlantic Company and the GTE merged to form a single company called the Verizon. Here, he was named leader of the e-business department. He was later promoted to the chief officer of information management and systems for Verizon. He recruited world-class professionals across all disciplines to work in his department. He believed the best way to achieve breakthroughs for the company is to recruit individuals who understood the importance of team work and collaboration in marketing the leading products and services of the company. While working for Verizon, Shaygan brought a number of changes, which include, re-structuring of the revenue profile with brand IP multi-media services and products for their clients.

Christian Broda the Economics Expert

Christian Broda is an Economics guru with vast knowledge regarding the subject. In his entire career, Broda has made a name for himself and now commands respect in the finance world both as an economist as well as a finance expert. Currently, Forbes’ Christian Broda works at Duquesne Capital Management based in New York City, where he is the Managing Director.
Christian came into the world of economics back in the year 1997 when he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Universidad de San Andres in Argentina. After his undergraduate studies, Christian went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he studied for his master’s program. Shortly after, he followed it up with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Economics from the same University which he completed in the year 2001.
Doctor Christian began his working career at the Federal Bank of New York. From the Federal Bank, The Doctor of economics joined University of Chicago Booth School of Business as an Associate Professor of Economics. While working at the University, Christian also had a short stint as the Head of International Research at Lehman Brothers that lasted less than a year back in 2008. In 2008, Christian became a Tenured Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. After leaving Lehman Brothers, Christian took up another job at Barclays Investment Bank as the Chief International Economist between 2008 and 2009.
Numerous articles have been written by Broda as he shares his knowledge and insight in finance and economics. His articles are available in the American Economic Review as well as the Quarterly Journal of Economics. Doctor Christian Broda in his articles lays emphasis on topics related to international trade and finance. His knowledge and dedication to the field has earned him titles such as the James S. Kemperer Scholar back in 2006. Broda’s press presence in regards to finance and economics is undisputed.
Due to his works in the finance field, Christian Broda has a membership of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA). Broda is also a faculty fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research where he has affiliations. His studies and efforts have not been fruitless as they have earned him lots of recognition. Part of this recognition has been the award of two National Science Foundation (NSF) grants to enable him further his research on economics.
Many people bestow a lot of respect to Dr. Christian Broda. His insights and findings in his numerous research work make him an icon in the field of Economics. This has resulted in various institutions and Universities all around the World inviting him to give talks. Christian Broda has been a guest to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank (ECB) the Federal Reserve, as well as the Bank of Japan. Not only does his distinguished career advance the state of economics but also promotes the status of Duquesne Capital Management where he plies his trade.

The Unlikely Rise of Susan McGalla

For anyone that seen Susan McGalla she would not instantly look the part of a CEO. She has a classy style of dress and a radiant smile. She seems to know a lot on coordinating clothing, but she doesn’t – at first glance – strike me as a corporate figure. The phrase “looks can be deceiving” is something that can apply to this situation. She may seem like your everyday working mother with a touch of style, but Susan McGalla has obtained so much more. She has become one of the most intriguing figures in the corporate world because she has been able to maintain a lot of different roles in her lifetime.

I know that she has had a keen eye for style because she has been such a big part in brand building. This is one of the most significant parts of her career. She has managed to build a presence in the retail world because she has worked for Wet Seal and the American Eagle Outfitters. She was able to promote brands and build a level of expertise that was known throughout the industry. When you are able to push through and deliver the way that McGalla did people will take notice. She came into the Wet Seal organization as the CEO, but she had to work her way up in American Eagle to get the CEO position. This part of her career where she worked her way up the ladder would serve her well in the future. As she endeavored into an area where she would start her own company one thing became clear: Susan McGalla was confident of her ability to build brands.

It is hard work, but Susan has managed to stir up consumer interests every time that she made a move into the industry. She is such a positive person. I have found strength in witnessing what she has been able to do in the last several years. It is like she has this passion to continue moving fall and never let any grass grow under her feet. That type of passion makes Susan McGalla one to watch. She could look as friendly and lighthearted as any other businesswomen, but at the end of the day she is a leader that is a strong brand builder.

Lots of people that have companies are trying to get Susan McGalla to rescue their brands. Right now she is building the strategic plans for commercialized success for her beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. She has a synergy with the corporate division and the team. She knows how to build up brands, and this may be one of her biggest challenges yet. So far she has risen to challenge.

Dog Weight Loss Made Simple

Obesity is an extremely common issue for both humans and their pets. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to most that an overweight dog is at risk for developing most of the same diseases as obese humans such as diabetes, joint issues, heart problems and digestive issues. Obese dogs also have a shorter life expectancy, even if they exhibit no other medical issues. While dog obesity is increasingly common, there are many things concerned owners can do to help them back to a healthy weight and enjoy a longer, healthier life.

With the proper diet, treats, exercise program and veterinarian care, it is possible to bring your dog to a healthy weight. If your dog is overweight, the first stop is to see a veterinarian to check for causes such as diseases or improper nutrition. If the problem seems to be due to disease, they will recommend medication and closely monitor your dogs health. If everything comes back fine, it means your dog is likely over nourished or is lacking proper exercise.

Over nourishing in dogs happens when they take in more food and treats than they need to sustain their weight. If you find you have been over feeding your dog, you will want to start paying close attention to body size, breed and activity level of your dog and feed accordingly to your dog food brands recommendations. Another idea that goes along with this is finding a dog food that helps with weight loss such as Beneful Healthy Weight that offer a higher protein content. Treats should be given sparingly, and consist of mainly low calorie items or fresh fruits and veggies, such as carrots and bananas. Remember never feed your dog raisins or grapes though, and for a more complete list of do’s and don’ts, check with your veterinarian and with the help of Beneful on samsclub.

Most overweight dogs will lose weight with simply adding a little extra exercise to their routine. This can mean a short walk around the block, toss a toy for them to retrieve, or even swimming if they enjoy it. The best way to get your dog more active is to play to his interests. If you have a ball addict, keep throwing it, or even purchase a doggy “tether” ball setup which will entertain them for hours. Walkers and runners sometimes love treadmills, would love to ride beside you on a bike or even follow you on a quad or dirt bike. An option for those of you who do not have the extra time or are unable to exercise with your dog is to hire the local kids. Kids are always looking for a little money, something to do, and generally have as much (or more) energy than your dog will.

Dog obesity can be tackled with just some extra activity and dietary changes, most of the time. Just follow a regular exercise routine, feed a proper diet, limit treats and consult your veterinarian for weight loss goals and to rule out health problems.

The Untitled Collecter: The Art Of Display

A 1981 controversial photo of Cindy Sherman, known as either “Untitled #93,” gained much attention in the modern art world. Sherman, a photographer herself, is best known for her other works of photography in the art world during the the 1980’s and 1990’s, including “Untitled #96” and “Untitled #153.” “Untitled #93,” in which Sherman is seen in bed covered in sheets with a dazed look on her face, has sold for an estimated $2,000,000-$3,000,000 over the past three decades. This photo makes for the perfect work of art to add to Adam Sender’s collection.

In an interview with Sotheby’s Magazine back in 2014, Sender still remembers the day he purchased the photo back in the 90’s. “I think we paid record price for Cindy Sherman, which was around $100,000- and that’s crazy,” he states. Compare the price tag for that photo to what it costs today. Sender continued to appreciate Sherman’s work and has showcased more of her works for display, thus giving Sherman’s photos of beauty, realism, and provocation more attention and hype in the modern art world. Sender states that “For me it was really important that the works were intellectually stimulating, and they had to be visually appealing as well.”

Sender, who has collected works of art since 1998 and currently owns over 800 works, is no stranger to the stimulating and appealing. He is the hedge fund manager of Exis Capital. His office in the artsy and hipster SoHo district of New York is like a “science-fiction command center” that contains a “lowly lit dark trading floor,” according to an article from Bloomberg. This gives his work space an edge that almost feels like a dimly lit movie theater, making the works Sender has collected over the years a theatrical feel.

“Trading is what he does for work,” says Sender’s curator, Sarah Aibel. “And when he’s not trading, art is what he does for love.”

For works like “Untitled #93,” each piece that Sender has collected over the years is still art even after it has been long completed. But what the art Sender focuses on here is the art of how a work is displayed. The low-lit rooms where his collections are displayed are all given the treatment that makes his visitors amazed and more appreciative of the works. An artist doesn’t have to be someone who focuses on the actual works, like paintings or photos. An artist, like Sender, can also be someone who focuses on how his or her works or other people’s works are displayed to audiences. He also has an IMDB profile.