Andrew Rolfe Enhances The Success Of Ubuntu Fund

In the recent past, Andrew hosted over 300 guests at a gala dinner. Rolfe and his team aimed to raise £600,000. The management of Ubuntu Fund posited that this amount would be used to expand its school campus, which is based in Port Elizabeth. In addition, this fund would be channeled towards enhancing Ubuntu Fund’s pediatric clinic. Moreover, this amount would be utilized in welcoming additional disadvantaged children from their nearby townships to join the cradle-to-career program. At the end of the event, Ubuntu Fund had achieved their set goal.

In attendance were renowned personalities and beneficiaries of the fund, Sinesipho Rabidyani and Nozibele Qamngana. The former was wearing a patterned pink gown while the latter had a fitted navy dress. Andrew Rolfe played a pivotal role in enhancing the success of the event through provision of music and cuisines. The speeches made at the event were inspiring.

When Sinesipho took to the podium, she stole the show. She talked of how Ubuntu Fund had transformed her life. Sinesipho talked about his father’s drinking habits. The law student said that when she was growing up, she hoped that one day she would manage to escape from home. When she won Ubuntu Fund’s scholarship, Sinesipho benefited from the mentorship program and received psychosocial support.

The chief executive officer and founder of the Ubuntu Fund, Jacob Lief had the honors of making the concluding speech. He posited that for 20 years he had seen what it takes for children to grow. This way, he was able to learn the secrets of what is required. To date, Ubuntu Fund has supported over 2,000 disadvantaged children from South Africa’s Port Elizabeth townships.

About Andrew Rolfe

Presently, Andrew serves as the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund. He is an alumnus of the University of Oxford where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in politics, philosophy and economics. In addition, he enrolled in Harvard Business School where he earned his MBA.

Andrew has vast leadership experience considering that he has worked for Gap, Booker Food Service and PepsiCo. Rolfe is credited for enhancing the operations of these companies in the international market. To this end, Andrew has continued to augment the growth of Ubuntu Fund by improving the lives of many disadvantaged children in Africa.


Equities First Holdings: An Avenue of Fast Flowing Capital

Equities First Holdings is a firm that specializes in the provision of capital to either firm or individuals. It was founded back in the year 2000 and has a staff of 11 to 50 employees. It’s Chief Executive Officer as well as the founder is Al Chistry Jr. The capital is usually at most times non purposeful. Their main specification is in products that usually generate income through legal and transparent means. They are unique in the sense that they provide capital to their clients at a lower cost and usually at the best financing terms and conditions possible. They have a vast client base that extends globally with several offices in different countries. Some of their offices are located in London, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Equities First Holdings majorly are involved in three units being financial services, allocation of capital, and providing alternative finance solutions. Until today, they celebrate over a decade years while in the financial service market. Recently, they ventured in Australia. Since it was founded, Equities First Holdings has made enough transactions. In monetary terms, they have made transactions with a net worth of over $1.4 billion. The rates of interest that they offer are low and affordable making them client friendly.

Equities First Holdings are one of the best dealers in Securities based lending. In most cases, the people who benefit the most from this firm are those in need of a fast working capital that is offered at an affordable rate. Despite the economic crisis that has hit a majority of countries, they have managed to provide a steady supply of capital to all their clients who are in need of it. Some areas that had initially failed to develop due to poverty crisis have been strong beneficiaries especially if members of the community present creative inventions that are drafts of potential business successes. The firm would offer them capital for their projects.

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Why Cancer Patients Stand to Benefit from Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, NantHealth and Allscripts planned one mind-blowing project way back in 2016 that could help cancer patients and the health-care providers increase clinical workflows. The project involving the integration of NantHealth’s eviti into Allscripts’ Electronic Health Record (EHR) has given rise to the Clinical Pathways Program. Through the aid of the seamless integration system that involved a clinical support solution, the program comes with the ability to relay information to the cancer treatment process without having to interrupt the oncologist’s clinical mode of the workflow. Additionally, this program has made use of the direct interface referred to as Nantos (a clinical operating system) which harbors a detailed collection of data pertinent to evolving cancer care
Clinical Pathways: Just Inevitable
Since Clinical Pathways have proved itself as a reliable storehouse for the best cancer treatment options, it has created an important medical ecosystem. In this ecosystem, there is a variety of cancer treatment options can be accessed in almost all the CTCA centers. Additionally, the program has duly passed of the need to eliminate any form of potential guesswork, typical of most clinicians in their routine practice. Still on this program, is the fact that its design factored in the patient. It, therefore, means that Clinical Pathways integrates some of the most advanced cancer research presents in these times, complementary therapies and even the regimens into the EHR.
CTCA in the USA
There are five major CTCA, namely in Philadelphia, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Chicago, Phoenix. At these centers, one finds a hub of experienced and passionate oncologists whose teamwork make fighting cancer cases worthwhile. In addition to the working, personnel are important treatment technologies and approaches that are just up to date with the evolving technologies as far as the cancer treatment is concerned.

Care and Treatment
Nevertheless, the provision then gives the oncologists more opportunity to establish proper care protocols while considering the various stages of cancer medication. At these centers, the patient gets assured of access to therapies and tools that aid in diagnosis and possible attack of the diseases. These treatments and devices always vary with the type of cancer that the patient suffers from and also on one’s individual needs. At CTCA, this clause implies that even as treating cancer is paramount, compassionate care is still providence.

The Accomplishments of Don Ressler as an E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Startup businesses are hard to grow, and very few people have managed to generate millions of dollars from them. One of these innovative entrepreneurs is Don Ressler. He is a successful businessman in the fashion and beauty industries. Companies that he has assisted in establish include Intelligent Beauty, Fabletics, and TechStyle. Ressler has been partnering with Adam Goldenberg in most of the enterprises that he has set up. The two currently serve as TechStyle’s co-CEOs and have strived to grow the business. TechStyle was initially called JustFab. It was the first online store to create a subscription service in the United States. The company sells fashion products to clients at a relatively low price, and this has enabled it to develop excellent relationships with them. Both TechStyle and Fabletics have been a success, and they serve millions of clients across the globe.


Ressler and Goldenberg had owned innovative businesses before they started partnering. The first brand that Don created was called, and Intermix Media bought it in 2001. The two entrepreneurs began working together at Intermix where Adam served as the COO. They joined their creative minds and created Alena Media, which was a spinoff of Intermix Media. The business generated a lot of revenue until when the News Corporation absorbed Intermix.


The duo later collaborated to create Brand Ideas, which is currently known as Intelligent Beauty. The main focus of the enterprise was to deal with digital marketing solutions. It generated a lot of income that was used in establishing e-commerce businesses such as SENSA and DERMSTORE. The entrepreneurs later decided to invest in the fashion industry by founding JustFab. The company had a subscriptions service that attracted more than 3 million members in its first year.


Intelligent Beauty created JustFab after receiving $43 million from Technology Crossover Ventures in 2008. Matrix Partners offered the business $33 million in 2011. The two entrepreneurs had a clear plan for their company. The creative director of Intelligent Beauty, Kimora Lee Simmons, ensured that the brand offered the best products to clients. The firm established branches such as Fabletic and FabKids. The main investment companies that funded JustFab’s growth include Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Matrix Partners. The business secured about $76 million in 2012 and an additional $40 million in 2013 from its funding programs. Approximately $250 million has been invested in TechStyle since it was established. Adam and Don partnered with a Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson, in the formation of Fabletics.

Honey Birdette Is Coming To The UK In A Big Way

Honey Birdette is a luxury lingerie company that is making some major expansions into the United Kingdom and even the United States. There are currently zero brick and mortar locations of this brand in the United States, but the United Kingdom already has 3 of them. That is not enough for the people in the company. They want to see that number increased to 40 by the end of 2018.

As far as the United States is concerned, the online sales numbers are up 374% in just one year. That has caught the attention of the executives at Honey Birdette. They now understand that they should also move expansion into their online sales in that country as well.

This Australian company got started in 2006 and remained just domestic for most of this time. They only went out of their own borders as of last year. Given that fact, this amount of expansion is perhaps even more remarkable.

The reasons for the company to see so many sales and profits has to do with the great products that they put out there. These are luxury lingerie items that range from bras to thongs. These items may be used for any number of occasions and purposes. They make for great gifts as well.

Bras with Honey Birdette start at around 60 euros and go up from there. They are unique pieces of clothing that you have to pay up for. They are worth every euro though because of how many different purposes even one piece of their clothing may be used for. Thinking about this, you should check out what they have to offer. They have already made great strides towards expanding their business and they are continuing to do so. They can do this because the products are top notch and flying off the shelves.

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Australian Company Honey Birdette Makes Play For More Customers

The year 2006 brought the world the first Honey Birdette luxury lingerie store. If you lived outside of Australia you probably didn’t even notice or hear about it. This is because until just last year Honey Birdette was exclusive to Australia in terms of brick and mortar stores. That is no longer the case now that three of their shops have sprung up in the United Kingdom.

The company has just announced that three stores in the UK is not enough for it. They have plans to get that number up to 40 by the end of 2018. That goes along with their plans to increase their online operations in the United States as well. Honey Birdette reported a 374% increase in US online sales in just the last year! Numbers like that are very difficult to ignore. It is no wonder they are ramping up production in that area.

The products that Honey Birdette makes are unique and one of a kind. They are great because they combine a sexy vibe with classiness as well. The lingerie is comfortable to wear and is definitely head turning as well. Their products include bras, panties, thongs, and so much more.

Honey Birdette tries to cater to each country that they do business in. US customers will enjoy collections such as the New York collection. UK customers might enjoy something with a more London based feel. Whatever the case may be, they surely have something for you that you will like.

The amount of excitement around the whole thing is something that keeps the company moving forward. With the type of sales numbers that they have been posting lately, there is really no end in sight in terms of their growth potential. They very well may get to the point where they are able to expand to even more countries in the near future.

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Mike Baur And His Work With The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory are a place where people may go to get their ideas off the ground. They have many opportunities to find the money they need, and they may be funded in major ideas that will carry their companies forward. This article explains how Mike and his team will help someone find the funding they need, and there are many people who will see their businesses prosper as a result. Someone who approaches the Swiss Startup Factory for help will find that they may get all the assistance they need to make their business successful.


#1: Funding


There are quite a lot of funding options for businesses that are trying to grow, and there are many different people who will find a capitalist who wishes to help them. They will add this person to their company, and they will find that this company will help them use their money properly. They will show the client what must be done with the money that they have procured.


#2: Governance


The governance for a company must be handled by the Swiss Startup Factory and Mike’s team. He will explain to his clients how to hire people to manage their company, and they will find that the people they have chosen help them stay on the right path. A company that maintains a safe path will be much more successful, and Mike will offer advice any time it is needed.


#3: Exiting The Startup Phase


The startup phase of the business must be exited at some point, and Mike wants to see all his clients make their way to success. They will not be treated as startups once they have reached a certain level of success, and Mike will advise his clients how they may make better decisions once they are no longer startups.


#4: Choosing New Ideas


The company make ask Mike how he plans to release their new ideas. They may need to come out with new products that will help them pay for the funding they have received, and they may ask Mike to help them find a marketer to help them.


The simplest way for someone to run a startup is to hire Mike Baur at the Swiss Startup Factory. He will give them all the assistance they need before they are a true success, and he will remain their mentor for quite some time.


The Orange Coast College Rowers Are Preparing Well

The men’s crew of the boat of the Orange Coast College is preparing hard for the National Championship of The American Collegiate Rowing Association 2017. This Regatta is going to be held on May 27th & 28th. It will be organized in Gainesville, GA.

In order to do their workouts, the members of the team have to carry their eight-man boat all the way to the Newport Beach. Their assistant coach is Steve Morris. The team rows 2000 meters before taking a break during their early morning workout as they prepare for the Championship Regatta.

It is quite a sight to watch these men sweating it out as their muscles ache their lungs are asking for more oxygen as they row. There are eight oars in Newport Harbor as there is a 60-foot long yellow needle which is cutting through the water at the speed of 25 miles per hour. It is quite clear that these students of Orange Coast College are pumped with adrenaline as they are screaming and shouting all the way.

Rowing is just one of the amateur sports that are still left today. It is an epitome of grace and power besides unity. It appears like nine human hearts that are beating as one. This way rowing seems to be touching the divine.

It will be on May 25 that this rowing team will be leaving the Orange County for the Nationals. These will be held at Lake Lanier, Ga. This kind of student’s shout-out also demonstrates the competitive spirit of these students. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Daniel Amado is the captain of this team. He is 22 years old. He is from the Los Alamitos High School. He used to row there before he broke a disk in his back. This year he was able to return to this sport.

He says that it is rowing that has made him strong enough to be able to bounce back. He wants to join the University of Washington team. He says that the physical, as well as mental skills taught by rowing, helps a person to overcome almost anything. Only a few sports can do that.

Ricardo Tosto Discusses Temporary and Exceptional Laws

In the framework of Brazilian criminal law, there are two types of laws known as “exceptional” and “temporary.” Although related, there is an important distinction between the two types. Exceptional Brazilian laws are laws which are created in order to deal with national emergencies, such as war or devastating natural disasters. On the other hand, temporary laws are meant to deal with an unusual situation and by definition have a fixed expiration date to know more: click here.

At first glance, it may appear that there is a contradiction here. Under Brazilian law, there is a doctrine that states that where two laws exist which can be applied to a given crime, the one carrying the lesser penalty should apply. However, this doctrine does not work with temporary exceptional laws because temporary and exceptional laws deal with a distinct set of circumstances. In other words, the definition of a crime under exceptional or temporary law is distinct from regular crimes, so we have two different sets of facts, which can be prosecuted as two different crimes.

However, the principle could work in the other direction. For example, if a  new law carried more stringent penalties and was in force at the same time as an older temporary or exception law, the temporary or exceptional law would control.

Ricardo Tosto is the managing partner of one of Sao Paulo’s top law firms, Ricardo Tosto & Associates. In addition, Ricardo Tosto has been a pioneer in the legal methods, devising a number of strategies that are now widely used by law firms across in Brazil today.

Ricardo Tosto believes successful due to his careful and methodical approach to large-scale civil litigation.

In fact, it is Ricardo Tosto’s approach that has made it possible for his previously small firm to grow into a major player by serving many large corporations.

The Focus And Skill Of Sheldon Lavin Have Made The OSI Group An International Leader

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the OSI Group and has an extensive background in the meat industry. He remains active in every facet of the company’s operations and ensures quality and efficiency are of the highest priority.

Mr. Lavin’s career in the food industry began in 1970 when helped with the financing for Otto & Sons. The company eventually became the OSI Group and the expertise and knowledge he gained made him the man he is today. Through his leadership and vision the OSI Group has achieved international success and become a model for young entrepreneurs.

Lavin was honored with a Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy in 2016 due to the contributions he has made all over the globe. He was also honored in 2015 with an award for Lifetime Achievement by RSM US LLP for the service he showed the business community of Chicago.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin also states how honored and humble he feels when presented with recognition for his efforts. He takes pride in his accomplishments and the growth that made the OSI Group the best processing powerhouse in the business. He has dedicated his life to looking after the company and providing for the employees. He makes certain their voices are heard and their hard work acknowledged. He has built a reputation as an amazing boss and CEO.

The way Sheldon Lavin chose to build the OSI Group was responsible for being given numerous awards for environmental sustainability. He is placing his hope in the next generation of entrepreneurs continuing on the path he has set and concerning themselves with the health of the planet. He wants future companies to be responsible in their growth and the opportunities they create for their employees. He believes this is the way to make a real difference in the future.

Mr. Lavin has no desire to retire anytime in the near future. He stays involved with the OSI Group and numerous charities such as the Ronald McDonald House. He has raised three kids along with his wife while seeing to the growth of an international company at the same time.

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