Wengie Draws Her Life In New YouTube Video


Youtuber Wengie just released a “Draw My Life” video on her popular YouTube channel. In Wengie’s “Draw My Life” she illustrates her childhood on a whiteboard with a black marker. As many fans have noted, Wengie’s drawings definitely took a lot of inspiration from anime.


Wengie’s story began on January 9th 1986 when she was born in Guangzhou, China. Although Wengie doesn’t remember being a baby, she said that her caretakers had trouble feeding her. Wengie would often suck on a spoonful of rice for hours and then spit it out.


When Wengie was extremely young, her parents went off to Australia and left her under the care of her grandparents in Guangzhou. Wengie’s parents were quite poor in China and sought a more prosperous life in the “Land Down Under.”


A few years later, Wengie took her own plane ride to Australia with her grandparents. She said that she remembers opening the window of the plane and actually playing with the clouds. While Wengie recognizes this must’ve been a dream today, she says she still has vivid memories of this strange experience.


When Wengie arrived in Melbourne, it was raining outside. Only after her grandfather bought Wengie a pack of Smarties did she start to cheer up.


Wengie immediately cried after being introduced to her parents. She didn’t recognize her mother or father and begged with her grandfather to take her back to China.


Eventually, Wengie calmed down and started to live a somewhat normal childhood. Although her parents were poor, they were very industrious and thrifty. They made toys out of household materials for Wengie, and they even repaired a vacuum cleaner they found in the trash.


When Wengie was seven, her parents decided to move to Sydney. Wengie went to both grade school and high school here.


Although Wengie was extremely shy in grade school, she became more social as the years went on. She developed a crush on a boy who had hair just like Nick Carter, and she started getting involved on numerous online chat groups.


Wengie’s parents encouraged her to study accounting after high school. While Wengie had dreams of becoming a fashion designer, she thought it was important to support her family. She got a scholarship to study accounting, and then landed an accounting job after college.


Only a few months after she started the job, Wengie’s boss told her she was doing a very poor job. Wengie ended up resigning and taking on a new job as a social media consultant. As she worked with her clients, Wengie started writing her fashion blog online. Eventually, this fashion blog became her now famous YouTube channel.




Chris Burch’ View on Synthesis of Tech and Fashion

Since time immemorial, trending styles have always heavily relied on technology, and the vice versa is also true. The founder of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch portrays so much confidence in a great future as long as people embrace the two industries and understand how best they work together. As Chris enlightens, some trends improve while employing technology, just so as to protect the human race. He quotes the firefighting industry, as well as well as those companies that design protective gears for the bikers.

Concepts Employed by Chris to Consistently Expand his Horizons

Creativity is pretty good but requires to go hand-in-hand with productivity to yield abundantly. While some people tend to alienate the two essential components, those who know what it means to employ them have always had great benefits to reap from marrying them. However, as Chris explains, you should be careful not to spend so much time synthesizing the two. He advises that you should always take some time to have a sitting with your panel and brainstorm, and after that endeavor in implementation so that you proceed to the next phases.

There is Power in Noting Down Ideas

As Mr. Burch advises, you should not just allow ideas to exist in the space. An ideal way of taking advantage of them is to request the employees to write them down for future analysis. In fact, some of these could end up making the company’s design plans or even motto. This way, you also encourage the staff as they tend to own the company even more.


Chris is a serial entrepreneur with a vast knowledge in a broad spectrum of fields. Mainly he is known as a pro in real estate, fashion as well as technology. At the beginning of his career, he partnered with his brother and launched an enterprise, Eagles Eye apparel, which grew its worth to $165 million although they later sold it. His foundation takes pride in a unique brand portfolio that has kept growing.

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Eric Pulier-A Man of Many Talents

Eric Pulier is an author, technologist, entrepreneur, public speaker, and philanthropist. He is also the founder of over fifteen companies and has raised millions of dollars for the benefit of ventures he has either founded or co-founded.


In 1984, Eric Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School before going on to obtain a BA from Harvard University. In 1988 Pulier graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard. He was the author of PulierLeg and was editor of Harvard Crimson Weekly.


Pulier ran the “Bridge to the 21st Century” for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Pulier divided exhibits into sections to showcase the effect of technologies on how we will live in the future. Pulier raised funds through corporate and personal donations and handled all of the technology that was shipped in, set up, and managed for the event. Pulier also arranged a live-feed from the space shuttle, where he provided interactions with astronauts in real-time. Pulier also served on the board of the Center for Telecommunications Management at the USC Marshall School.


Pulier is very active in the community of philanthropy and he uses technology to solve economical problems in disadvantaged communities. He has even created one of the first multimedia educational programs in order to help teach people with Multiple Sclerosis about their disease.


In 2010, Pulier was recognized as the top-billed honoree at the US Doctors for Africa benefit and he served as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. Pulier is also known as the founding donor of the ACE Foundation which is an organization dedicated to reshaping how software is not only billed, but applied to the challenges of life.


Eric Pulier is a big supporter of the Starlight Foundation which is a foundation that is helping children with chronic illnesses. Starbright World has linked over 75 hospitals in the United States with a video conferencing network. Pulier has also developed Starlight Diabetes-a game where kids can experience what it’s like to have diabetes through their own bodies and what the affect is on their health.


Piulier has published Understanding Enterprise SOA as well as The Enterprise Industrial Complex.


How To Acquire And Invest In Luxury Wines

Investing in luxury wines can be much more simple than you may think. The first step in investing in a luxury wine is to be able to obtain the wines in quantity at a market price. The lone investor may lack knowledge on which wines to invest in. They may also lack the ability to obtain luxury wines which are sold through brokers and wineries.

So how can an investor obtain wines at market prices in quantity and figure out which wines are worth investing in? One of the ways to do so is by utilizing the services of UKV PLC. This is a wine investment and procurement consulting company that is based in Croydon, England. UKV PLC can obtain luxury wines for investors in quantities. They also offer consultation service and advice on which wines have the best return on investment.

UKV PLC uses its connections with wineries around the world as well as brokers to be able to obtain fine wines at market prices and in bulk for investors. You can also use UKV PLC wine experts’ knowledge to determine which wines would best fit with your investment objectives.

Another service that UKV PLC also offers through a partner is storage of wines in a climate controlled warehouse. It is very important to store wines in a climate controlled environment to ensure that they maintain their quality. If a wine is not stored properly it may lose its quality and may actually drop in value instead of increase in value over time. This would defeat the entire purpose of investing in wines in the first place.

The storage partner of UKV PLC offers a fully insured and climate controlled facility to store wines in. The facility can stores wines indefinitely for investment through a trust or for personal consumption by direct ownership.

The Broad Success of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is designated as a registered investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission. At the present time, Highland Capital Management and its affiliates maintains over $15 billion in assets under management.


Highland Capital Management was established in 1993 by James Dondero and his business partner, Mark Okada. Highland Capital Management is now one of the largest, most experienced alternative credit managers in business around the world today.


Highland Capital Management is know for specializing in a variety of different types of credit strategies. These include long-only funds and separate accounts, credit hedge funds, distressed private equity, and collateralized loan obligations.


Highland Capital Management offers clients alternative investment opportunities as well. These opportunities include everything from emerging markets to long-short equities. The firm also offers investment opportunities in natural resources.


Highland Capital Management has a highly diverse client list. Clients of the firm include public pension plans, endowments, foundations, fund of funds, corporations, financial institutions, and governments. The firm also represents the needs of high net-worth families and individuals.


Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas, Texas. The firm has offices in other locations as well, including New York, Sao Paolo, Seoul, and Singapore.


Highland Capital Management is highly dedicated to the community, including the communities in which it does business. The company has made significant financial contributions to a wide range of different projects and organizations. Indeed, over the past 15 years, the firm has donated over $10 million to different organizations located across the globe. In addition, the employees of Highland Capital Management also contribute a considerable amount of volunteer time to worthwhile projects.


An example of the community commitment of Highland Capital Management is the firm’s recent $1 million challenge grant to support the completion of the Family Place’s $16.5 million capital campaign. Highland Capital Management played a crucial role in this important project.


Adam Milstein, Making It As One Of The Most Influential Philanthropies In The Entire World

Adam Milstein is no stranger to wanting to help make the world a better place. Since the beginning of his career, he knew he wanted to help people, and today is known as one of the most influential philanthropists in the entire world. He has been featured numerous times, including one most recently on lists featuring some of the biggest charity donors in the whole world. Earlier this month, Adam was featured as number 187 on a list put out by Richtopia, which ranked philanthropic and charitable donors based on the amount of influence their social media pages have on the masses.


One of the main reasons why Adam Milstein has made this list countless times is because of the influence he has on charitable foundations and the numerous lives that he has helped all through his career. He is mainly known for helping people who follow Judaism and who live in Israel, and to establish a better understanding of American and Israeli culture.


Adam Milstein has made countless efforts to get more and more youth to understand the different nuances of Jewish culture. Along with his wife Gila, Adam Milstein he founded his family foundation to aid young Jewish students to give them the tools they need to be able to understand Judaism better. Adam Milstein has worked hard towards reestablishing the notion of Israeli pride in the youth, and with the foundation, aims to fulfill his objectives. The organization gives deserving students grants so that they can better invest in their Jewish studies and learn as much as they can.


Adam Milstein also established another organization to strengthen further his efforts towards helping people learn more about Judaism. He founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America, which is an organization that sends free religious books to Jewish homes all over the country. Through his efforts, he aims to educate Jewish families, to give them a better sense of their culture and heritage.


Adam Milstein believes that his philanthropic work is one of the main things in his life, and plans to continue his efforts to make the world a better place. He feels that helping others is one of the most gratifying things one can do, and encourages young people to follow in his footsteps.



Offers Parents More Options for College

NexBank Capital is a Dallas bank that acquired College Savings Bank in New Jersey in a win-win situation for both companies. Specializing in 529 college savings programs, College Savings Bank gets to keep its name, while getting the help that it needs as well. Here are the details.

The acquisition allows NexBank Capital to have the unique position to expand their ability to better serve their clients. This type of college savings plan is helpful to parents that needs to fund their child’s education, while the parents get to avoid tax penalties. There are several plans that College Savings Bank offered, and now NexBank Capital will be part of. This is good for the clients of NexBank Capital.

Dating back to 1922, NexBank Capital, an FDIC Bank has focused on college savings plans since 1987. Focusing on investments with a high return and low investment risk, the bank has more options available for clients. Some of the options that are now available for parents looking to save tax protected money for kids’ college funds are extremely attractive. The most known plan is called the 529 Plan.

NexBank Capital of Dallas, TX offers that and several other savings plans for parents to save money for college for their kids, and it has allowed College Savings Bank to go forward with this unilateral purchase. While it is an acquisition, it is a peaceful process that allows clients to carry on without worries and save for their kids’ college goals.

A Political Power: Andrea McWilliams

When it comes to powerful women in politics, Texas lobbyist Andrea Williams is at the top of the list. She has already been named in Austin Business Journal’s Profiles in Power and Texas Monthly’s Power Profiles for big players in legislative affairs. Not only does Andrea McWilliams bring a lot to the table when lobbying, but she is also an avid philanthropist.

McWilliams started her career in politics as a Chief of Staff at age 21. Now she is the Co-Founder of McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants with her husband Dean. Throughout her career she has helped to represent several large organizations, including some non-profit organizations like KillCancer and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. She was also the person who spearheaded lobbying efforts to get over $100 million in credits for the State in order to build the first advanced clean coal power plant that captures carbon in the world.

When she is not lobbying, it is likely that Andrea McWilliams is either giving back or volunteering. McWilliams is currently on several boards for non-profit organizations, including HeartGift, the Elisabeth Ann Seton Hospital, and Austin Children in Crisis. She also serves on several boards that aim to preserve Austin, including Preservation Austin, the Pease Park Conservancy, and Ballet Austin. She even served as the President of Inherit Austin, an organization formed to preserve the architectural style of historical Austin, Texas.

With all of these events going on in her life, it is no wonder that Andrea McWilliams has won several awards for her work. She was recently named as a finalist in the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce Texas Businesswoman of the Year 2016. She has also been honored as a member of Austin American-Statesman’s Glossy 8 List. She was also awarded with distinction by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. She is truly one of the most powerful women in politics today.

Looking at Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

Seven days of use of Wen Cleansing Conditioner helped one user with fine blonde hair achieve amazing results. She highlights her seven days using the product, and the results that were attained each day. She notes that she felt her hair was smoother after the first use of the product, and after only a few days of use, her hair was thicker and softer. No product is perfect, but this one is close, per most standards. The biggest disadvantage noted with this product, according to this user, is that consistent use is imperative, or greasy, oily hair may result, as she experienced.

What is the Wen Cleansing Conditioner?

The Wen Cleansing Conditioner is an easy-to-use product that Chaz Dean created. He developed the product with a scientist, and released it only after years of testing. Now the product has been around for many years, helping thousands of women get the great hair they always wanted. The conditioner has a great Sweet Almond Mint scent that leaves the hair feeling clean and refreshed. And, the conditioner takes care of five needs in one, minimizing the number of products you’ll use to complete your hair care regimen.

Who is Chaz Dean?

Chaz Dean is no stranger to the beauty and hair world. For many years now, Dean (http://chazdean.com/) has operated a Hollywood salon, styling the heads of many A-list celebrities including Alyssa Milano and Gwyneth Paltrow. His goal of helping all women achieve gorgeous strands of hair is now being met and it is all thanks to the Cleansing Conditioner and the other products in the Wen hair care line. For more product information, visit the Wen.com website and Facebook page.


Dick DeVos Makes Financial Contributions To Help Others

There is a time and place where everyone needs help at some point in their lives. The kind of help maybe different from person to person. However, most people need some kind of help at various points in their lives. One of the places that many people go when they need help is charities. In the world, charities serve an important role. Charities provide help to people when people need help the most. There are many charities that people are aware of like the Red Cross that help people when they have very few places to turn.


While charities are available to help people in need, charities need money to be able to provide the help that is giving to people. One of the primary ways that charities receive money is through financial contributions that are made by individuals who want to help people. Charities are able to use the money that is giving to do a wide variety of things to help people. Many charities are organized in a way that allows the charities to efficiently help multiple people. This is a huge help to the people in need, and the people who give contributions feel good knowing that their contributions help to make the lives of people in need better.


Charities can receive many contributions from people that range in dollar amount. Some of the contributions maybe relatively small while others maybe large. There are some contributions that are given by people that exceed one million dollars. Although these contribution amounts are rare, there are charities that receive financial contributions of this size.


Dick DeVos is a financial contributor to charities who has given large contributions. He has given millions of dollars to worthwhile causes throughout the years. Overall Dick DeVos has given at least 139 million dollars to charities. He has made it a personal mission to help people, and one of the ways that he helps people is by giving to charities that can use the money to provide assistance to the people who need it.


Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos have been giving financial contributions to various charities for several decades. The couple is known as generous contributors to causes. Dick DeVos has a long history of helping people in a variety of ways. He has helped to build a medical school, high school, convention centers, and various other facilities. In the end, Dick DeVos wants to help people. He does this in various ways. Different people need different types of assistance.


As a well known executive in the business world, Dick DeVos has earned many awards and honors. He has earned a lot of money. However, the pleasure that Dick DeVos receives from helping people is priceless to him. The current president of the Windquest Group, Dick DeVos has great responsibility placed on him to provide superior leadership. Dick DeVos has shown through his professional accomplishments that he knows how to produce outstanding results.