How George Soros Fought Against Donald Trump

A Few Heated Words
George Soros has made no secret of his dislike for Donald Trump. Throughout his presidential run, Soros has placed numerous attacks against the character and proposal of the Republican nominee. According to Soros, Trump is a fascist and his agenda runs counter to the direction America needs to head towards. In fact, Soros has even accused Trump and other Republicans of doing the work of ISIS on His heated rhetoric against immigration and Islam, as Soros believes, will encourage young Muslims to commit acts of terrorism against a perceived enemy.

Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is
Instead of sitting idle, Soros decided to use his wealth, a $25 billion fortune, to help Hillary Clinton in her bid for the White House. Initially, he started with a contribution of $8 million to a pro-Hillary super PAC. This initial donation encouraged others to follow suit, and, eventually, this gave Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on more funds than any other presidential bid in American history. With all of that help, most expected Hillary Clinton to win the election with a sizeable lead. Unfortunately, Donald Trump, despite spending far less money, was able to win the election thanks to support in the Midwest.

Staging A Comeback
The defeat of Hillary Clinton came as a surprise to many on the left. Few could understand how Trump was able to pull off such a large electoral college victory despite Hillary Clinton winning the popular by more than 2 percentage points. Although George Soros has allowed previous disappointments to discourage him, the victory of Donald Trump has actually angered him. Instead of sulking about, he is looking for ways to help Democrats protect the progress they have already made and potentially regain a position of power in the federal government. Currently, Republicans control both the House and Senate of Congress, but with Trump in the White House their power could grow to even greater proportions. Trump, thanks to the passing of Anthony Scalia, is in a position to seriously shift the direction of the Supreme Court. With fights at all 3 fronts, the left is need of someone, like George Soros, to fight back.

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Chris Burch Deliberates On The Future Of Technology And Fashion Industries

Looking at the past and present trends in the technology and fashion industries, Chris Burch, the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, gives a clear view of the future of both sectors. Both fashion and technology industries have experienced changes through the years. However, the constant factor is that both industries grow together. Fashion has influenced trends in technology and the converse is true. For instance, iPods are preferred music devices presently since they are considered more fashionable in the society. The journey started with the era of boom boxes in the 70s to a Walkman in the 90’s.

There is also an intermarriage of fashion and technology where fashion designers are interweaving technology in their work to create functioning designs. Anouk Wipprechit is a Dutch fashion designer who has incorporated technology in her designs to come up with products like a drink-making dress among many others. Heading towards the future, there are upcoming innovations and inventions that will slowly replace the present trends. For example, air bags have been created for bike protection. They are worn around the neck and only pop out during a fall. This works better than helmets, which block the cyclist’s clear view of the surrounding.

Firefighting frontline gloves have been created specially to allow symbol communication while at a fire scene. Designers are recycling inner bicycle tubes to design trendy clothes. Due to the interdependent nature of tech fashion, technological products like Google Glasses did not gain popularity until they were used on the runway by fashion models. Using the technology of kinetic energy, dresses and shoes can capture the energy released while walking, which can then be used to charge phones.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur and an active investor in a wide range of fields. With close to 40 years of experience in the entrepreneurial sector, Chris has contributed to the growth of numerous luxury and technological brands, including Jawbone, Poppin, Voss Water and Faena Hotel + Universe. His involvement in entrepreneurship started in 1976 while he was still in college. He started Eagle’s Eye apparel alongside his brother before selling it to Swire Group.

He is among the first Internet Capital Group Investors. He has also invested in the real estate sector. Some of the projects that he invested in are the luxury homes in Florida, Palm Beach, Nantucket and New York. He founded C. Wonder in 2011. Later, he entered into partnership with Ellen DeGeneres after selling the company. Through Burch Creative Capital, he has supported companies like Blink Health, Little Duck Organics and Brad’s Raw Foods among others.



A Hospital With Hospitality

Copa Star Hospital is well known for the quality medical care that they provide. The facility is made up of innovative plans and modern equipment in an effort to provide revolutionary care whether it is long term or short term. The hospital is valued by many people who recognize its innovativeness and vitality.

The hospital Copa Star was carefully architected to conserve energy. All energy systems in the hospital including medical equipment, lighting, air conditioning, water pumps, and heaters, and elevators are installed in a way that uses direct energy and indirect energy efficiently. The aesthetic value of the Copa Star comes from the unique ventilated facade that surrounds areas of the hospital, but the design adds to energy conservation. The facade causes heat to be released through an air cavity while reducing heat absorption. As a result, HVAC system demands are greatly reduced.

Penetron chemicals were infused throughout the concrete walls of the Copa Star medical facility. As a result, the concrete becomes more weather resistant and durable. Water does not seep into the penetron infused concrete due to the barrier created. the building material is also able to breathe so that vapors do not linger inside. The five floors of concrete with chemical structures were constructed through a $115 million dollar project.

The Copa Star resembles a hotel which gives the hospital a comfortable feel and provides patients with a better experience. Even though the facility seems relaxed, state of the art medical equipment offers patients a high level of medical care.

There are many specialized services offered at Copa Star. The hospital offers emergency services for adults and offers other specialties when needed. Physicians trained in cardiology, image diagnosis, general surgery, intensive care medicine, radiology, cardiology, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, orthopedics, digital radiology, and ICU work at Copa Star.

Copa Star serves patients in Rio De Janeiro and is highly regarded throughout Brazil. Patients received personal service and their guests get exclusive accommodations. The hospital uses Smart Hospitality where patients are provided with a tablet that controls room temperature and light brightness, makes video calls to the nursing staff, and allows requests to be sent to the cleaning personnel. A hotel service is coordinated with the medical center to make patients feel at ease. Paintings by Yutaka Toyota decorate the facility and symbolize the inner strength of the human spirit. They are both peaceful and encouraging. The Bernstar Restaurant provides gourmet level food that are healthy and light enough to be eating by patients who suffer from gastronomical distress. The hospital offers hospitality while being committed to providing quality medical care to people with a variety of health concerns.

Wen hair care in such of perfection

Perfection is the ultimate goal when it comes to women and their hair. There have been many different products created to help women with their hair needs. It is, therefore, important for you to know the different products so that you can know the most suitable hair care product for your hair type.

Hair shampoo

According to a Wmikipedia research, the type of shampoo that you will choose will depend on your hair type. Shampoo should be alkaline as that is what will help to clean off your hair. It is important for you to choose shampoos that are sulfate free especially if you have natural hair. If you have thin and straight hair, use a shampoo that gives your hair volume.

Hair conditioners

Hair conditioners should be part of your daily routine. There are three types of conditioners; the rinse-off, deep conditioners, and the leave-in conditioners. All these conditioners are meant to serve a specific purpose. So ensure you use the conditioners are required. The deep conditioners are used to deep condition your hair and should be left on the hair for a couple of hours. The rinse-off is to use hand in hand with the shampoo. The leave-in-conditioners should not be rinsed off.

Wen hair care by Chaz Dean

This is a unique blend of hair care products that have been specifically designed for women. Each product has been designed by Chaz Dean with different ingredients to meet the needs of every woman.

Some of the products include;

« The WEN hair cleansing conditioner; this is a 5 in 1 product. It has been designed to replace the shampoo conditioner, the deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and the detangler.

« Wen Nourishing Mousse; it gives your hair volume

« The anti-freeze styling cream;

« Re Moist Intensive Hair treatment which will add moisture to your hair

Wen by Chaz makes it easy to get their products to your front door with an easy online ordering process or you can get their products from select retailers like QVC.

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Betting On March Madness Games During The Tournament Season

March Madness is in full-swing during the course of conference tournaments, selection and the three weeks needed to play the NCAA tournament. There are several different games to be played in the months of February, March and April, and players may bet on college basketball odds as many times as they like. allows players to sign up for an account, bet on any game they like and ensure they are winning money.

#1: How Are Bets Placed?

Bets on may be placed at any time through a customer account, and it is quite interesting to see the lines on each game change as players place their bets. Odds change as money is bet on each new team, and there are several different teams playing games every day. The field is narrowed, but there are three tournaments to bet on at the end of the year. The NCAA, NIT and CBI are all contested in March, and players may bet on many games during each event.

#2: Which Bets Are Most Common?

The spread and total points for the game are quite easy to assume for each player, and players may bet on games they believe are the best bets. Each new bet must be calculated by players who are making discerning choices, and players may bet on several games at once. Players who are most attuned to the atmosphere of the game will find betting simple, and the bets may be followed as games are played.

#3: Players Must Study Each Game

Players who read on may study each new game by reading articles and information about each team. Teams that are in contention tend to be more competitive, and teams that are out of contention often begin to fall away as the players lose interest in completing their season. Players must be quite aware of the status of each team before placing a bet.

Betting on college basketball odds on is quite a lot of fun as players track their bets, place new bets and use the site to learn about new options in betting. Props and parlays are often exciting, and the over/under is a fun bet for most sports fans. The players on the site have created their own community where they share information on their games, help their fellow players and ensure they are making more money on each new bet.

Devco Brings Development Into New Jersey Cities

Devco is a loan provider in New Jersey, and they want to be sure that they can help every community that comes to them to get funding. They have been a part of a lot of things in the city, and they know that they can get the things they need when they come together The Press of Atlantic City has written articles about this because they want to show the impact on the area. They want to prove that it has been big, and they want to show that it is very easy for people to make a change in their community with just one loan.

Devco does more than just provide money. They want to provide guidance. They want to make sure that they give the city something they can actually do with the money they were offered. That is usually something like a hotel or casino, but they need to show the city how that works. They need to help with the construction crews, the design and who they ask to come into the project. They will find a lot of people who are going to want to make a new building project, and they will want to work with these cities on a whole plan.

The whole plan includes how the city will pay the loan back, and everyone works together to create a lot of jobs. They will create places for new residents to move, and the people who might have lived in the places that were burnt out will have new residences. The idea is to help everyone in this project, and it will still increase tax revenue because of the way that it was put together. Devco does most of the legwork, and they will help every new city thrive with a large building project.



How Fabletics Went From Online Craze To The Real World

Making The Jump From The Touchscreen

The latest trend in retail is for companies to go from the real world into online retail. Big names like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target are all shifting towards online retail. The inverse isn’t something you see very often. The clothing retailer Fabletics is an exception to this rule. Starting out as an online clothes retailer Fabletics quickly grew in popularity. Today it stands as at the top of online shopping outlets, but its founders have their eyes on the real world now. There are currently 6 Fabletics brick and mortar stores. At the rate Fabletics is moving we will likely see hundreds in just a few years.



A Running Start

The idea of Fabletics came from a meeting between entrepreneurs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They had already created the smashing success JustFab and wanted to expand with something similar in another market. That led to the idea of Fabletics. Like JustFab the website would give its customers the ability to shop for clothes made just for them, but Fabletics would focus on giving customers clothing made just for them. Every piece of clothing you buy is made for you.



A Model To Follow

The Fabletics model is perfect for anyone looking for athletic gear. You pay roughly $50 for a subscription, but from that point on the clothes you receive are almost certainly a perfect fit. If you want clothes made just for your body and fitness you’ll find them at Fabletics. Using a “one size fits most” design the workout gear Fabletics offers is made for just about anyone. Although you can buy the clothes without a subscription you won’t want to. There are savings on clothes given out exclusively to the VIP members of Fabletics every month.



You Can Now Walk To Fabletics

In a rare twist this online retailer now has physical locations where you can shop. They offer the same clothing you’ll find on the company’s website but with the advantage of instant gratification. No need to worry about waiting for your clothes to arrive or shipping fees. When the founders of Fabletics decided they wanted to build their own company they knew what they were doing. Everything you could want from a retailer is present. There is no reason to buy athletic wear from any other store out there.


Jose Borghi Summarizes Results Of Social Media Study

A Quick Look At Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is an internationally recognized advertising professional who currently serves as a CEO in Brazilian advertising, firm Mullen Lowe. Mr. Borghi educational background includes a degree in marketing and propaganda techniques from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas. He has worked his way up from the bottom all the way to the top and has even founded his own ad agency along the way.

Mr. Jose Borghi’s career began at the well known advertising firm Standart Ogilvy. Other jobs followed at companies such as DM9 / DDB and Léo Burnett before Jose started his own firm with a business partner that they named BorgiErh. The firm would later be incorporated into the Lowe ad agency and become known as Borgi Lowe. Later on this advertising agency would be merged with the Mullen Group and be known as Mullen Lowe. Despite the change in name and ownership, Jose Borghi has retained the position of CEO at the company.

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Jose Borghi Provides A Summary Of A Social Media Study

Jose Borghi, the leading figure of Brazilian advertising firm, Mullen Lowe Brasil, has created a summary of an AdNews Portal story that described a Sprinkler done study on social media. Here are the some key points of the study according to Jose Borghi, who is a marketing expert on

The study done by Sprinkler was conducted over the year 2015. Its aim was to find out which social media platform has the lion’s share of the market and when usage peaked or reached an all time high. Over 150 different social media interactions were analyzed in the study. Here are some the results as broken down and condensed by Jose Borghi for Mullen Lowe on

Twitter accounted for almost 60% of all social media interactions done by Brazilians according to the Sprinkler study. Facebook was put at almost 38% percent of the total social media interactions. Instagram, a new comer to social media, was given about a 6% share of the social media market in Brazil.

The study showed that Twitter was used primarily to communicate with others when people were watching soap operas, reality TV shows or sports. Peak Twitter time was found to be between six and 10 PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

According to the Sprinler Study, Facebook has constant activity and no steep surge and dropoff like Twitter does when TV shows are on and end. A small peak of activity was detected during the hours of 11 A.M. and 2 P.M. This coincides with lunch breaks of many workers. For more insight from Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe on social media in Brazil check out this article published by Terra.

Wen by Chaz – Putting Life Back Into Your Hair

What does a woman rush to cover when it starts raining? Her hair! Hair is important to women all over the world. Did you know, however, that most of us have damaged hair? Below are some ways in which we damage our hair.

  • Use of Highlights and Color:

These change the inner structure of the hair and dry it out.

  • Perms:

Perms weaken hair and strip it of much-needed moisture.

  • Over-shampooing:

In our effort to get our hair squeaky clean, we sometimes rub too hard or use too much shampoo. The hair ends up being dry.

  • Heat Treatments:

The flat iron and blow dryer do more harm than good, especially when used frequently.

If you have damaged and dry hair, it is important to get the right product that will restore its bounce, body, and shine. WEN Hair Care has the perfect solution.

Chaz Dean, a leading celebrity stylist, developed WEN Hair Care products. His products have changed the way women around the world protect and style their hair. Chaz Dean uses natural ingredients for all his products, instead of harsh detergents and sulfates. Many of his celebrity clients have experienced an improvement in the overall condition of their hair after using these products.

The most popular product in the WEN Healthy Hair Care system is the WEN Cleansing Conditioner. This 5-in-1 formula cleanses hair thoroughly without lather. The natural ingredients in this product ensure that your hair remains soft, shiny, and easy to manage after washing. Washing your hair becomes fun, as you know there are no harsh ingredients and sulfates drying out your hair. You will also bid farewell to your heat styling tools, as your tresses are now more manageable.

The WEN Cleansing Conditioners, as well as other natural products in this hair care line, are available at The products are also available from major retailers such as Guthy-Renker and Sephora. You no longer have an excuse for dry, lifeless and frizzy hair. WEN Hair Care by Chaz Dean has given you solutions.

Remember, lather does not clean your hair. It strips it dry!

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Avi Weisfogel Achievements

Avi Weisfogel is a respected philanthropist, dentist, and entrepreneur who has done very well in his career. He got his first degree from the Rutgers University several years ago. He specialized in Biology and Phycology before going for his dentistry studies at the University of New York. The successful doctor is currently based in New Jersey, and he has achieved a lot.


At the moment, Avi Weisfogel specializes in sleeping disorders. He has been helping patients from different parts of the globe cope with the condition. Avi has mentored many upcoming dentists in the world and other medical personnel through his foundation, known as Dental Masters. He trains these medics to use oral machines in the treatment and management of sleep conditions.


Avi Weisfogel has been very successful as an entrepreneur. He is associated with several ventures in the United States. The lawyer is the founder of Old Bridge Dental Care, Healthy Hearts Sleep and Owner Limited Sleep Patients among others. Most of these ventures have been doing well under his leadership.


Apart from being a successful dentist and businessman, Avi Weisfogel is respected for his charitable and noble causes in the community. Avi Weisfogel is associated with a charity known as Operation Smile. The foundation is made for children in different parts of the globe who suffer from facial deformities. The dentist has a particular interest in children, and this is why he decided to partner with the foundation.


Avi Weisfogel raises funds for the children charity. The money is used to perform surgeries for children with facial deformities such as palates, cleft lips among others. Thanks these operations, the kids can afford a smile. The charitable organization has an exceptional and qualified team of doctors, technicians, and nurses who partner with different governments to change the lives of children. Operation Smile was founded just several years ago by a surgeon and his wife, and it has been very successful due to the contributions of people like Avi Weisfogel.


When he is not working, Avi Weisfogel loves singing. He has a particular passion for hip hop music. He has already composed and recorded several songs, and they are all doing very well among the youth in the country.