George Soros Relates the Current Crunch in the Global Markets to the Catastrophe in 2008

George Soros is a well-known billionaire and founder of the Open Society network located in more than 100 countries around the world. The primary goal of coming with the Open Society networks was to have accountable government institutions, total respect and upholding of people’s rights together with having openness in the various public institutions. The billionaire rolled out his philanthropy back in 1979, where he began by offering scholarships to students attending to Cape Town University in South Africa. The philanthropist has expanded his projects to various countries including the United States, Africa, and Asia. The organization has also helped bring justice to those individuals that have been convicted for many years without getting any legal representation.

The latest announcement from George Soros was about the crises that are currently affecting the market. The philanthropist was cautioning investors present at an economic forum in Sri Lanka to be cautious. He also pinpointed the problem facing China’s economy and how the issue the devaluation of China’s currency is now growing to become a global issue. Soros also talked about the problems being faced by the developing world countries whereby they are not able to get back into the positive interest rates.

The beginning of the New Year has experienced the slow growth of the global currency, stock and commodity markets. The devaluation of the Yuan is now a major threat to the growth of China’s economy. The country is going through a change in a negative trend. The investment and manufacturing industries are being replaced by consumption and services. Soros states on Bloomberg that China is facing an adjustment problem, and it is now growing to become a crisis. The businessman and author state that the current situation in the world economy takes his memories back to 2008 when there was a crisis all over.

Back in September 2011, the Soros had a predicted that a 2008-like catastrophe would hit again. He labeled the Greece-born European debt crunch to be a major crisis compared to the 2008 crisis. According to data posted by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Soros net worth is estimated at 27.3 million US dollars. The billionaire earned his reputation back in 1992 when he netted one billion US dollars after he correctly predicted that the U.K would have to devalue the pound.

The measures of volatility are reported to be intensifying this year. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index is reported to have grown by 13 percent. The Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index is also said to have increased by 43 percent at the beginning of 2016. The organization is responsible for measuring the costs incurred in the protection of Japanese shares. Merrill Lynch index of anticipated price swings in Treasury bonds has also shot up by 5.7 percent. The Communist Party of China has promised its people to increase the convertibility rate of Yuan currency by 2020.

Artists Are Flocking to Jon Urbana’s Blog, and Here’s Why

Jon Urbana is very prolific on his blog. The former professional lacrosse player and Villanova co-captain has taken time out from his business development work with Ellipse USA to publicly celebrate his interests in writing music, food, and art. His blog really is something a bit different from what people are used to in a blog. Jon Urbana uses Twitter to highlight the visual splendor of things, as he does in ‘Stars in Denver‘.

Sawada Coffee” is one of those cool glimpses of life captured by his camera’s shutter, especially for those who love candy. The interior of the coffee shop looking quite inviting as it is caught in an unsuspecting moment. Photos like these are definitely interesting, and you can see all of Jon Urbana’s top photos at Vimeo. They are natural in their presentation and lack any staged pretensions.

#instagood #instalike #webstagram #follow4follow #like4like

A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on

Enero 22” also provides a glimpse of natural beauty in action. In this case, water splashing as it is poured into a glass has been caught at a precise moment of emotional power. Of course, Urbana’s amazing case study that went into turning the liquid a bright shade of blue adds to the brilliance of the imagery.

The very odd picture of “Violet Potatoes” is presented. These purple potatoes may look really odd to someone who has never seen them this color before. The taste of the potatoes is surely still fine as long as they are cooked properly.

As Jon Urbana’s accompanying text at GoFundMe notes with respect to his Earth Force goals, the purple color does not go away even after they are cooked. Very interesting.

Pizza Time” is another nice photo that captures the art of making food. In the hands and eyes of the right photographer, the process of making a pizza becomes an event worth capturing on a still picture forever, especially when set to the backdrop of Fight Between Bosses, which he remixed in December. There is nothing mundane about capturing these everyday events. The right artist really makes the images something special.

You may not know this, but Urbana has also been written up in a bunch of publications for the fine skills he’s displayed as a pilot. Read more about what he’s achieved in FAA recognizes Jon Urbana ( and see the footage he captured from an airplane below.

And for sheer minimalist wonder, “Oranges” is a sight to behold. The bright shades of orange are revealed in these amazing photos and they really do stand out as special.

Jon Urbana’s biography at About Me definitely keeps people guessing. No one knows what he will post on Facebook or what videos are going to appear at Vimeo. The unexpected and quirky nature of the blog is what makes the content so appealing, and why it makes our recommended reading list for January 2016.

George Soros Talks about EU collapse and Open Society

Among the topics discussed in an interview that was released by The New York Review of Books the EU collapse and his support for an open society. George Soros has been critical of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision when it came to the Euro crisis. One thing that he has noticed was that Angela has not done anything to help with the Euro crisis out of fear of the public opinion of Germany. However, she took action for the migration issue on the basis of principle. She even put her leadership on the line. For one thing, she has earned support from like minded people.

This is something that is personal to George Soros being supportive of an open society. He has also been in the holocaust under the Nazi regime in Hungary. George also believes that she has the same values as himself. She herself has lived under the rule of communism when she lived in East Germany. She had the influence of her father, a pastor of a church. This is one of the factors that has gained George’s support of her even in the midst of differences of opinions on many issues that are important to them.

Another thing that George Soros addresses in his CNBC interview is the opposition to the refugees in certain parts of Europe. He states that the refugees are opposed in those parts of Europe because the idea of open society is not rooted in those regions. So people are going to be opposed to these principles and as a result, opposed to the refugees. Other issues that he talked about is the combination of religion and the identity of a nation. He sees that mix as rather powerful. This mix is being sought out by Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Viktor Orban as a means to perpetuate the power they have in their region.

One of the problems that Germany is going to have if it takes over the issues with the EU is a problem with Poland. Poland is one of the stronger countries in Europe. They shine as an example when it comes to the economy and politics. Germany depends on Poland for protection from countries like Russia. However, there is hostility towards the European Union and the principles upon which it has been formed. Either way, the EU is likely to collapse if nothing significant is done in order to prevent it from happening.

Instant Image Click and Shop

There is a new shopping strategy available by search technology like image recognition on technologyreview companies today. With the advent of deep learning, the closest thing to actual AI in existence, web searching by typing into a text box may become obsolete. It’s safe to assume that a clickable image is easier to use than a manually typed description of your favorite shirt or shoes when using a search engine.

We already know about using our smartphones to capture barcodes and QR codes that take us to our favorite online retailer, but what about taking a picture of your favorite outfit and having it pull up a browser with your particular fashion style in mind. Companies like Slyce are now offering just this kind of clickable image tech.

Slyce is presenting a Universal Scanner app that makes it as easy as 1 2 3 to find your product or gadget on the web. If you see a blouse or purse on a passerby, just snap a picture, and the app will pull up the same or a similar outfit on your phone browser with all the pricing and style options that you can afford while still offering the ability to scan in barcodes as a regular search option.

Many retailers will want to have their products and web pages accessible with this new kind of visual technology, as reported by MIT Technology Review of Pinterest and This latest picture-search-and-click idea is better than its predecessors because it offers a superior way to highlight details from online images that are not currently offered by companies like Google and Amazon. Once this tech takes hold, search engines will be offering a much better online search experience for users.

Pinterest’s new visual search tool allows its users to draw a picture box around an item that shows multiple images of similar items with close-up views garnered from people who have attached text to images on their website.’s approach offers image-processing tech that has an auto filter showing eleven other comparable boots or shoes as a comparison to the original image. Both companies are at the forefront of utilizing this new search technique.

As more users exploit this new image-search technology, companies will improve their bottom line by selling more easily accessible products to its customers. This search tech can only lead to a better purchasing experience for shoppers and better brand recognition for retailers.

Beneful Offers Full Line Of Foods To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Strong

Beneful Originals dry dog food comes in three different flavors and is packed with anti-oxidant rich nutrition. Each bag of Beneful Originals includes real meat and 100% of the nutrients needed to help your dog thrive every day. Beef flavored Originals of Beneful contains real beef which is accented with spinach, peas and carrots. Chicken flavored Originals contains real chicken accented with carrots, tomatoes and avocados and salmon flavored Originals comes complete with real salmon accented with sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots. One bowl of Baneful provides your furry friend with all the nutrition they need to stay healthy and strong and all that nutrition is packed in a delicious mix of both crunchy nuggets and tender, savory chunks that dogs love to eat.

Beneful’s Healthy Puppy Formula on dry dog food offers 100% of the calcium-rich nutrition your little one needs to grow up strong and healthy. Beneful’s Healthy Puppy Formula also contains DHA to help support healthy brain and vision development in your growing pup. Each bowl of Beneful on petco Healthy Puppy Formula offers a mix of real chicken accented with peas and carrots, which provides a tasty, delicious meal your puppy will savor day after day to help them achieve and long and healthy life.

Beneful’s Healthy Weight Formula dry dog food helps your adult dog achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Healthy Weight Formula contains 100% of the nutrients your dog needs without sacrificing any of the delicious flavor she craves. Beneful’s Healthy Weight Formula contains real chicken accented with apples, carrots & green beans all packed into a delicious blend of crunchy and tender bites for a delicious, flavorful meal your dog won’t know is healthy!

Beneful’s Incredibites are a dry dog food specifically formulated for small dogs. With smaller chunks and nuggets, small dogs will have an easier time enjoying a full bowl of Beneful deliciousness. Just like their food for larger dogs, their dry food for smaller dogs includes real meat and a delicious blend of complementary vegetables that create a healthy, nutritious, tasty meal your dog will love. Their beef formula contains real beef accented with carrots & peas and their chicken formula contains real chicken accented with carrots, sweet potatoes & spinach. Just like the formula for larger dogs, Beneful’s Incredibites offers 100% of the nutrients your small dog needs to thrive every day, in a delicious mix of both tender and crunchy, savory mini-bites for small dogs.

Why Allegations of George Soros Funding the Black Lives Movement are Untrue


The Black Lives Matter movement, which is at the centre of the rumor that it received $33m from George Soros, started as a simple hashtag after the killing of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, and the acquittal of his killer. When three black women started twitting their shock and anger over treatment of blacks by the police under the #blacklivesmatter hashtag, little did they know that it would become the potent social and political force that it is now.
As the Daily Beast explains (1), the Black Lives Matter movement is not a centralized organization. Rather, it is an umbrella term used by different protest groups, social media outlets, speakers, blogs among many other groups. There are many methods members of the movement use to raise their grievances but perhaps the most prominent one is protests during political rallies of leading presidential candidates, especially of those candidates they think are not affording their grievances the seriousness they deserve. Recent disruptions of the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush have led to a backlash against the group from right wing groups and personalities like Bill O’Reilly who think the movement is being used by powerful liberals as a political tool.
At the centre of this backlash is the allegation that the movement is being bankrolled by George Soros, the billionaire liberal political activist, philanthropist and investor. Soros is a household name not only in the US but also in much of the world. An immigrant from Hungary who received his higher education in England, Soros is primarily known in the business world as the founder of Soros Investment Fund, the hedge fund he founded in 1973 and considered one of the most successful hedge funds in history (2). With the billions of dollars he had made as an investor, Soros founded the Open Society Foundation to financially support causes he espouses like university education for poor but bright students and support for human rights and pro-democracy groups (3).
The activities of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation have provided fodder for so many conspiracy theories. As the Daily Beast reports, the rumor that Soros is bankrolling the Black Lives Movement to a tune of $33m through his Open Society Foundation might just be the latest of such conspiracy theories. It is not true. Nowhere in the 2014 financial records of Open Society Foundation is such funding shown. Secondly, as Ken Zimmermann, the head of US programs of the foundation, explains, the decentralized nature of the Black Lives Matter movement makes funding it directly as alleged extremely difficult, if not impossible.
George Soros’ huge influence in business and politics has made him the subject of many conspiracy theories. Often, they have been absurd- and untrue. This latest one is definitely such conspiracy theory- absurd and untrue.


My Dogs love Beneful Dog Food!

When our family rescued two adorable puppies from a puppy mill we had no idea what type of dog food brand that would be healthy for them. After careful consideration , we chose Purina’s Beneful Healthy Puppy with real chicken. It had little crunchy bits that Thor and Diesel loved, while giving them a great start to life by providing them with the vital nutrients that puppies need. In addition to those nutrients, the dog food contained DHA that supported healthy vision and brain development. Another thing we were pleased with is the puppy food came in a 15.5 lb bag!

When our boys were a year old they graduated to Beneful’s Playful Life, the transition was easy on their digestive systems and we were more than pleased with the results. Thor and Diesel were pleased to with the tasty bits of real beef , egg, blueberries and spinach. These delicious bites helped them continue to grow and thrive into adult hood. To keep their teeth clean and breath fresh we fed them Beneful Healthy Smile, these dental dog treats helped reduce plaque and tartar build up. Healthy smile keep their teeth strong and pearly white. With Parsley as a main ingredient in the treats, their breath is always fresh. No smelly dog breath around this house!

Now that our boys have gotten older, Thor has packed on some puppy pudge. We made another easy transition to Beneful Healthy Weight made with chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans. We were able to slim him down to a more healthy weight while still maintaining 100% of the nutrients he needs in his diet.

Purina’s Beneful has always been a mainstay for our two dogs, they have grown and thrived on a brand that meets their satisfaction and ours. We are more than happy that it is a brand that is readily available in most stores and in larger bags for multiple pets.

Beneful Dog Food or Table Scraps? Choosing a Complete Meal

Many dog food products on the market today lack several important nutrients, and contain too much unsatisfactory trace ingredients, like cadmium. To solve this problem, many pet owners whip up mouthwatering homemade doggy cuisine, or rely on table scraps. Unfortunately, veterinarians are finding this can cause additional problems.

Should You Make Homemade Dog Food

Homemade dog food sounds like a compelling solution, yet there are hidden dangers. Unlike Beneful dog food, a do-it-yourself recipe can be a hit or miss, especially when it comes to correct proportions and nutrient contents.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine found that most homemade dog recipes lack essential nutrients in the quantities dogs require. Laboratory analysis revealed most of the homemade meals were deficient in vitamin E, D, zinc, calcium and choline. In fact, out of 200 homemade recipes reviewed, only nine met standards. At first glance, homemade meals appear to be a great option, yet the majority of recipes are nothing more than a guessing game when it comes to nutritional value. Homemade doggy meals could lead to many deficiencies.

Choosing A Complete Dog Food

Contrary to many opinions, dog foods do not deliver on their every promise of a complete meal. Well marketed brands often convince consumers to buy based on compelling words and stock photos, but here’s the real scoop. In addition to choosing a tasty product, pet owners should focus on the declared supplements. For example, Beneful healthy weight adult dog food contains biotin which is a vital supplement for a healthy, shiny coat. Many dog foods only contain trace amounts of biotin, yet if your dog sheds a lot, or the coat is a bit lackluster, a biotin supplement can help resolve that problem.

Another advantage that Beneful at dog food has over other competitive brands is that the Purina label has a good reputation for quality pet food, and Beneful has consistently remained in the top five brands for over a decade. That speaks volumes when trying to choose a reputable and complete dog food.

Watch Out For Supplements

Overall, just remember that one of the most important elements to look for is the nutrients. Beneful at contains different supplement proportions. These include carbohydrates, fats and proteins, water, minerals (volume elements and trace elements), and other additives such as vitamins and antioxidants. The nutrient content is the main criterion of dog food evaluations. Furthermore, the digestibility of the food is also very important.

Additionally, dogs have a high calcium requirement; three times higher than in humans and deficits can have an impact on their bones, and bite force. Beneful pays attention to this percentages of supplements.

Lastly, most foods are well-received by dogs, but that doesn’t mean the meal is appropriate for your pet. Consider ingredients and essential nutrients to ensure your best friend’s needs are being met.

Precious Metals Coins From US Money Reserve In High Demand

Since this company was founded in 2001, US Money Reserve has since risen to the top of the precious metals industry in the US. US Money Reserve specializes in Gold, Silver, and Platinum US issued coins. Focusing on US coins alone allows the people at US Money Reserve to deliver the highest quality product available on the market today.

Taking years of accumulated precious metals industry knowledge, the precious metals market experts who founded the company had an exact formula for success. They wanted to combine all of their skills, techniques, and experience in precious metals investing into a company with a courteous, professional, and knowledgeable staff. This company would sell only the highest quality US precious metals coins available.

Many of the coins at US Money Reserve are in uncirculated or mint condition. There are gold, silver, and platinum US coins available in a range of years, makes, and styles. Buy anything from one valuable mint condition older version gold coin, to a dozen current year gold coins, to a bag of circulated condition silver dimes. US Money Reserve has the US coins you need.

A member of the friendly and knowledgeable staff at US Money Reserve can help you hand select the most potentially lucrative and profitable investment for your individual portfolio needs. Many of our over 100,000 clients have already profited on past investments, and continue to profit from them even to this day. Clients are repeat customers, and we help people everywhere find the best choice for the investment of their capital.

With gold having shown steady increases in value over recent years, and as the demand for gold and precious metals continues to grow, now is the best time to invest. Precious metals are in demand for an increasing amount of industrial uses, private investments, and jewelry uses. Precious metals have shown an increase in demand by people everywhere since antiquity, and will undoubtedly continue to increase in value as time progresses.

The precious metal coins at US Money Reserve are truly one of the most solid ways to protect and grow your money. Invest in US gold, silver, or platinum coins today from US Money Reserve, and watch your money grow in value over the years. These coins are always in high demand by investors and coin enthusiasts alike, and they will continue to increase in value for many years to come.

Managing Reputations in the Digital Age

If you apply for a job, or even ask for a date, your prospective employer (or date) is likely to google you or look you up on Facebook. One simple strategy for coping with the digital age is to google yourself regularly, to determine what kind of first impression google creates for you. There are simple things you can do, like updating your resume or modifying your webpage, to improve that impression.

That is only a good start. There are people and firms out there dedicated to “online reputation management.” Among the most important of these is Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs. PRWeek has recently named Fisher one of this year’s 50 most prominent innovators in Public Relations and Digital Communications, noting that Status Labs has more than 1,500 clients spread over 35 different countries. He has also addressed Impact 15, a conference of the best and brightest in the online marketing industry.

He recommends that everyone should remove their private information from so-called “data brokers” such as PeopleSmart, Spokeo and Zoominfo who sell personal information to firms looking for potential customers. They should also pay close attention to their privacy settings on social media.

Of course, changing passwords for online sites is important. Fisher believes that you should have a different password for every site you log into, and that you should change those passwords 4 times a year! How can you keep track of so many passwords? Fisher’s solution for that problem is low-tech. “Just write them down on a piece of paper, and put them in a drawer…”

Status Labs specializes in protecting people whose reputations are under attack online. One of his recent clients was a successful businessman who went through a messy divorce. That divorce dominated his online presence. Darius Fisher helped him produce rival content focusing on his professional achievements and excellent reputation in the business world in such a way as to crowd out online references to his divorce. Fisher has also done pro bono work helping people exposed by the hacking into the Ashley Madison website. According to Fisher, everybody deserves a second chance, and no one should have their life ruined by a single mistake. A recent New York Times article points with approval to Fisher’s work with victims of the Ashley Madison hacking who face threats of blackmail.