Securus; What’s that about??? Yes, there’s an APP for that!

Securus. What or who is it? For those who don’t know, Securus is a company that is a provider of civil and criminal justice technologies that include monitoring, safety and other stuff like that. I didn’t know what Securus was until a little bit ago. You can learn more at
According to a crunchbase report, Securus Techonlogies released an app that can connect people that are behind bars with family and friends. The only access that family and friends had before this were visits, in person in other words, letters and phone calls. This app opens the doors for the loved one behind bars to participate in parties, and other events where they can’t physically be there. They can be there but in a different way. They can be there in real time as it’s happening. If you have a loved one behind bars you can check it out and sign up at Vimeo. This is a great way technology can help with relationships.

For an article about Securus adding executive leadership to the team. The article can be found at,1#axzz3x4WE3xdO

There is also an article written at the beginning of the year in January about them adding the Senior Sales Executive back in December of last year. That article can be found at

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Is Socialism Failing in Venezuela?

There are huge shortages of food, electricity, and other basic necessities for life in Venezuela. This shortage has not only caused the people to be insecure but has also driven up the crime rate in the country. Medicine, eggs, milk, and basic car parts have become all but out of the reach of the average middle-class worker. Inflation is high as is also the national debt. Desperation is setting in as doctors are forced to stumble down dark hallways of hospitals that are lacking electricity. People are taking to the streets in protest of government failures. The currency value is plummeting while some workers are being restricted to working only two days a week. Some have argued that this is simply a country going through a troubled time while others argue that this is once again an example of Socialism being practiced and failed. Many Venezuelans like expert Danilo Diaz Granados  had high hopes for the “socialistic dream” of eliminating the rich class and poor class. Elimination of these classes was supposed to create a single class of people that were neither rich or poor, but rather middle-class. Today Diaz Granados explains, it seems as though only the very wealthy have the means of escaping some of the discomforts of the economy while the poor and middle class are left to feel the full effect of the suffering at hand. Is the current situation in Venezuela due to a temporary failure of the economy or a permanent failure of ideology?



Venezuela’s House Program Turns 5

On April 30, 2011, Venezuela launched a new housing program. Venezuela’s Great Housing Mission(GMVV)had set aside some of their funds for over a million buildings. Prior to this past April 26th, Housing Minister Manuel Quevedo, says that of the money set aside to create 1,015,952 houses, 60 percent of them were built were built by community organizing leaders like Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa as part of a social program to teach self-sufficiency. Great Housing Mission expects to have 3 million houses completed by 2019. In 2011, former President Hugo Chavez had founded the housing project to help people with low incomes find suitable housing. Because of this housing mission, 15 percent of the population is living in decent homes apartments.
In the first year of the Great Housing Mission, 350,000 housing units were manufactured, exceeding the goal by 150,000 houses. Just last year, the amount of buildings erected reached 1 million. President Maduro sees this achievement as a result of a great effort throughout Venezuela, a sign that the community worked together to create something that was not just a product, but the result of what can happen when people work collectively to achieve a goal. This year the goal is to build 5 thousand new homes within a budget of $73 billion. This housing project according to was only one in many plans that President Chavez had initiated before his passing in 2013.

The Benefits Of Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz Dean ( is a very well known hair care product that has hit the markets. It is a conditioner that is designed to improve the structure of hair. In addition to being a conditioner, it also functions as a shampoo. Therefore, it is a 2 in 1 product, and it’s a very good one at that. There are many commercials that have aired with Wen, and they certainly show some very good results. The product has even shown success on individuals that had quite poor hair structure to begin with. It is very effective at conditioning a variety of hair types.
On, you can read a report of a woman that used the sephora fig version of Wen by Chaz. She definitely had some very good results, despite having very thin hair to start. Wen by Chaz requires that you use a bit more shampoo than usual to achieve the optimal results. The woman on used the recommended amount of the shampoo. Within the first day, she began to see results from using this shampoo. Also, she didn’t notice any hair falling out in the shower, as usual. As time went on, she began to get into a routine of using Wen by Chaz Dean on a regular basis. When she did, she noticed substantial improvements in the quality of her hair. Despite having very thin hair to start, as she used this shampoo conditioner regularly, she began to notice that her hair was thicker and shiny. Those who saw her hair began to notice a difference in it, and she received a number of compliments on it.

She was very impressed with the results of the Ebay available product. However, she felt that it was important to use it every day, if you use it. If you use the product irregularly, she noticed that it didn’t produce good results.

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Showing Appreciation For The Mom In Your Life

Our mom is an important person in our lives. We owe our very existence to her. She was there when we were sick, sad, lonely, or simply needed a shoulder to cry on. Mom will worry about us every day of our lives without ceasing or concern for herself. Once a year we have the opportunity to show mom just how much she means to us.

That all being said this year’s mother’s day gifts are personalized on and show the flair and style that mom has always shown. As reported on PopSugar, it is the highly personalized style that will bring a smile to mom’s face and a tear to her eye.

One such item that is highly suggested is a monogrammed clutch on These can be gotten in a number of different styles and colors. Bling it out and help mom shine when she is out on the town. A monogram will make the purchase very personal and add that touch of flair mom deserves.

Another awesome choice is some pretty jewelry. A wrap bracelet or even a cuff will do the trick when thinking of something special for mom. Have her initials or name monogrammed on it to make it even more personal. These items on can also be adorned with jewels or obtained in a number of different colors that mom will love.

If mom is an on the go type of girl, consider maybe getting her an iPhone charger. These can be monogrammed with initials. The best part is that they come in a number of different colors to make it the perfect match for her style and her phone.

For a really stylish gift, try a new watch. A Kate Spade monogrammed watch will be a fantastic way to add to mom’s accessories and make her look great. The Kate Spade Collection also offers many other beautiful accessories like JustFab that almost any mom would love to get on her special day.

Whether your mom is an athletic fan, loves flowers, or simply likes to kick back with a good book, getting her something that is personalized will show the depth and meaning of what she means to you.

Healthy Food for a Healthy Dog

Pet owners care about what they feed their dogs, and that means paying attention to the ingredients in the dog food that they pour into the dog bowls. Certain synthetic chemicals and dietary preservatives are harmful to a dog’s health and well-being, and this includes over-processed foods. On the flip side, a healthy natural diet improves energy and overall well being of the dog. Since dogs cannot question the ingredients in the food they are eating or choose a more nutritional food, we must do that for them. Our pets are trusting us to keep them safe and healthy.
High quality natural pet food offered on Wal-Mart that is free of additives is a must. Choosing a food like Beneful with real meat, whole grains and vegetables versus any by-products is crucial in choosing a better quality food for your pet. Along with by-products, pet owners should avoid harmful ingredients like artificial ingredients like BHA, BHT, sodium nitrate and nitrate. Other ingredients to avoid are artificial favors like corn syrup, artificial dyes or colors, and fillers. Fillers have no nutritional value and are used in an effort to add bulk to the dog food. Dogs should be getting their fiber from whole grain and vegetables, just as people would. Fillers may be disguised under names like the following, but not limited to, wheat mill run, rice bran, and different types of pulps.

Dogs should be eating products with the protein in their diet from actual meat products like chicken and beef, instead of plants or by-products. Keep the food natural and healthy to ensure a healthy happy dog for years to come. Follow beneful:

Venezuela to Undergo Time Zone Shift to Save Power

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced this week that an emergency shift in the time zone for the country will take place which is expected to save on electricity costs and help to reduce the power consumption in the country. The change in the time zone is expected to occur on May 1st, 2016, but there has not yet been an announcement regarding the exact direction of the time zone or a prediction from Danilo Diaz Granados, a vimeo artist on the amount of energy saved as a result of the time zone shift.

Venezuela is already operating on its own time zone due to a time zone shift that occurred over a decade ago. Maduro is indicating that without this time zone shift the country risks exceeding the capacity of the country’s infrastructure which would lead to power outages and droughts across the country. The President has also previously indicated that shopping centers would be required to generate their own power and cinemas would require early closure. Further, he is requesting that women reduce their use of hair dryers to further reduce the power consumption in the country. The overall goal is a 20% reduction in the power consumption.

Currently over 70% of the country’s power is generated from hydroelectric plants and they risk damage to various circuits if the electrical system becomes too stressed due to under capacity. Critics of President Maduro have indicated that the country and President, who is a socialist, has not properly invested in their infrastructure to make needed changes and improvements to avert these problems.



Who Is White Shark Media?

White Shark Media is an AdWords campaign watching company. This particular kind of company takes an AdWords campaign and watches it. They will look at where the revenue is coming from and what can be done to improve said campaign. They will create a list of specific keywords for the campaign, and will help bring more click through for that specific campaign.

According to, White Shark Media has had a lot of success with this. Their customer reviews are glowing. How can anyone not take a customer seriously when the costs of their campaign goes down? Or when a customer says that working with White Shark Media Review has lowered the cost per click for their campaign? Or when a customer says that working with this company has cleaned up the AdWords campaign?

This company was founded in 2011. Back then, something called Server Message Block – or SMB – was preventing a lot of ads from getting to their potential clients. This was supposed to create specialized places for ads, and other things. Many ad companies couldn’t get through it. White Shark Media decided to try and give users facing issues with SMB a chance to make their ad campaigns work much better than they were at that point.

What success they have had! For five years, they have helped bring a variety of Bing Ads Management campaigns success with payer less for more clicks, reach more clients, and make more money with their wonderful new campaign. Even cooler is that with White Shark Media Review, all the processes are simplified. Customers can see how their campaigns are going. They can see where the money is going, where it’s coming from, and what their prices are. The customers can see what’s going on.

White Shark Media Reviews : even keeps track of all the complaints they receive, and do their best to fix them. From loosing contact with their AdWords campaign to not having a contact who isn’t quite the right person for that campaign, they do their best to fix what they can. What they can’t completely fix, the company tries their best to come up with ways to bridge the problem and solution.


Kevin Seawright Efforts To Boost The Number Of College Graduates In The Community

This summer from July 5th to August 16th youths from Newark community will have a great time with the new offer of summer internship from the CFO of Newark CEDC Kevin Seawright. The summer internship program is a way and a strategy initiated by Kevin to promote the ability of the youths by providing them with basic skills and a great financial success foundation which they will benefit from in their future professional success. The program includes paid internships from institutions in collaboration with the program in addition to on-the-job training, financial literacy lessons, and empowerment programs. Students around Newark will certainly enjoy their summer season this year with the program and be a sample encouraging other youths to pursue a college education.

Seawright looks to promote education around the Newark region a move that the whole of Newark CEDC team is looking forward to being participatory. In addition, the program has asked all the program participants to at least pay the youth a minimum wage. The success of the program has also been due to the online application process which Kevin told WorldClassMagazines he has worked tremendously in fastening the whole recruitment process. Students are also going o be trained on financial skills which I return will assist them in understanding how to open their own saving accounts an additional advantage for them. The hole of Newark region will have positive progress especially with the number of students joining colleges from this positive gesture by Kevin.

Kevin is an experienced management professional and the current Chief Financial Officer of Newark CEDC. He has a great experience with financial technology which h practiced in service of management of public schools for the government. He has also helped organizations in running and management of human resource through bringing into their attention and practice of simplified human resource management tools. These include employee data management, payroll, and scheduling. The software applications greatly simplified running in human resource. Kevin is also a member of Babe Ruth Baltimore Museum which purposes in educating about Ruth and Baltimore, in addition, he is a great baseball player.

His diverse abilities and skills include recruiting, trend analysis, successful operation reform plan and development of strategic outcomes. He has a passion for education since he is very supportive of Baltimore College. CitiSat is a famous tool he invented that has greatly helped many organizations around Baltimore. Kevin has also been a member of the national association of black accountants and has been awarded his executive leadership certificate from the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. When not an official duty Kevin plays the role of a baseball coach a game he enjoys very much. He has over time been committed to encouraging youths to acquire higher education and great careers for their professional dreams. He loves interacting with youth around Newark which he does through sporting.

Purchasing Precious Metals Through The US Money Reserve

If one is looking for the best Gold, Silver and Platinum coins, the U.S Money Reserve is the place to look. After spending considerable time in the business of selling precious metals on, the founders decided to create the U.S Money Reserve. Their experience in the gold market prompted them to think of ways to promote credibility and excellent customer care. The reserve is located in Austin, Texas. The U.S Money Reserve are certified sellers of Gold, Silver and Platinum coins issued by the United States Government. The Business Consumer Alliance has AAA rated the U.S Money Reserve. It is comprised of intelligent professionals who provide round the clock services on how to purchase the coins and metals to meet their desired selection and preferences. The U.S Government is an avid supporter of it and constantly encourages its citizens to acquire precious metals through it.

The U.S Money Reserve has a website where it is able to explain why it is the best. The website offers insightful details as to why people should endeavor to acquire and own precious metals. When one approaches the U.S Money Reserve to purchase coins, they are required to open a client account. By having an account in place, a client is certain that they will eventually obtain ownership and possession of coins.

Ensuring that their clients on are satisfied has over the years helped in building the U.S Money Reserve reputation. Hence, if a client claims that the coins do not match up to their selection or preference, they are given a window of thirty days to return the coins. In addition to this, they receive a refund on

The U.S Money Reserve is a fan of social media and you can follow it on Twitter through and also Facebook Through these social media sites, it is able to update their followers on any new available coins.

Through its Main Vault Facility, the US Money Reserve, has managed to ship over one billion worth of coins through retail only. Its Account Executives play a vital role in promoting its services to the public. US Money Reserve are regularly available to provide information and guide clients on having the best portfolios. They also assist in clarifying on any issue a client may have that is related to the procurement of the coins.

You can follow them on their professional page LinkedIn, . The page offers information on any job vacancies and gives one an opportunity to interact with its highly qualified team of professionals.