Capital Group Is An Exceptional Investment Firm

Timothy D. Armour, Tim, has over three decades’ experience in investment strategies. Tim was announced Chairman of Capital Group, a leading investment firm in 2015 after its former chair, Jim Rothenberg, passed away.

Tim has been serving in Capital Group, founded in 1970, all through his career life where he started off his employment by taking part in The Associates Program, in 1983. He was once an equity investment analyst in Capital, and currently, he serves as Equity Portfolio Manager at Capital Group Companies, Inc. Tim went to Middlebury College and is a holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

Assuming his new role, Armour will work together with senior members of the firm to achieve its mission, handing long-term investment outcome. Tim maintained that the success of the Los Angeles based Capital Group comes from collective efforts of its associates, and will carry the 84-year legacy forward of commitment to its clients.

Tim advises on how to keep active managers by keeping their fees low and not mix up their portfolios. He stated that there are better options in the investment market, and clients should not settle for standard returns.

An essential partnership between Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management has been established gearing towards the enhancement of Samsung’s investment capability. The collaboration aims at developing investment strategies for institutional and retail investment clients in Korea. They will attend to; retirement solutions, investment administration, distribution support, and product supervision in the Korean market. Capital Group will assist in the analytical challenges in Korea, co-designing investment results for the financial wants of a growing population according to Tim.

Capital Group was given a rating award by Janet Yang, an independent investment firm analyst for keeping up their authority in the investment market. Yang stated that Capital Global maintains their rigid and booming investment culture led by its portfolio managers.

China’s stocks and currency have been moving along a downward trajectory, and it’s an alarming issue for investors. China made a selloff decision due to the devaluation of its currency, and this was a catastrophe to financial markets since China holds 15% of the gross domestic commodity. Tim comments on this leap China has taken is that; internet companies in the country could bear an opportunity during the selloff since they have great valuations and worldwide.

Capital Group has recognition in exceptional performance while offering long-term investment results. Tim, with continued research on active management, will help the company to achieve more greatness.


Wen by Chaz, Chaz Dean, Offers Hair Care Tips

Chaz Dean,, founder of Wen has been taking care of celebrity’s hair in Hollywood for over five years. He originally began as manager of a salon in Bel Air and shortly afterward moved to Hollywood where he became an immediate success. Wen by Chaz, his line of natural hair care products, also began at the salon. He released Wen by Chaz in 2013, and it has been expanding ever since.

Chaz has developed a hair care system that is easy for the average user. The products in the Wen line are rich and nutrient-filled because the formulas are made with natural ingredients such as pomegranates, figs, and vanilla. By combining these high-quality ingredients, Chaz produces products that nourish the hair shaft instead of damaging the hair as harsh chemical shampoos and conditioners do.

Wen by Chaz all in one shampoo and conditioner has been tested found to transform women’s hair in as little as two weeks of regular use. To keep hair well-hydrated and conditioned, Chaz recommends his natural products should be used every day.

Here are more simple tips to keep hair gorgeous from Chaz.

1) To keep hair from frizzing, reduce the time spent using your heat treatments and trim the ends every 4-6 weeks.

2) Use a comb instead of a brush, which tears at the hair shaft.

3) Did you know that everything you take into your body can be found in your hair? Get a good variety of vitamins and minerals from your diet to support healthy hair.

4) Arrange a regular hair care routine so that your hair remains natural and gorgeous all the time.

Wen by Chaz provides amazing benefits for all types of hair, and you don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy them. They are available for the average person at extremely reasonable rates. Wen products are available online on or at the popular Sephora store.


A disruptive genius, Eric Lefkofsky

Tempus is revolutionizing the data world and also cancer treatment. This technology company uses genomic and transcriptomic sequencing to construct molecular and clinical data. This will not only help data be more accessible and useful, it will also help doctors around the world understand the peculiar characteristics of each patient’s tumor. Tempur delivers a detailed report to the physician, and with the physicians’ help they will later develop screening therapies in synthetic and animal models, not patients. This mechanism will provide helpful insights to physicians who will be able to offer more effective treatments to patients. At the time, Tempus is working on patients with breast, lung and pancreatic cancer, and the company is hopeful to treat more types of cancers over time.  Based on


This startup whose slogan is “It can be done”, was founded by one of the most influential tech figures and also Groupon’s founder, Eric Lefkofsky. Even though it is not clear Lefkofsky’ s role at Tempus, it is believed that he left his position as CEO in Groupon to become president at Tempus Health Inc. The entrepreneur from the University of Michigan, has a net worth of $1.64 Billion and also cofounded Uptake, a platform which uses data to improve companies’ safety and operations. Uptake became No.1 on the FORBES Hottest Startups in 2015. He is also the founder of Chicago’s venture capital firm Lightbank, which is involved in more than 100 investment companies.


Eric Lefkofsky, who was born in Chicago, has also written the book “Accelerated Disruption” focusing on the true speed of innovation. In his book he demonstrates technology’s fast pace and how people embracing accelerated disruption will have to control the forces of technology. His book also talks about understanding the risks of the industry and how to use them as a competitive advantage, how to test your disruptive idea under the radar, using costumers and consumers as part of your research team and also developing a capital strategy for critical stages of development.  See related site here.


Lefkofsky’ s work in technology has definitely influenced the world for good. His endeavors have proven to help civilization by using the benefits of technology.  Click

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Ricardo Tosto: Competent Legal Representation In Brazil

For many organizations and entrepreneurs, hiring and dealing with with an attorney can be an intimidating process. There are several resources for finding fantastic legal advisers for businesses, and also resources about how to utilize the services of lawyers to achieve desired results.It is a good idea for organizations and business people who are struggling to move their businesses forward to think about how enlisting the services of a legal counsel can help them reach their goal. An excellent lawyer or attorney will support your business enterprise efforts, minimize risks, as well as save you a significant amount of money down the line. In fact, no prospering company can go without.Legal representatives will often provide a free or very inexpensive consultation to discuss the details of your situation and give you an opportunity to ask some basic issues about the legal representative. During the meeting it is always a good idea to pay close attention to the lawyer’s response to your questions or how he or she addresses any concerns you present.

Once you have gathered some information about a few lawyer, it’s time to compare them and choose the right one for your situation.Make sure you consider a lawyer’s reputation and experience in the field but ultimately deciding to proceed with the hiring process. With a powerful lawyer by your side, you can feel confident that your legal situation will be addressed properly.Ricardo Tosto’s litigation services have been chosen by businesses and institutions throughout Brazil who have business organization legal concerns. He has the excellent resources and expertise needed to properly take care of his clients’ lawsuit and litigate their dilemma with the zeal it ought to have.

But his role doesn’t stop with the effective litigation of a dilemma. Ricardo Tosto makes an effort to build lasting relationships with his clients so he can surely keep on offering counsel to them as their business enterprises grow and when they encounter legal barriers. This is the reason a lot of his clients return for additional representation when they need it or refer their acquaintances, business associates, and colleagues to him.

Clay Siegall Is Changing The Way We Fight Cancer

A New And Innovative Approach

Seattle Genetics, a medical research firm, has proudly revealed a new form of cancer therapy known as the antibody-drug conjugate. This drug offers a very unique way to combat the problems associated with cancer therapy by treating the side effects of cancer therapy and by creating a more efficient way of delivering medicine. The antibodies allow the body to better accept the medicine because they don’t recognize the drug as a foreign agent. This approach is so successful he is currently attracting the attention of many investors such as Pfizer.

How Investors Are Responding

Investors are absolutely in love with the way ADCs fight cancer. Clay Siegall has managed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for Seattle Genetics and fostered support for its latest projects. Investors are encouraged by the work of Clay Siegall because of his well-established history of cancer research and his commitment to finding better cancer treatments. There aren’t many out there who are trying to reach his level of success. But those that are tend to find that innovation is very welcome in the world of cancer therapy.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a medical researcher with a focus on cancer. Since the 90s he has researched cancer and since the early 2000s he has used his work at Seattle Genetics to make the world a better place. Siegall wants to eradicate cancer once and for all using his unique and precise treatment plans.

What Brown Modelling Agency Need to have you on Board

Are you an actress or model representing a runway, trade show, fashion, catalogue and film, and television, promotional or corporate events? Brown Modelling Agency is the place to be every Thursday 3-4 Pm at 100 Congress Avenue, greater Austin Texas Suit 100. Brown Agency is a full-service talent modelling agency with the goal of nurturing, developing your modelling career and work and establishing you as the face of your promotional company or film. Brown Modelling Agency, founded in 2010 by Justin Brown who during his college days worked mostly as a fit model for a modelling agency.

== Categories ==

Brown Modelling agency specializes in the following categories: photography, media and entertainment, fashion, professional networking, creative agency, and advertising.

== Bookings ==

Would you like to be a guest in one of our shows or would you like to join out agency? Reach us through our social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or just pay us a visit at 100 Congress Avenue Suit 100 every Thursday from 3-4 Pm. When you visit, remember to bring your resume and a few of your pictures, not necessarily professional ones.

== Contacts ==

Would like to ask Brown modelling agency a question? Do not wait, just reach us via email at or call us at (512) 370-4959 or visit our website

== Requirements ==

Are you dreaming of starting to model and you don’t know where to begin? Well, here are some of the conditions at various categories of modelling just like in any other industry in the world. Are you eyeing runway or high fashion? Then you should be tall and thin, 5’8’’ – 5’11’’ for a woman or tall and fit, 5’11’’ to 6’2’’ for a man. For commercial prints, that is, the magazine, billboards, and books, the requirements differ from a short individual with blue eyes or tall with red hair, but you must know how to pose and have a killer smile. The same goes for television. For the plus size body of 10 – 16, you are in high demand for runways, but you have to meet the height requirement as well.

A Look At The Services Offered By The OSI Group

What Is The OSI Group?

The OSI Group is a major food processing company. It used to be known as OSI Industries, until 2004, when its company name was changed. The headquarters of the OSI Group is located at Aurora, Illinois, which is outside of Chicago. The physical address of the corporate headquarters is 1225 Corporate Boulevard Aurora, Illinois 60505.

OSI Group is considered to be one of the largest private companies in the United States. According to Forbes Magazine, it was the 58th most profitable private firm in the US with an annual revenue of $6.1 billion dollars for 2015. The company employs over 20,000 people worldwide. It operates primarily in the United States but sells products and has manufacturing facilities in Europe and East Asia as well. Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of OSI group presently.

OSI Group Acquisitions In 2016

Recently, OSI Group has acquired two smaller food processing and distribution companies. They are Baho Food GmbH in Germany on August 8th, 2016 and Flagship Europe Limited in the United Kingdom on December 20th, 2016. Baho Food GmbH is a food production company that creates bacon and ham food products, hamburgers, hotdogs, roasted chicken, meatballs and turkey breasts for both supermarkets and restaurants. Flagship Europe Limited is a food distributor that primarily serves the restaurant industry with meat, cheese and vegetable products.

Food Products Made By The OSI Group

The OSI Group manufactures an incredible assortment of meat products. They include, to name just a few, cooked sausage links, chicken nuggets and patties, burgers, steaks, salamis, bacon bits and strips, hot dogs, ribettes, burgers and plain raw ground meat. OSI Group also manufactures pizzas and other dough based products such as breads and crusts. The company also sorts and processes produce such as onions, corn, lettuce, tomatoes and various fruits for use in salads.

Inspiring Stories of The GreyHound Diaries

Doug Levitt went to Washington DC public schools and later on attended his higher education at Cornell University. He is a well-known singer as well as a songwriter in the US. He is the brain behind the Greyhound Diaries. He was privileged to get a Fulbright Scholarship which was able to help him aim higher. To further his education he got a master’s degree from the London school of economics in Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict. Prior to starting the Greyhound Diaries, he was a communicator who was located in London, he aired from Bosnia, Iran and London for the CNN, ABC and NBC.


According to Doug Levitt The Greyhound Diaries is all about music, and thereafter the message in the music is communicated to the people traveling especially those who are struggling. This project has successfully logged in over 10 years of traveling as well as traveled more than 120,000 miles using the Greyhound bus. These travelers are able to pass images, stories and songs on how they are struggling due to their views.


The Greyhound Diaries are exhibited and motivated by the WPA-era projects. WPA-era projects are able to showcase a full image of America through the Greyhound diaries. Together with his team Doug Levitt has included a number of venues in their project. These venues are; Woody Guthrie Center, The Kennedy Center, shelters with no individuals, the Southern Law Center and Colleges.


A number of TV stations and newspapers have aired the Greyhound Diaries. They include; Reuters, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC and Fox News. They just don’t air the project for no reason but because of the great inspiring stories of different travelers. Furthermore, this project has been viewed in web series, photo exhibits, one-man show, published writings and two records. Doug Levitt is pleased with the great accomplishment. Greyhound Diaries uses music as the main message because it is able to portray different stories and especially the current conflict of the universe.





doug levitt

Ricardo Tosto: Business Litigation Provided By A Reliable Lawyer

Business law provides rules and guidance for companies to follow before disputes occur. A good lawyer can advise you and ensure that you abide by the rules and regulations of your state or jurisdiction.Consider the example of an organization headquartered in one state, with customers all across the nation. The establishment might hire a legal representative to draw up contracts that require customers to adhere to specific dispute procedures, like giving the firm a chance to remedy deficient services prior to a legal claim is made, or providing that disagreements must be handled through arbitration in the organization’s home state. In every industry, there are opportunities for enterprise legal representatives to save their clients money and provide them with a greater competitive advantage.

A business law lawyer can help clients identify all key issues regarding employee benefits and compensation, profit sharing with partners, relationships with suppliers, and property usage and maintenance. A lawyer can ensure that contracts and agreements are put in writing, clearly stated and that your company is legally protected.Your success may largely depend on getting the right legal guidance if you operate an existing organization or plan to open a new one. Attorneys are available to assist with everything from simple buy/sell agreements to mergers and acquisitions of publicly-traded companies. Schedule a consultation with a reputable business law firm or lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has provided superior services for years and is considered one of the best in Brazil. He has represented numerous companies, institutions and corporations on a wide variety of legal disputes. Mr Ricardo Tosto has great expertise in business litigation and also has powerful negotiation skills.As an experienced commercial lawyer, Ricardo Tosto is well prepared to take care of small legal problems like drawing up contracts as well as large and complex negotiations like dealing with unions. Ricardo Tosto commercial lawyers has excellent transaction and researching skills. He constantly strives to enhance his skills and has the expertise to deal with any issues that affect legal aspects of a business.


Class Dojo Is Simplifying Teacher Parent Communication

Class Dojo is a communication platform which allows teachers and parents to interact in real time. Parents can choose to sign up to the service when invited by the teacher. Teachers can then go ahead and keep parents informed on happenings going on in the class on a daily basis. Pictures, class news, and even changes to class schedules can then be sent via text directly to parents phones.


In all, Class Dojo is now being used by teachers in over 85,000 schools in the United States alone. The majority of users are teachers in grades kindergarten through 8th grade. With the prevalence of smartphones in today’s society, apps such as Class Dojo enable that instant connection that so many people rely on.

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Class Dojo also allows a positive classroom culture to be created because of the connection it provides between teachers, parents, and students. With the extremely busy schedules of parents these days, an app like this allows communication between all parties when a face to face sit down may not be an option. For some working parents there may have been a time when they may have felt out of the loop with what their kids were doing on a day to day basis while at school. Now, with technology like this they can constantly receive updates on all that is going on within the classroom community. has more of this.


According to, Class Dojo enables the entire school culture to be simplified down into just one classroom. Down the road, additional offerings to the app may be things like class yearbooks or videos that can be purchased by the parents for the one particular class that their child is in rather than the whole school. On top of that, things such as payments for field trips, or supplies, or anything else a parent may have to pay for throughout the year could all be done on the app at the click of a button.

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