The Untitled Collecter: The Art Of Display

A 1981 controversial photo of Cindy Sherman, known as either “Untitled #93,” gained much attention in the modern art world. Sherman, a photographer herself, is best known for her other works of photography in the art world during the the 1980’s and 1990’s, including “Untitled #96″ and “Untitled #153.” “Untitled #93,” in which Sherman is seen in bed covered in sheets with a dazed look on her face, has sold for an estimated $2,000,000-$3,000,000 over the past three decades. This photo makes for the perfect work of art to add to Adam Sender’s collection.

In an interview with Sotheby’s Magazine back in 2014, Sender still remembers the day he purchased the photo back in the 90’s. “I think we paid record price for Cindy Sherman, which was around $100,000- and that’s crazy,” he states. Compare the price tag for that photo to what it costs today. Sender continued to appreciate Sherman’s work and has showcased more of her works for display, thus giving Sherman’s photos of beauty, realism, and provocation more attention and hype in the modern art world. Sender states that “For me it was really important that the works were intellectually stimulating, and they had to be visually appealing as well.”

Sender, who has collected works of art since 1998 and currently owns over 800 works, is no stranger to the stimulating and appealing. He is the hedge fund manager of Exis Capital. His office in the artsy and hipster SoHo district of New York is like a “science-fiction command center” that contains a “lowly lit dark trading floor,” according to an article from Bloomberg. This gives his work space an edge that almost feels like a dimly lit movie theater, making the works Sender has collected over the years a theatrical feel.

“Trading is what he does for work,” says Sender’s curator, Sarah Aibel. “And when he’s not trading, art is what he does for love.”

For works like “Untitled #93,” each piece that Sender has collected over the years is still art even after it has been long completed. But what the art Sender focuses on here is the art of how a work is displayed. The low-lit rooms where his collections are displayed are all given the treatment that makes his visitors amazed and more appreciative of the works. An artist doesn’t have to be someone who focuses on the actual works, like paintings or photos. An artist, like Sender, can also be someone who focuses on how his or her works or other people’s works are displayed to audiences. He also has an IMDB profile.

Town Residential May Have Homes With A View Of The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is a landmark that many people are able to look at, and they know that it belongs to New York City, even if they’ve never visited the city at all. The Brooklyn Bridge is absolutely amazing to look at, and those who live in Manhattan, which is connected to the Brooklyn Bridge, can have a great view of the bridge, especially if they live up high. Many people state that they want to visit the Brooklyn Bridge when they go to New York City, and this is understandable.

Although NYC apartments for rent has tons of sites to see, the Brooklyn Bridge is definitely one of those sites that a person wants to experience, or maybe they just want to drive their car across the bridge to say that they visited it. Some people even want to live near the Brooklyn Bridge, just because they’ll be able to see all the different people crossing the bridge every day, and they’ll also have a historical site close to where they live. Although anyone who lives in Manhattan will live in a historical location anyways, it’s still nice to have a great view out the window.

Those who are looking for an apartment would do well to look for one in Manhattan. A Manhattan apartment is not going to be like any other apartment that you may find in other cities in other states. Manhattan is a very upscale place, and many rich people like to dwell in that area. Those who have a desire to live in Manhattan will want to find the best places that the city has to offer. The first step when looking for an apartment in Manhattan is to call a real estate agency directly. Contacting an agency will be the best help a person can get when looking for a nice Manhattan apartment.

Once a person makes a phone call to Town Residential, which is an agency that works in New York City, then they’ll be able to see what kind of apartments are available. It’s possible that some great apartments may be available in Manhattan, and these may have the newest and most updated appliances, a swimming pool, a concierge and a lot more. All a person must do is let a Town Residential agent know what type of apartment in Manhattan they’re looking for, and then the agent can get the ball rolling on finding the person a new place. Let Town Residential be the agency to search for that new Manhattan apartment. With all the homes available in Manhattan, there’s no telling what amazing place a person may find with working with Town Residential.

The Man, The Legend, Phlianthropist, Father, Husband, Businessman Extradinoare,Bruce Levenson

If the name Bruce Levenson rings a bell to you then you might have been a basketball fan. Bruce Levenson is not only the former co-owner of the NBA Atlanta Hawks owner, but he is also a renowned businessman and philanthropist. Bruce Levenson is an American-born Washington DC native who was born in the year 1949 on October 1st. Bruce has a wife Karen and three children. He is the founding partner at United Communications Group. Bruce grew up in Chevy Chase Maryland. He later attended school at Washington University located in St Louis. Preceding this, he graduated from American University before taking his first career position in journalism for the Washington star.

When it Comes to Business, Bruce Levenson Knows Which Direction to Go
When it comes to business Bruce Levenson is a very talented businessman, who co-founded UCG the United Communications Group in 1977. The sole focus at the time for this company was the oil industry. As time progressed, this business started to purchase newsletters and created other ways of collecting data on things such as oil prices. This company UCG might be more recognizable to you if you’ve ever used the MapQuest service and seeing GasBuddy. GasBuddy is an app that allows drivers to find gas stations with the lowest prices.

Compassionate and Caring, Spreading Knowledge of the Past to Help Shape the Future
Not only is Bruce Levenson and exquisite businessman loving father and husband he is a kind philanthropist who has donated seed money to various organizations such as the seeds of peace and the seed foundation. He also is the founding donor of the Holocaust Museum. The Holocaust Museum is an organization that teaches children that live in Washington DC, to help become guides for tours at the Museum. His mother being a survivor of the Holocaust has helped create a passion in him to spread the knowledge of this to other people to prevent it from happening ever again.

Making the World Around him Better
Bruce thinks the world of caring and helping others see the things in life they might otherwise miss. Bruce Levenson truly is a man of conviction and dedication. He is an inspiration to many inner city students. Being involved with many aspects of what one might consider charity work, Bruce is a real giver. A sound education and devotion to a better life have given Bruce the tools to be successful, and he shares that gift back with the world.

Do You Really Wanna Shine? Look No Further Than Lime Crime

We’re over all the make-up companies saying they’re different and not delivering. The colors look the same. The marketing looks the same. It seems most girls look like carbon copies of everyone else.

If you want products that are made to wow and amp up your life, you need to forget the rest and launch yourself over to Lime Crime. A company started by Doe Deere.

At first glance, Lime Crime is a much welcome assault on the senses. There are rainbow splashes of color galore and intense, eye-catching, mind-loving peaks of dialogue. This isn’t just another specialty cosmetics brand. It’s a one stop shop. It caters to your eyes, your cheeks, your head, your lips, your heart, and your nails.

With nail polish in colors like Once In a Blue Moon, Pastelchio, and Milky Ways, we know this brand isn’t like the rest. It’s like make-up on fairy-style, glitter steroids. They do also have glitter, of course! Of course they do.

Not only are the palettes and the products sensational, you can feel good about purchasing them. In a world where brands hide behind a thick veil of mumbo-jumbo chemists spinning tales of safety and compassion, Lime Crime actually states right out that they adhere to a vegan, cruelty-free model. Look absolutely spectacular and know you’re doing right by your planet? That sounds like a win-win.

What’s not to love about this brand? Nothing, and there’s more! Lime Crime is so on top of awesomeness, following their social media accounts is an artist’s dream come true. With their stunning array of out of this world colors, the brand infuses creativity into sensational beauty ideas and examples. Tipping in at over 1.2 million Instagram followers, Lime Crime shows that there can be a marriage of art and cosmetics, feel good products and feel good business practices.

It’s obvious that Lime Crime not only cares enough about its customers to offer some seriously spectacular products, but also cares enough about the planet to offer sustainable products. They also extend beauty and life inspiration to supporters on multiple social media platforms.

In a time when it seems the next latest, greatest fad sweeps through social media faster than you can say “been there, done that”, it looks like Lime Crime is two steps ahead of the pack. We couldn’t imagine its innovative ways falling behind, so if you’re over the tired traditional make-up aisles, Lime Crime is sold at a few international locations. If you’re not near those places or simply like the convenience of shopping at home, you can purchase products online with free shipping on purchases over $50.

Catch the next big wave and hop off the merry-go-round of typical cosmetics. Shake things up for good with Lime Crime.

It Can Be Easy To Find New York City Real Estate With A Realtor

Anyone who has to move from one place to another may be caught up in all the problems that may occur when it comes time for home searching. Some people literally have to take time off of work, just so they can look for a new home. Those who waited until the last minute to look for their new home will have the biggest challenge. If the person has to move out of their current living space into another one very quickly, then they may be presented with a problem when it comes time to move. It’s not necessary to take time off of work just find a new place to live.

Anyone who is looking for a new home, it’s necessary for them to look ahead of time. Everyone knows that New York City is a one of a kind place, but when it comes to looking for a home, home hunting can be a big problem. It’s not realistic to think that you can take several days off of work to find time to get a new home, especially if you’re the only breadwinner in your home. The wise decision is to pick up the phone, and call a real estate agent to help you with your home search. It doesn’t matter what type of home want, a real estate agent can help.

When people think about what a real estate agent does, they always feel that they only deal with selling houses, and this is no longer the case. In fact, real estate agents have always had their hands in all types of real estate, but most people associate their work with selling houses. Since a real estate agent can help you to find an amazing place to live, especially if you want something unique, then why not give them a try? If you’re puzzled as to which real estate agency you should hire, then consider Town Real Estate.

Town Real Estate is a good choice because of the knowledge they have about the New York City apartments for rent. It’s also a good choice hire Town Real Estate because they have some listings that you may not be able to find if you go to any other real estate company. Town Real Estate works directly with their clients in order to help them find a new place in New York City, and they have no problem with doing whatever it takes to satisfy their clients. If you’re looking for a particular type of home that has features and amenities that are a must have, then just let your real estate agent know this information, and they can find the place for you. Finding a new home is too important to do it in a rush, so hire Town Real Estate today.

How To Find A Good Apartment In New Jersey

There are numerous different cities and regions within New Jersey. With the diverse regions, there are different ranges of prices and styles of apartments located within this state. For instance, finding an apartment in Jersey City, New Jersey is very different than finding an apartment in the rural regions of the Pine Barrens. If you are looking to move into New Brunswick, New Jersey there is a great apartment complex to check out.

In northern New Jersey, near New York City, the apartments tend to be located in a fairly urban setting. In some of these areas, the prices tend to be fairly high. However, the cost of living is often lower than New York City itself. In some areas, it is possible to commute from New Jersey into New York City. Like in New York City, one must remain aware of the safety of the neighborhood they are renting in. The city of New Brunswick, New Jersey is on the very edge of this area. New Brunswick, New Jersey is about an hour’s drive from New York City. New Brunswick’s luxury rentals include an apartment complex called The Aspire. The Aspire is a luxury apartment complex, with a variety of different floor plans. A studio apartment can be rented at the complex for $1750 a month.

If you travel further north and west in New Jersey, things change a lot yet again. The area becomes more suburban. In these areas, it would often be more difficult to commute into New York City, although it can be done from some places. Some of these areas can be a bit expensive. However, the apartments are often in safer neighborhoods.

If you travel south of the city, the area also becomes somewhat suburban. There are different communities south of New York City, such as Princeton. Some of these areas are also rather expensive to rent in. However, they are also often feature a lower crime rate than the urban areas of New Jersey.

Then, when one travels even further south, there are other urban areas in New Jersey. For instance, there are urban areas of New Jersey adjacent to Philadelphia. In these areas, one must be very aware of the neighborhood they are renting in, just as much as in the part of New Jersey that is adjacent to New York City. Also, there are urban areas along the Jersey shore, such as Atlantic City, New Jersey where there is a great variety of apartments for rent.

Tips On Finding The Perfect New York City Apartments

If you are planning to move to New York City, one of the first things that you should be thinking about is where exactly you are going to live. Apartment hunting takes a bit of skill and knowledge. The city is filled with apartments, but how do you find the right one for you? The most desirable ones are snapped up quickly. Here are some tips for you to consider if you want to find that perfect apartment for your life style.

The neighborhood of your apartment affects your enjoyment of your home. So, if you are new to the city, you should find out more about the city’s neighborhoods. Take some time and do some exploration. Walk around the neighborhood and observe the dynamics among the people who call this area their home. You will get a sense of the cultures that give this neighborhood its flavor and characteristics. Check out the local businesses. Ask yourself if you would be happy walking down these streets everyday.

What conveniences are nearby? Are there businesses that serve your everyday needs? You should also consider how secure you feel if you walk around in the evenings. Picture yourself living here over the next year, and see if that picture appeals to you.

If you work outside the home, you should consider how far you would like to live from your place of employment. You would not want a commute every morning that will get you stuck in traffic everyday.

If you are fortunate enough to afford a luxury apartment, you should get professional guidance in helping you make your selection. A company like Town Real Estate ( can give you an inside look at some NYC apartments for rent. The representatives have extensive knowledge in the neighborhoods and can help you find a place that is the most suitable for you. They specialize in luxury apartments in all of the most desirable neighborhoods.

Working with a professional has many advantages. For one thing, your rep can tell you about the special qualities of an apartment or neighborhood that you may overlook if you were not aware of them. Working with a rep saves time because you will be shown only the apartments that fit your criteria. Your time will not be wasted on apartments that do not fit your needs. Therefore, using a company like Town Real Estate can make your apartment search more enjoyable.

Be sure that you have a budget in mind, and let your rep know. You do not want to fall in love with an apartment that you cannot afford.

There are many lovely apartments in New York City. When you have the right approach, you can find the home of your dreams.

Hellboy III may still be coming

Hellboy II: The Golden Army did not make the impression, or profit, at the box office the studio was hoping for. This was a shame for fans, since the film hinted at a promising third entry in the series that would see the stakes reaching an apocalyptic level. While the studio did not think it was worth continuing the franchise, both the movie’s director, Guillermo del Toro, and star, Ron Perlman, have been very vocal about wanting to do one last Hellboy film.
Now del Toro has given Skout fans new hope that there may be a third movie. He has said that the studio may consider funding Hellboy III if the sequel to Pacific Rim is a success. This may be asking a lot, since the first film did not do as well as expected. With Pacific Rim 2‘s 2017 release date, it will mean that a final entry in the Hellboy trilogy will not be here until over a decade after the last film was released. While most fans of the del Toro, Perlman, and Hellboy, would be happy with a late entry into the franchise, they should also keep in mind del Toro’s track record with projects he has committed to. He put a considerable amount of time and energy into At the Mountains of Madness, the Hobbit, and Justice League Dark, before each film fell apart for him.

Kim Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner Fight For The Spotlight

Kim Kardashian is truly a publicity junkie. Kris Jenner has called Kim Kardashian selfish and egotistical in the past, and Kim’s recent actions seem to have proved Kris Jenner’s opinion. In the past, Kim Kardashian has stolen the spotlight from her sisters, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner have publicly revealed to the world about Kim’s jealousy issues. However, Kim Kardashian has recently taken her behavior to a new all time low.

Bruce Jenner recently was featured on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine as a woman. Bruce appeared in lingerie, and the headline of the magazine cover read Caitlyn Jenner. Apparently, Bruce Jenner wants to be known as Caitlyn Jenner for the rest of her life. However, Kim Kardashian decided to announce that she is pregnant with her second child, and it’s quite clear that Caitlyn Jenner will not have all of the spotlight. Kardashian fans like Adam Sender are extremely disappointed with Kim, and it seems that she is trying to take away the spotlight from her stepfather’s monumental sex change transformation. More information on also has the story.

E! recently published a detailed article about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy announcement, but Caitlyn Jenner and Kim Kardashian are now fighting for attention. Kim is truly a media hog, but Caitlyn Jenner’s appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair is the talk of the world. After a few days, I’m sure that everybody will focus on Kim Kardashian once again, but as of right now, Caitlyn Jenner owns the media.

Cruel Intentions Cast Attends Musical Parody

Three of Cruel Intentions sexiest alumni, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, got together for a girls’ night out in LA recently. The trio went to see an unauthorized musical parody of Cruel Intentions. Cruel Intentions was a 1999 drama that wowed audiences, and is still watched today. While no one knows for sure what the old gang thought of the play, each of them did share personal pictures on their social media accounts, which made it appear as if they enjoyed the show, and spending time with each other again.


The parody took place on May 28th in Los Angeles. Audience members reported that the trio was lip-syncing along with the actors on stage, and that Sarah and Selma even recreated their infamous, lesbian kiss from the film. Amen Clinics workers thought that was pretty cool when reading about it on Save On Labs. No word on why Ryan Phillippe wasn’t there, but one can only guess that hanging out with his ex-wife and her friends isn’t a great night out in any guys book.