Beneful Dog Food or Table Scraps? Choosing a Complete Meal

Many dog food products on the market today lack several important nutrients, and contain too much unsatisfactory trace ingredients, like cadmium. To solve this problem, many pet owners whip up mouthwatering homemade doggy cuisine, or rely on table scraps. Unfortunately, veterinarians are finding this can cause additional problems.

Should You Make Homemade Dog Food

Homemade dog food sounds like a compelling solution, yet there are hidden dangers. Unlike Beneful dog food, a do-it-yourself recipe can be a hit or miss, especially when it comes to correct proportions and nutrient contents.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine found that most homemade dog recipes lack essential nutrients in the quantities dogs require. Laboratory analysis revealed most of the homemade meals were deficient in vitamin E, D, zinc, calcium and choline. In fact, out of 200 homemade recipes reviewed, only nine met standards. At first glance, homemade meals appear to be a great option, yet the majority of recipes are nothing more than a guessing game when it comes to nutritional value. Homemade doggy meals could lead to many deficiencies.

Choosing A Complete Dog Food

Contrary to many opinions, dog foods do not deliver on their every promise of a complete meal. Well marketed brands often convince consumers to buy based on compelling words and stock photos, but here’s the real scoop. In addition to choosing a tasty product, pet owners should focus on the declared supplements. For example, Beneful healthy weight adult dog food contains biotin which is a vital supplement for a healthy, shiny coat. Many dog foods only contain trace amounts of biotin, yet if your dog sheds a lot, or the coat is a bit lackluster, a biotin supplement can help resolve that problem.

Another advantage that Beneful at dog food has over other competitive brands is that the Purina label has a good reputation for quality pet food, and Beneful has consistently remained in the top five brands for over a decade. That speaks volumes when trying to choose a reputable and complete dog food.

Watch Out For Supplements

Overall, just remember that one of the most important elements to look for is the nutrients. Beneful at contains different supplement proportions. These include carbohydrates, fats and proteins, water, minerals (volume elements and trace elements), and other additives such as vitamins and antioxidants. The nutrient content is the main criterion of dog food evaluations. Furthermore, the digestibility of the food is also very important.

Additionally, dogs have a high calcium requirement; three times higher than in humans and deficits can have an impact on their bones, and bite force. Beneful pays attention to this percentages of supplements.

Lastly, most foods are well-received by dogs, but that doesn’t mean the meal is appropriate for your pet. Consider ingredients and essential nutrients to ensure your best friend’s needs are being met.

Precious Metals Coins From US Money Reserve In High Demand

Since this company was founded in 2001, US Money Reserve has since risen to the top of the precious metals industry in the US. US Money Reserve specializes in Gold, Silver, and Platinum US issued coins. Focusing on US coins alone allows the people at US Money Reserve to deliver the highest quality product available on the market today.

Taking years of accumulated precious metals industry knowledge, the precious metals market experts who founded the company had an exact formula for success. They wanted to combine all of their skills, techniques, and experience in precious metals investing into a company with a courteous, professional, and knowledgeable staff. This company would sell only the highest quality US precious metals coins available.

Many of the coins at US Money Reserve are in uncirculated or mint condition. There are gold, silver, and platinum US coins available in a range of years, makes, and styles. Buy anything from one valuable mint condition older version gold coin, to a dozen current year gold coins, to a bag of circulated condition silver dimes. US Money Reserve has the US coins you need.

A member of the friendly and knowledgeable staff at US Money Reserve can help you hand select the most potentially lucrative and profitable investment for your individual portfolio needs. Many of our over 100,000 clients have already profited on past investments, and continue to profit from them even to this day. Clients are repeat customers, and we help people everywhere find the best choice for the investment of their capital.

With gold having shown steady increases in value over recent years, and as the demand for gold and precious metals continues to grow, now is the best time to invest. Precious metals are in demand for an increasing amount of industrial uses, private investments, and jewelry uses. Precious metals have shown an increase in demand by people everywhere since antiquity, and will undoubtedly continue to increase in value as time progresses.

The precious metal coins at US Money Reserve are truly one of the most solid ways to protect and grow your money. Invest in US gold, silver, or platinum coins today from US Money Reserve, and watch your money grow in value over the years. These coins are always in high demand by investors and coin enthusiasts alike, and they will continue to increase in value for many years to come.

Managing Reputations in the Digital Age

If you apply for a job, or even ask for a date, your prospective employer (or date) is likely to google you or look you up on Facebook. One simple strategy for coping with the digital age is to google yourself regularly, to determine what kind of first impression google creates for you. There are simple things you can do, like updating your resume or modifying your webpage, to improve that impression.

That is only a good start. There are people and firms out there dedicated to “online reputation management.” Among the most important of these is Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs. PRWeek has recently named Fisher one of this year’s 50 most prominent innovators in Public Relations and Digital Communications, noting that Status Labs has more than 1,500 clients spread over 35 different countries. He has also addressed Impact 15, a conference of the best and brightest in the online marketing industry.

He recommends that everyone should remove their private information from so-called “data brokers” such as PeopleSmart, Spokeo and Zoominfo who sell personal information to firms looking for potential customers. They should also pay close attention to their privacy settings on social media.

Of course, changing passwords for online sites is important. Fisher believes that you should have a different password for every site you log into, and that you should change those passwords 4 times a year! How can you keep track of so many passwords? Fisher’s solution for that problem is low-tech. “Just write them down on a piece of paper, and put them in a drawer…”

Status Labs specializes in protecting people whose reputations are under attack online. One of his recent clients was a successful businessman who went through a messy divorce. That divorce dominated his online presence. Darius Fisher helped him produce rival content focusing on his professional achievements and excellent reputation in the business world in such a way as to crowd out online references to his divorce. Fisher has also done pro bono work helping people exposed by the hacking into the Ashley Madison website. According to Fisher, everybody deserves a second chance, and no one should have their life ruined by a single mistake. A recent New York Times article points with approval to Fisher’s work with victims of the Ashley Madison hacking who face threats of blackmail.

The Ashley Madison Hack and its Victims

The recent hacking of the Ashley Madison infidelity site has been a newsworthy story. It is not only surprising that 37 million spouses are actively cheating on their mates. But with the outing of these members, myriad damage is being done to reputations as well as to marriages.
Consider one member whose marriage was in danger of divorce. He joined the site but never physically cheated because his communications were only online. He decided to end his membership in Ashley Madison and to repair his marriage. Suddenly he is not only publicly outed by the hackers but is a victim of an extortion attempt. In a badly worded extortion letter he was ordered to pay 2 Bitcoins within 3 days. 2 Bitcoins doesn’t sound like much until you discover a bitcoin has a value of $250.00. He decided not to comply with the demands but instead he joined Status Lab, an online reputation management company in an effort to protect both his reputation and what was left of his marriage!
Status labs has offices in Austin, Texas, Sao Paulo, Brazil and New York City. With a client base in the thousands it offers help to public figure and even to ordinary folk like the victim in the Ashley Madison affair. He joined Status Labs and paid $350. to protect what was left of his reputation.
Status Labs was co-founded by Darius Fisher who serves as President. For persons who are in the public eye, his skills are fast becoming a necessity. Professional athletes can usually make more money in endorsements than they make in their short playing careers. Mistakes and bad choices by professional athletes can destroy the opportunity of any endorsements. One only has to consider the plight of Tiger Woods. His Nike endorsement was valued at half a billion dollars and by using Tiger as their poster boy, Nike made money. Arnold Palmer could promote tractors and motor oil into his eighties. But the endorsement period for Woods may be over. Was Tiger Woods a member of Status Labs or for that matter Ashley Madison?

George Soros Moves Markets and Monarchs

Few people can boast of extensive financial success, widespread philanthropic activity, and the authorship of multiple best-selling books all in one rewarding career. George Soros, with his highly profitable hedge fund and Open Society Foundation, has established himself internationally as a master of economics and leader in world affairs. As founder and administrator of the lucrative Soros Fund Management decades ago, he consistently posted yearly returns of more than 30 percent while occasionally reporting annual gains that were higher than 100 percent. By 1979, Soros was ready to assert himself in the sphere of public service. His first outreach involved helping underprivileged young people to attend college in South Africa during the rule of apartheid. In addition to the fourteen books that have been written by George Soros since the late 1980‘s, several publications by other authors have featured him and his global impact on politics. His “open society” approach to both governmental and community interests have earned him a reputation for liberal activism. Dictatorship and oppression are enemies of progress from Soros’ vantage point. With his philanthropic foundations impacting people in over 100 nations worldwide, his efforts are supporting the concepts of freedom and human rights. He continues to write about pressing issues for magazines and newspapers while his books frequent the top-seller list. Amid the most recent lectures and essays by George Soros concerning the financial crisis of 2008 and the European Union are his writings about basic investment. Since he has proven to be a mastermind in the financial realm, millions of hopeful capitalists strive to learn from his books the art of predicting economic trends. The emphasis that Soros places on globalization assures investors that he is still an expert in matters of modern finances. The label ascribed to him by a contributor to BusinessWeek early in his career characterizes him even today. This “Man Who Moves Markets” remains an authoritative figure among contemporary financiers. Perhaps George Soros’ greatest work was his part in the establishment of an accountability system for the natural resources industry. The collaboration between extraction facility operators and local despots has long been an instigator of violence in unstable regions. Soros’ monetary and political support has empowered organizations that demand transparency and work toward solutions. His strong convictions to promote democracy and provide humanitarian aid across the globe are a direct product of his success in business. In one account, he wrote that his financial achievements had given him a great “degree of independence” and the ability to “take a stand on controversial issues”. He went on to express his sense of obligation to do so since other people are unable. Soros has not yet endorsed a candidate for the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, but he has already pledged millions of dollars to the legal efforts that may end voter restrictions in conservative states.

Purina: The Best for the Fire House Dog

I have been a volunteer firefighter for the past ten years. For each emergency call we take, we risk our lives to save others. It is an honor to be able to save lives and I am glad to be part of the team. Every other weekend, I am on-call and stay at the fire department. We have a good time and are like family.

As the official cook and bottle washer, I am responsible for getting the groceries and planning menus during the weekends I work. Of course, fire departments are famous for their grilling and delicious comfort foods. I try to make things that are tasty and good for us. I use the team as guinea pigs for new recipes before I make them for my family. Most of the time, my cooking is a big hit with everyone.

Each weekend that I work, I hope that we are not called out and our community stays safe. However, this is not always the case and we are prepared to go out immediately when we are called for emergencies. Yes, there is the occasional “cat stuck up in the tree” dilemma. However, we have been called for some horrible fires and were able to quickly save lives. I am grateful to say that we have not seen a lot of fatalities in our community due to fires.

One of the most memorable calls I went out on came last year. Apparently, a tenant in an apartment complex was running a heater too close to the curtains and they caught fire. In no time at all, the whole complex was ablaze and people were running out to safety. We responded quickly and attacked the towering flames. Thankfully, the residents got out before the fire was
out of hand. As the apartment manager was frantically doing a roll call, a group of us we checking to make sure that the building was clear before it was engulfed in flames.

The whole time that we were working, there was a Black Labrador following us around and wagging his tail. He barked with nervousness as all of the people were running around in the confusion. After a few grueling hours, the fire was out and there was just a shell of a building left. All of the residents were safe and some were being treated for minor injuries and smoke inhalation. As I was rolling up the hoses, that dog stayed right at my side, as if he knew me.

It turns out that he was a stray that the residents had been feeding. We put out ads in the paper, but no one claimed him. We decided to let him stay and named him Smokey. He is our official fire house mascot. He loves guarding the station and greeting people who come by for a visit. As the cook, I make sure that Smokey gets the proper nutrition he needs. We trust Purina News brand dog food. It is a brand that has been trusted by dog owners for over a century. Purina has the taste that

Smokey loves and the nutrition he needs. We only use the best for our fire house dog.


Mr James Dondero is an American Hedge fund manager and co-founder of Highland Capital. He is also the founder and current president of Nexpoint capital. He is the president of Nexpoint Advisors, L P and chairperson of Nexbank.He is the majority shareholder in the Bank. He is sitting on nine boards. He is the president of Cornerstone, Healthcare, CS Medical and Nexbank. He is also well known for his development of pioneer investment vehicle called Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) with his partner Mike Okada. Funds associated with Dondero have won numerous awards.

James Dondero graduated the University of Virginia with Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi in his double majors in accounting and finance. He is a Certified Management Accountant (C.M.A) and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He started his career with Morgan Guaranty graduate program as an analyst. He joined American Express as a corporate bond analyst in 1985.He was charged with managing $ 1 billion in fixed income funds. He later rose to the position of the Portfolio Manager with the institution. In 1989, he joined Protective Life; a subsidiary of GIC. He helped built the start-up division to having an asset base of over $ 2 billion in 4 years.

In 1993 with his business partner Mike Okada, they founded Highlands Capital Management (HCM).It has been a very successful journey giving us products like Collateralized Loan Obligation and credit-oriented solutions for small investors. Highland Capital has developed many products that have received numerous accolades the entire world. Mr Dondero currently is in charge of investment strategies and operations. He has over 30 years’ experience in credit and equity trading. His specialty areas include preferred stocks, leveraged bank loans and mortgaged bank securities.

Highlands Capital is an SEC registered and has $ 21 billion in assets. It has a diverse client list. From high net individual investors, pension plans to financial institutions. It is headquartered in Crescent Court Suite Dallas Texas and has offices in New York, Seoul, Singapore and Sao Paulo. The institution is one of the largest and most experienced global alternative credit managers. Its areas of specialities include high-yield bonds, credit, equity and natural resources.

Mr Dondero of marketwatch is an active philanthropist. He has made contributions to education initiatives in Texas, Military veteran’s policies and supported public policy. He is a family man and a father of 3 kids. He currently lives in Texas but has homes in other parts of the country.

It worth noting James Dondero has led one of the most incredible turnarounds in hedge fund history. After the 2008 crisis, Highland Capital was left on the brink of collapse. He had to act decisively to save the firm. His leadership through those turbulent years has seen its asset base sour by $ 8 billion in the last two years; He has taken a high-risk high-yield high reward strategy that seems to be working well. Most hedge funds that survived the 2007 crash have scaled back their investments due to the lessons learned.

Sergio Cortés Renders Killer Imitation of Celebrity Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortés, an imitator of celebrity Michael Jackson, started his career with a desire. He wanted to be just like his childhood hero, and went to great lengths to try to emulate every aspect of the famous pop singer’s life. When he was young, Sergio used to watch videotaped performances of Jackson, and emanated every version of his act, from his mannerisms to his dance moves to his signature gestures. He studied every aspect of the King of Pop, and did his best to do every move that he did on stage.

As Michael Jackson’s career progress, Sergio became more involved. He watched Michael Jackson performed as a member of the Jacksons, and then embark upon his own solo career. Sergio followed suit, imitating Michael Jackson during those portions of his soon-to-be huge career as a solo artist.

The turning point for Cortés and his career came one day when he was out, walking to his own town dressed as Jackson. He was spotted by a photographer, who also happen to work for a local newspaper. The photographer stopped him and struck up a conversation with the young Sergio. Finally, after speaking with him for a few minutes, the photographer asked Sergio if he could take a picture of him. Sergio consented to the photograph, and the next day it was published in the local newspaper.

Soon, Sergio was being sought after by various entertainment venues and talent agents. His impression of Jackson was so dead on, and many wanted to get him into show business. Sergio considered all of the offers, and finally agreed to become a Jackson celebrity impersonator on a full-time basis.

Now Sergio uses his celebrity imitation to make others happy. He performs all over the world and celebrity impersonation shows, and does concerts as well. His Facebook page has thousands of fans and likes, and he makes sure that they get their fill of his celebrity impersonation by posting different photographs of him dressed as Jackson on the page. He remains humble, and grateful for the opportunity to do his imitations for his many fans.

Sergio Cortés began his career with a desire, a desire that had an end that he would not have dreamed of in his most vivid imagination. Now, due to his love of Michael Jackson, many others get to see him and experience what it must have been like to see and hear Michael Jackson perform live.

Express your uniqueness with Lime Crime

Most people think that women use makeup only to cover imperfections but what makeup is really about is expressing your creativity and personality. The makeup brand Lime Crime is all about the revolution of color and being yourself. A creative team of makeup enthusiasts form Los Angeles created this unique brand, and is committed to coming up with the most unique variety of colors and cruelty-free makeup. Doe Deere, a musician and a fashion designer, is a CEO and a founder of this brand, brought the company to life starting with a dream and a few hundreds of dollars. Today, this dream of creating makeup comes true every day and she also encourages her fans never to quit their dreams. The important fact mentioned above is that Lime Crime makeup is verified vegan by PETA and cruelty free certified by Leaping Bunny. The products do not contain ingredients that are animal- derived and no testing on animals has ever been performed in the supply chain.
The company is most known for the amazing Velvetines – the liquid lipsticks with matte velvet finish. They have a delicious chocolate smell and the formula is completely opaque and yet watery, so one swipe will be enough to cover your lips. It dries to a light matte finish and you don’t even have the feeling of wearing lipstick. Most importantly, unlike other matte finishes, it does not emphasize the creases of the lips. Another amazing product is the Venus eyeshadow palette named after Botticelli’s classical painting. It is also referred to as The Grunge Palette as the color selection reminds to the grunge makeup in the early 90s. Among all the nude palettes on the market, VENUS sets itself apart with eight unique, unconventional, game-changing rusty-reds and neutrals. The shades are very pigmented and flawlessly combine the grunge look with a painterly finish. The packaging with beautiful artwork is what also makes this palette the artifact! The shades in the palette are very pigmented and easy to blend as they are not too chalky or powdery. The palette has the perfect number of shimmers and mattes and this balance is crucial for any makeup look you go for. The variety of color in this palette is an absolute perfection as it includes deep dark shades, bright shades and also neutrals that bind them together. The shimmer does not contain glitter particles, as some shadows do, but it is smooth and fine and gives a beautiful glow and sheen. The shades have the full pigmentation even when they are used without an eyeshadow primer, but of course, the primer makes them look better. The wear I also long lasting and with minimal fading and creasing, only proving their quality even more. This warm color unconventional palette is an absolute must have for every makeup lover.
Lime Crime products available at is a high quality and unique brand offering a variety of beautiful unconventional colors that give an edge to any makeup look. It proves that makeup is not just about covering imperfections and being something you are not, but about expressing yourself and your personality.

The Dynamics of Ken Griffin

Citadel Groups Kenneth Griffin is holding down a spot on Forbes richest men in America list. At number 103 Ken Griffin on valuewalk is worth over seven billion dollars, and Mr. Griffin is only 46 years old. A native of Daytona Beach, Florida, Mr. Griffin launched his first venture while still at Harvard. He borrowed $265,000 from his grandmother and before graduation the young man turned that loan into a million dollars. When he graduated, Frank Meyer was so impressed with Ken Griffin’s performance that he gave him another million to invest, and Mr. Meyer’s payoff was a whooping 70 percent return on that investment.

Ken Griffin had only $4.6 million to invest when he founded Citadel in 1990, but now Citadel is worth over $20 billion dollars. If Mr. Griffin goes through with his plan to take Citadel public in 2016, the IPO hedge fund will be his target, and the folks at Forbes thinks he will bring the IPO hedge fun back into play. If Mr. Ken Griffin does take his firm public, he is worthy of a close watch because of his knack for success at low risk high gain investing, and Ben Bernanke recently joined Citadel as a senior adviser.

Ken Griffin does more than make money; he also testifies before the Senate about regulations that need either fresh implementation and the updating of older policies that no longer function in today’s fast paced and ever-changing market. The outspoken Mr. Griffin doesn’t stop at the Senate in his passion to protect American investors. Griffin teamed up with Thomas Whittman and Jeff Sprecher to criticize Wall Street for its shady practices. Ken Griffin called the boys on Wall Street ill-behaved school boys lacking wisdom, and accused them of dropping the ball for American investors. The three men spoke about dark pools, and how regulation standards fail to keep up with the times. They asked for protection for the American investor from the Federal Reserve and the SEC by limiting capital investments.

Known for his philanthropy, Ken Griffin recently donated $150 million dollars to Harvard’s financial aid program. His overall donations to charities and foundations including Bill and Melinda Gate’s work totals over $500 million. He is an avid art collector with some impressive buys to his credit. His collection includes Cézanne’s Fruit Bowl worth over $60 million. Mr. Griffin loaned the masterpiece to the Art Institute of Chicago, and included a hefty donation of $19 million for an addition. In 2006 he bought a work by Jasper Johns called False Starts for over $80 million dollars. Ken Griffin made heavy donations to Mitt Romney’s campaign for the presidency in 2012. He identifies himself as a Reagan republican. He built a new chapel in Chicago named for his grandparents with a cost of $11 million dollars, and he is a practicing member of the Presbyterian Church.