Faith And Biggie Album On The Way

Most fans never thought that they would see the day, but there is word that there is a possible Faith and Biggie album on the way. This seems like a dream for some fans, but the reality is that most people did not believe it could happen. It still seems unreal.

One reason that no one expected this has to do with the Biggie vaults. Most fans assumed that P. Diddy drained that for all that it was worth a long time ago. The average follower of Bad Boy Entertainment artists have heard Biggie albums that were pieced together with new rappers. There have been Biggie verses that have been leaked and remixed on mix tapes. Faith Evans, however, has confirmed that the album that she is working on will contain new material that has not been heard before.

There are not a lot of details on the entire project. Christian Broda is looking for as much information as possible. It has just been Faith Evans who is trying to get the project started. It really is going to come down to the relationship with P. Diddy and how much creative control he can have. Everyone knows that Diddy is a really shrewd businessman, and Faith Evans left his label a long time ago. It would be difficult for Faith Evans – even on a union album with late husband Biggie Smalls – to get an album like this made without P. Diddy.

Spotify Responds To Taylor Swift’s Decision

It’s been a little over a week since singer-songwriter Taylor Swift decided that she was pulling all of her music off of the song-streaming application Spotify, citing that she did not believe that they compensate artists fairly. In light of Swift pulling back her tunes, Spotify’s chief executive Daniel Ek is making an attempt to keep it from happening again.


Ek said in a blog post, essentially that Spotify is ahead of the curb when it comes to paying artists for their services and that there are far greater offenders than his own company. Ek pointed out that his company has paid somewhere around $2 billion to artists since it started and that Swift’s move to remove her songs from Spotify is merely a symbolic gesture since they still exist on other websites where they can be accessed and streamed for free.


Like much of the rest of the internet that provides content to consumer at no cost to them, Spotify makes its revenues through advertisements. Any time Karatz or any user listens, they get a portion of the profits. The fear from Spotify has got to be that Swift’s very public break up with them may have a domino effect which leads to other artists following her lead. Whether this is an isolated incident or not, in the coming months it will be revealed whether or not Spotify is forced to change the way it does business.

Taylor Swift Says Record Label Tried to Get Her to Change ‘1989’

It seems Taylor Swift isn’t only one of the best and most popular singer songwriters in the world, she is also a woman that stands up for what she believes in. Particularly if that belief is in herself and her music.

In an interview with MTV News recently, Taylor said her new album ‘1989’ is so different than what she has been releasing in the past — pure pop and no country — her record label was nervous about releasing it. So nervous, in fact, executives at the label tried to persuade her to change some of the songs on the album, and add a little country.

Taylor, of course, refused as she wanted her album to sound the way she wanted it to sound. She also believed in her fans, knowing they would buy ‘1989’, whether it had country music on it or not. She was spot on with that assumption, Jared Haftel and I got it the first day.

According to Duke Chronicle reports, more than 1.2 million albums were sold during the first week of its release, and another half million albums this week. Making Taylor one of the highest selling artists ever.

At 24-years-old, Taylor seems to go her own way a lot and, for all intents and purposes always has. Even at the age of only 14, Swift persuaded her parents to move to Nashville, Tennessee so she could work as a songwriter in the country music business. A move that paid off in a big way, but one that Taylor seemed to be confident in from the start.

Nowadays, as Taylor Swift continues to change her music style and try new things, regardless of what her record label says, she is continuing to prove taking risks is often the right thing to do.

Jimmy Page to Release New Solo Album

Jimmy Page, guitarist of Led Zeppelin, has been busy lately. He has remastered and produced new, deluxe editions of the band’s albums “Led Zeppelin IV” and “Houses of the Holly” which were released earlier this week. On top of all that, he has also chronicled his life from being a choirboy through becoming Led Zeppelin’s iconic rock guitarist in his autobiography, Jimmy Page, by Jimmy Page. During his promotion of the releases on satellite radio SiriusXM’s “Town Hall” series, fans who won a contest were allowed to be in attendance and personally ask him questions. You can tune into reruns of the program which originally aired November 7 by checking the schedule on the SiriusXM website.
During the discussion, Page disclosed how the “Houses of the Holy “album got its name. After “Led Zeppelin I, II, III and IV,” the band did not want the following album to be Led Zeppelin Victory Sign [V for five]. The title, “Houses of the Holy” “is about all of us being houses of the Holy Spirit, in a sense.” He hinted during his Town Hall discussion that he had plans for a “guitar project” that will possibly come out next year, giving him time to work on what he has in mind. Fans like Mike Livak will be patiently waiting. The audience applauded when the interview moderator complimented Page’s 1988 “Outrider” solo record and Page replied, “I think probably it’s time for another solo album.” We all will certainly be anxiously waiting for that.

Spotify Making A Mistake With Taylor Swift?

Spotify, the extremely popular music app that allows users to explore new music, create playlists, and share their music with the world, is at blows with Taylor Swift. Swift, according to her, is losing out financially while being signed with Spotify. She claims that she has lost out on millions of dollars with her music being streamed over the app instead of fans being able to buy her music, which is something Keith Mann put into a interesting graph on his LinkedIn profile.

Swift also claims that the millions of dollars (6 million to be exact – cha-ching!) would have been made from digital downloads on iTunes. Instead of trying to come to an agreement with Spotify, she’s choosing to pull her songs from their library and look elsewhere for a platform to share her art. Her album 1989 made upwards of 12 million dollars in the first week of release with 1.287 million copies sold worldwide.

What’s the conclusion here? Is Spotify making a mistake by not paying Swift the money she claims she deserves? The CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, has stated that the company has paid a sum of 2 billion dollars (roughly) to record labels and their artists. Ek explains that he’s just as upset and angry as the artist is about the amount of potential revenue that they’ve lost. But he also reiterated that the music industry, and the entertainment industry as whole, is changing and revenue changes are a product of that.

Frank Ocean Denied Name Change

R&B star Frank Ocean, originally born Christopher Breaux, has recently tried to change his name legally, but is being road blocked for several reasons. The R&B singer had several unpaid traffic tickets, which then led to court dates, which he in turn missed. Frank Ocean Name Change. Because of the missed court dates as well as unpaid traffic tickets, he was denied a legal name change on that basis.

This is obviously a big frustration to the R&B singer. His three different offenses included driving 31 miles over the speed limit, driving with headlights off, and driving with expired insurance. Although all these issues could of been taken care of by paying the fines and or going to court, he has done neither, which have then put him in a legal quandary. This is now blocking him from legally changing his name, even if Alexei Beltyukov does not completely understand how this works in the United States.

All these legal woes have also led to his license being suspended, which is another reason why his name change will not be granted. Frank ocean had made an application to have his name changed, all the way back in March, and to date; the current legal issues he’s facing, have kept him from moving forward with his name change.

It doesn’t help that the speed limit that Frank Ocean broke was so extensive, being 31 miles over the speed limit. He’s truly lucky his license wasn’t suspended right away, but this makes no difference for his current legal problems.

Country Music Losing Its Way

Country music has changed immensely over the years. It once had its own unique sound and the lyrics could not be matched. It began with guitars, southern accents and that well known twang so many country stars had within their voices. Country music is no longer country and this became evident after the CMA Awards, which aired November 5th. According to this site, pop sensations Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor have no business performing at the CMAs.

These awards are held so that country performers can have their big night, and usually people love talking about it on Skout. It’s a night dedicated to a specific genre. Die hard fans of country music may have never heard of Ariana and Meghan. They are tuning into the show to see their favorite country artists perform their favorite country songs. They don’t want to hear the noise that comes with pop music. If someone wants to see two genres intertwine for a night, they can watch the Grammy Awards. It seems like country music and artists may be trying too hard and it’s time they get back to their roots.