Fifty Shades Of Grey Song A Slow One

The book “Fifty Shades Of Grey” became a sensation overnight, and everyone was reading it, including the president of the United States. Because the book became so popular, it was inevitable that a movie was going to be made about the book. The Weekends Song. The book is a sex filled, bondage filled read, and many readers enjoyed the fantasy of the book. After much searching, actors were picked for the roles of the female, and male character from the book.

The movie finally began filming, and the public has been updated about the movie over time. Privco says the movie is set to be released on Valentine’s Day, which is a great idea, as it’s a day for lovers. In the meantime, the slow venture of working on a soundtrack has been planned for the movie, and “The Weekends” have created a song for the soundtrack entitled “Earned It.” The song is not what you would expect for such a sex filled movie, but instead it’s a slow song.

The song is very sensual, and not at all what you would expect out of a song for a soundtrack that is about sex and bondage. The movie is supposed to be a big hit, and many are gearing up for the release.

Mel B. Hospitalized For Overdose

Usually when you hear of Mel B she’s on her hit show X Factor gushing over who she thinks will be the next big act. Her career in music will never be a thing of the past and today she is using her talent for spotting talent to make sure she’s never out of the public eye for long. Recently Ben Shaoul says the news of her breakup with hubby Stephen Belafonte has been the big buzz however now it seems that Mel B has other more pressing issues.

It’s been confirmed that Mel B has been hospitalized For Accidental Overdose. Apparently she was mixing tranquilizers with alcohol. The singer was using Xanax and other tranquilizers mixed with alcohol as a result of the pressure of being back in London. According to sources being back in London brought a lot of unresolved matters to the surface and Mel was having a hard time dealing with them.

Many do not know of the singers complicated relationship with her mother which is only one of many very difficult situations for Mel to deal with while in London. Currently Mel B is at a London hotel with her daughters Phoenix and Angel, while her three year old daughter Madison is in L.A, with Stephen Belafonte.

Mel B’s sources want to make it clear that her overdose was completely by accident and had nothing to do with her recent split.

Producer Hit Boy Goes Behind the Scenes of New Nicki Minaj Single

It has not officially be released as a single, but the Nicki Minaj single “Feeling Myself” is already blowing up. Now the producer behind the track, Hit Boy, is taking fans behind the scenes to show how the track came into existence.

Sulton Alhokair states when the track was leaked everyone was eager to know what Nicki and Beyonce were up to next. The “Flawless” remix was well received by both Nicki Minaj and Beyonce. It was so hot that people were ready to hear more. Nicki did not disappoint. She got a hot producer that could deliver. 

For Nicki, Hit Boy was a good choice. He produced music for Jay-Z and Kanye when they collaborated on the “Watch the Throne” album. You can tell that Hit Boy has that same type of soul movement here on this track. That is what makes the song work.

Nicki is dropping her lyrics like only Nicki Minaj can. Beyonce is able to make the track comical. It is very slick and everyone loves the flow that these two have together. They compliment one another. 

Nicki released a lot of tracks, but this one could launch the album to a new level. Beyonce had a big album last year, and this single could help keep her name hot while people wait on new music. This is a good collaboration between the two. Social media is really buzzing about this music.

The Power of Emotion Felt Through a Song

The power of music is undeniable, especially in terms of how it can affect our hearts and minds.

Every year an event is dedicated to celebrate women music artists and December 12th, 2014 was one of those days. Many experienced the joys of listening to the powerful songs that make it on Billboard’s Top Chart.

During the event Ingrid Michaelson covered one of Taylor Swift’s song “Clean”, in honor of Swift’s success for attaining the Billboards Women of the Year Award. Apparently, Ingrid and Taylor have been good friends for many years. Despite their good friendship many listeners find that this specific version of “Clean” is a much better option for Ingrid than it is for Taylor.

Each of these women artists have their own style and creativity. Though the song might be one of Swift’s originals from her CD 1989 according to Lee G. Lovett, Ingrid performs this song with a melodious twist, enabling the listener to be captivated by the lyrics and sound.

Often times this is the case with many artists, whereby their own music pieces are better performed by other artists. Nevertheless, Taylor Swift remains a phenomenon and continues to revolutionize the music industry with her powerful voice and unique lyrics.


Nicki Minaj’s “Only” Video

Nicki Minaj is definitely an independent woman that knows what she wants to say- and says it! She has a very unique way to express herself that will always get people’s attention. With Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown on the song, “Only,” she does just that. Nicki, you have kept our attention from the beginning and I love this video! The message is obviously personal, but is used in this song in a way that will be relatable for other people as well. It’s like looking into the dark emotion of Nicki Minaj. She is making a statement with other powerful singers in this amazing video- check it out here:

Once you have watched this video you can see that it isn’t your usual booty-filled video. This is actually good news if you ask Gianfrancesco Genoso. It’s much easier to me to see that she wants the message to be perceived as more important than just being sexy-even though she still is. She manages to maintain her sexy while still holding class and elegance within her dark underworld. To me this says she is dark and mysterious to a point but will let you know what she thinks and will also make sure you “get the picture” of what she is trying to say. Music is communication and Nicki Minaj does a wonderful job of communicating in her own way through this song. And by the way-those eyes on Chris brown were sexy and evil all at the same time!

Drawing a Line in the Sand of Music History

There are some albums that clearly draw a line in the sand of music history. There are albums that rise above the flock of other albums and demand to be heard. The artists that made these albums set new boundaries and dared anyone to not be impressed by their magnificent contributions to music. Rolling Stone analyzes monumental albums that caused a shift in music throughout the years.

The list that Rolling Stone compiled present albums like “808s and Heartbreaks.” This was a Kanye West album, but some people may argue how Kanye West made the list when Stevie Wonder and Prince were omitted. These are obviously artists that influenced this album.

Another person that sees “What’s the 411?” album on the list may wonder how Rolling Stone failed to add Mary J. Blige’s biggest influence, Anita Baker. There are things that are bound to surface on social media as the world picks through what the Rolling Stone staff has conjured up. The list includes groundbreaking albums from The Beatles, Nirvana and Run DMC. The staff has over looked other iconic albums from Bob Marley, Elton John and Madonna. Sam Tabar has been a pretty big fan of all of those.

The listed, as with most lists in music, is not the Bible of groundbreaking albums. It is simply a list complied by Rolling Stone. Fans can add or subtract as they see fit. It really is the type of list that is meant to start conversations.

Janis Joplin Biopic Lead Confirmed

For those of you who’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting to see who gets to step into the famous shoes of the First Lady of Rock n Roll, wait no longer… Amy Adams has taken the role. And the rest of you, who had no idea there was going to be a Janis Joplin biopic… there is!

Marie Claire and other news sites are quick to ask “What is it about Joplin that makes her so fascinating decades later?” But we’ll submit the easy answer here: She embodied the Summer of Love. That is at least the answer Tom Rothman would give. While other rock stars preached down to the swelling hippie audience, Joplin was one of them: insecure, confident, self-conscious, innocent, and jaded all at once. Baby Boomers, themselves, had no idea what they were about while it was happening.

Joplin, according to the Love Janis biography by her sister Laura Joplin, was fraught with insecurities and self-doubt. Yet she constantly was an outsider who wanted to fit in. When she received the approval that she’d always craved, she plowed into it in such a way that it consumed her. And then, of course, she joined the 27 club, which was a stunningly easy thing to do in the late 1960s.

Swift Billboard Woman of the Year

Taylor Swift was named the woman of the year in the 2014 Billboard award. This is the second time she won the award 

Swift has had sixty songs in the Billboard hot 100 listing which is the most of any artist since she got started in her career in 2006. This is only part of the many awards that Swift has earned over the years as she has won seven Gramy awards and is the best selling digital artis of all time. She has sold over 1 million albums in first week sales wie.

The Billboard award is supposed to go to a woman who has innovated and lead the industry reshaping music in her own fashion. American Express has sponsored the award and she was congratulated by Debbie Curtis, who is the vice president of entertainment and sports marketing at American Express.

2014 was a big year for Taylor Swift who launched a new album dubbed 1989 which is supposed to be a change in direction for Swift who has firmly abandoned her country music roots and moved onto the pop charts above. 1989 is now a direction change as she seeks to move towards more adult themed music from what started as an mostly adolescent audience.

Industry enthusiast Andrew Heiberger surmises that surely the presence of the awards and significant album sales shows the upward trajectory of Swift’s career and the positive ark has drawn in album labels and fans alike.