Securus Technologies – Providing Inmate Communication Services that’s Economical and Reliable

One of the factors that contribute to the growth of any industry is technology. In the field of crime prevention services and products, technology has played a significant role in the last few years. It is due to the efforts made by companies such as Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has been pioneering the field of crime prevention, criminal justice, investigative technology, and inmate communications, since the time the company was established in the year 1986. Today, the company provides a comprehensive range of products and services to the correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies.


The inmates are also very happy with the services the company provides. The company has ensured that the quality of services offered by Securus Technologies is top notch, which helps in ensuring that the customers are always satisfied. Whether it is the investigative technology or the parolee tracking system or the inmate communications, Securus Technologies provides products and services that are reliable, advanced, innovative, and economical. It is for more this reason more than a million prisoners trust the inmate communication services of Securus Technologies and more than 2,400 correctional facilities trust Securus Technologies and uses its products and services.


Securus Technologies is highly praised by its customers because the company provides value for money to the customers. The inmates have access to the variety of communication services that were not available earlier on. These days, the inmates can also do video chat and conference with their relatives and friends, which was just impossible earlier on. It helps the inmates and their families to not only talk but also see other at a very nominal cost of video chatting. The inmate communications services of the company are simple to use and highly user-friendly and can be accessed through the mobile application of Securus that is available for the smartphones and devices using Android or iOS.


Jason Hope is a Technopreneur of High Reputation

Jason Hope is a dominant force in the technological arena. He holds many titles, ranging from philanthropist, ambitious technologist, smart investor, futurist, and competent technology entrepreneur. Hope lives in Arizona where he runs several businesses and supports philanthropic causes. His finance degree was obtained from Arizona State University while his MBA comes from the esteemed W.P. Career School of Business. Hope commenced his profession by starting mobile communications firm. Currently, he dedicates all his energy and finances towards biotechnology, investing in startups, and funding non-profits.

Jason Hope is passionate about helping young people realize their dreams and become successful. He has been visiting Scottsdale based high schools and mentoring the students. Additionally, he has been creating grant programs for young investors. Hope is aware that politics affect the economy of Arizona, and that is why he follows the key political trends keenly.

What drove Jason Hope to develop a grant Program?

As an experienced entrepreneur, Jason Hope understands how difficult it is to implement a business idea, especially for young entrepreneurs and students. Despite young investors having fantastic ideas, the state of the economy does not favor them. Raising enough capital to get started is always a challenge. Hope invites ambitious entrepreneurs to send their ideas through his website, and then he selects the most practical and exciting ideas. He believes that the success of tech sector rely on the amazing ideas that aspiring young entrepreneurs create.

Executing new ideas

When coming up with new ideas, Jason Hope loves to keep things simple. He understands that over-complicating ideas are a recipe for time wastage and failure. He also shares his ideas with his close friends and business associates and receives feedback. He undertakes each task project in an orderly manner.

The rise of Internet of Things (IoT)

Jason Hope is excited by the fact that IoT is becoming more real. He, however, knows that it will take several years for all homes in the developed nations to start depending on their connected devices entirely. According to hope, many IoT connected devices are scheduled to be deployed to the market by the end of 2017.

About Jason Hope:

White Shark Media: The first choice, a wise choice.

White Shark Media is a specialized company that provides digital marketing solutions for mid to small sized businesses. The CEO Alexander Nygart, co-founded the company in 2011 with Gary Garth & Andrew Lolk, taking the position of CEO in 2017. The company has grown to become a respected name in the advertising industry and its marketing focus for client’s centers around SEM (search media evaluation) and search based advertising on search engines such as google and bing. In addition to SME, White Shark Media also offers its clients PPC (pay per click) services and management. White Shark Media has service agreements with over 600 clients, providing digital marketing to big industry names such as iMarine Inc., A Star Movers Texas, Platinum Pro Painters Canada to name a few.

In the world of digital marketing, White Shark Media is proud to hold the title of Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner, which was bestowed on the company in 2014. This is by no means an easy accreditation to receive. In fact, Google AdWords™ Premier is extremely selective about which companies receive the honor and has roughly 29 companies in the United States that hold the title. White Shark Media, is truly a results driven company that goes the extra mile for their client’s and won’t rest until you are satisfied with the job. White Shark Media will always maintain a vested interest in your business, treating it as if it were their own. In today’s competitive business market, White Shark Media should be your first and only choice for digital marketing services.

Uniqueness of Rocketship’s Education Instruction Model

Rocketship Education, a publicly funded but privately managed charter school, offers quality education services to students from low-income families. As such, the school works in close collaboration with teachers, parents, community-based organizations in this role. Accordingly, the center opened its doors to students in 2007. Due to its excellent instruction program, it gained national attention for its high student’s test scores coupled with a blended learning approach. Rocketship’s teaching approach combines the use of computer technology and traditional methods of teaching.

It’s transformative learning experience not only caters to students needs, but also empowers teachers, engages parents, and inspires communities. In this quest, the school strives to instill a culture of positive values. In every Rocketship center, five-core values are shared across the board. Among these five values, four are shared within the school’s network inclusive of empathy, responsibility, persistence, and respect. At the beginning of each day, students recite these values as reminders to live by them throughout the day. As to the fifth value, it is determined by parents and teachers and illustrates the school’s uniqueness of character and vision.

These core values fit in well with the school’s mission of providing students with vital skills within the school and the world beyond. As a result, management has developed a regular, conventional, and active educational experience to help the center’s students excel in every undertaking. In addition to that, Rocketship strives to equip students with necessary socio-emotional skills. In this regard, instructional programs are tailored to accomplish social, emotional learning. Rocketship’s instructional curriculum is crafted carefully to include appropriate learning material for both upper and lower-grade students.

Besides focusing on the needs of students, Rocketship Education pays particular attention to the needs of its educators. That is why management is concerned with the professional development of its instructors by providing dedicated leadership and coaching programs. As such, its professional development approach entails enhancing its instructor’s vocational and personal satisfaction levels, provision of professional development resources, and leadership programs. Due to these approaches, the school enjoys better test scores on national exams. At the same time, embracing the two methods fosters a dynamic culture and enhances the cohesiveness of the school’s community.

George Soros, Active Advocate In Democratic Gift Giving

In an article for the political journalism pundit, Politico, writer Kenneth Vogel takes a look at George Soros return to Democratic gift giving. Certainly no stranger to philanthropy, Soros has always retained an interest in the political progress of the Democrats in Washington. As a man who isn’t stingy with neither his opinions, nor his money, Soros has returned to supporting Democratic causes in a big way. It’s no secret that during the Presidential campaign, George Soros wanted Hillary Clinton to win. His $25 million in Democratic gift giving spoke loud and clear, as he publicly and privately announced his support of Clinton. Clinton and Soros have a 25 year friendship, which played a key role in his desire to watch her speak at the Democratic Convention. However, some pressing business matters did not permit him to attend the event for the first time. Read this story about George at

According to Washington Times reporter, Kelly Riddell, in 2015, George Soros generously supported a non-profit founded by Al Sharpton, the National Action Network. The Network was behind the nationally recognized, Ferguson protest movement. While it may seem odd at first glance, it isn’t the first time Soros has supported a non-profit foundation. A lot of his gift giving goes unnoticed by mainstream media; but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been an active supporter. George Soros has quietly donated some $33 million to grassroots causes. This gift giving is in alignment with the mission and purpose of his own non-profit organization, Open Society Foundations.

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The Director of Open Society Foundations, Kenneth Zimmerman, in the article spoke about the financial support of the Ferguson protests. He mentioned that George Soros gave because it’s a way of making society accountable for its actions. It wasn’t a race thing or a self-centered protest, the activists were apart of a much larger nationwide day of protest. A day in which civilians, celebrities and activists marched together. The intent was to transform the societal framework, whereby innocent citizens are injured, shot or mistreated. Soros commits his time and money to worthy causes, for not one set of people, but to promote the Democratic way of life. To George Soros, his amassed fortune of $24.9 billion allows him to give with generosity. Not just the average kind of generosity, but with the goal of fostering a Democratic society with fairness and equality for all. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Philanthropy is a large part of George Soros life, he supports numerous worthy causes. Together, he and Zimmerman, as the Director of his non-profit, hope to initiate “civil action.” Soros also donates to the Drug Policy Alliance. The nonprofit organization receives $4 million in annual gift giving from the Open Society Foundations.

Madison Street Capital Success in Arranging a Partnership between Sterling Packaging and Druid Capital Partners

The Arrangement

Madison Street Capital, a global investment banking firm, arranged a growth equity for Sterling Packaging. Madison acted as an exclusivitae advisor in the transaction. Sterling Packing is one of the best companies that manufactures folding cartons. It supplies its products throughout Canada and the U.S.

Druid Capital Partners provided the equity facility for the transaction. The deal was announced on 31st July 2017 by Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital. Jay Rodgers, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital led the transaction.

Jay Rodgers pointed out that Sterling Packaging founders, Debbie and Jim Hickson, had done an excellent job. The two had worked with their employees to build a successful business. The expansion solutions, resulting from the growth equity, will benefit the huge customer base that Sterling Packaging commands.

Druid Capital Managing Partner, Martin Holt, was delighted with the arrangement. He said that the organization was happy to have Sterling Packaging as one of their partners. Debbie and Jim Hickson are hardworking. They are role models in the society. The two have nurtured a strong value in their children, Colin and Kelly. The children hold leadership roles at Sterling Packaging. Martin Holt appreciated the role of Madison Street Capital in the transaction. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking organization that was founded in 2005. It provides merger and acquisition advice, financial options and valuation services to private and public businesses. Madison Street Capital reputation continues to increase each day because of its highly rated services.

Madison Street Capital has a team of professionals who contain a wealth of knowledge about the investment industry. The company has a good reputation because it provides accurate and reliable financial information. Headquartered in Chicago, the firm has long years of experience in valuation services, investment banking and acquisition services.

Sterling Packaging

The firm was founded in 1989. Its headquarters are in Selkirk, Manitoba. Sterling Packaging deals with the design and manufacture of cartons. These products are supplied to food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals and hardware industries. The company serves a wide range of customers ranging from small scale business to multinational organizations. Learn more:

Druid Capital Partners

The organization was formed in 2015. It is a boutique investment firm that invests in private companies. Druid Capital targets industrial, manufacturing and distribution industries. It invests through recapitalization and majority capital in equality. Learn more:

Adam Goldenberg Continues to Expand his Startup Beyond Expectations

JustFab is an innovative fashion retailer best for its unique subscription service and its popular line of stylish athletic clothing sold under the brand Fabletics. The company has increasingly gained loyal customers and expanded its reach to new markets since the business first began. Part of its allure has been the celebrity endorsements it has received but most of the gain in value is credited to its talented co-CEO, Adam Goldenberg.


Goldenberg was born an entrepreneur. By the age of 16, he had already founded an advertising network of gaming sites named Gamer’s Alliance Inc. He sold the company in 1999, just two years after its start, to the parent company of MySpace. By the time he was 20, Goldenberg became the youngest COO of a publicly traded company. Intermix Media, an Internet marketing company, originally hired him as the Vice President of Strategic Planning before promoting him to the leadership role.


Following the sale of Intermix Media, Goldenberg formed a new company with partner Don Ressler. The company concept of Intelligent Beauty Inc. was to bring together the best of fashion and assist consumers in using these individual pieces to develop their own personal style. It was to this model that JustFab and Fabletics began to be offered along with handbags, shoes and much more. The company offers a shopping experience to subscribers that allows them to complete questionnaires that determine their style preferences and makes suggestions that match best. The recommendations are a time-saving option that allows customers to have a stylish, affordable and high-quality wardrobe they can wear with confidence. It has developed into Goldenberg’s most successful venture yet.


The individual companies today are now managed under the name TechStyle. Under his leadership, the organization is considered by experts to be a “unicorn“. This is the term used to describe companies valued at over $1 billion. Goldenberg is happy with the progress but is not just sitting back and enjoying success. The savvy businessman continues to seek out new opportunities for the company and much of this is centered around the Fabletics line. As the busiest of their labels, Fabletics is expanding into additional brick and mortar locations around the country. Goldenberg is also always monitoring the industry and the practices of the company to ensure that the business remains relevant in a constantly evolving world.

Jeremy Goldstein Discusses Company Stock Options

Corporations have been leaning away from giving employees stock options. Jeremy Goldstein recaps three reasons why most firms are giving up on the employee stock options.

The first reason is if the value of the stock drops, then employees cannot utilize the full value of it. Secondly, many corporations realize that during economic decline it can be disappointing to employees who worked hard for these stock options to be rendered with less value.

It takes the cash value out of the hard earned stock options and makes them seem like nothing more than token coins.

Third, stock options equate to accounting burdens Sometimes the amount of accounting work that needs to be invested into proper management of stock options outweighs the actual value of the stock options. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

While there are three key disadvantages to employee granted stock options, Jeremy Goldstein does detail some positive advantages towards corporations giving them to employees.

First, it can be rather simple for employees to understand stock options. Employees appreciate that something of equivalent value has been given to them.

Second, the staff of a corporation may work harder and take more pride in their work. If they work harder and have happier customers then the stock value in the corporation will rise which will then raise the value of their own private stock options. They can instantly see the value of their hard work.

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He graduated from New York University School of law and prior to opening his own law firm he worked at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, Shearman & Sterling LLP.

While employed here he was very active in the firms compensation practice. Jeremy Goldstein has also been an active member for the Fountain House for the past 9 years.

The Brown Modeling Agency is a Step Above Modeling Agencies

Since the beginning of their business, the Brown Modeling Agency knew that they wanted to do things differently from other modeling agencies. They also knew that they could do different things that would make it better for their models and they decided that this would be the best way for them to run the company. It is what sets them apart and makes them a better agency. It is also what has allowed them to gain so many different models when other companies that are in the industry are failing to get more business because of the issues that are associated with the things that they are doing. The Brown Agency knows what they are doing and they also know that they can try to make things better for people no matter what is going on or what they are capable of trying in different situations.

The agency is a result of two agencies coming together. Both of them were successful and that is something that they wanted to be able to try to make things better in their combined agency. They knew that if they used the principles from both of the prior agencies that they would be able to make things even better. They also knew that they could try to show other people what they were missing out on so that they would want to take part in what the Brown Modeling Agency was doing to change things. They had a lot of different people who wanted to commit and they knew that they had to try to make things right in the areas that they were in.

For the Brown Modeling Agency to be able to do all of this, they had to try different approaches. One of the biggest things that they did was show people what they could get out of the situations that they were in. They also did what they could to show the models that they would be able to be more successful if they had the opportunities laid out before them. While the Brown Modeling Agency continues to be successful, they have tried their best to make sure that they always put the models first.

This is a much different approach than what most models are used to. While they are traditionally the most important part of a modeling agency, they are usually put on the back burner. Instead of doing that, Brown Modeling Agency tries to help the models understand that they are the most important thing and that they will continue to be the best option for people no matter what they are doing. It is a huge part of the culture that Brown Modeling Agency has created in their business.

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The Class Dojo Classroom Community App

What a “simple” idea. What a profound result. ClassDojo is quickly becoming an intricate part of our school’s classroom in the US and is quickly spreading around the world. Over 90% of school classroom teachers use it nationally while over 1% use it globally. ClassDojo is used in K-8 grade classrooms.

So, what is ClassDojo? It is a free communication app that works in real time to bring teachers, students, and parents together during the school day. Teachers can monitor a student’s work, plus their behaviors, and report the progress to the parent. Pictures can be shared between student, teacher, and parent. The input, that can be shared on this app in real time, creates a community environment with the classroom and the parent.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don launched this app in 2011 as a beta trial. They soon relocated from the UK to California after receiving funds from ImagineK12, an organization offering educational start-up funding. Teachers took to using the app very quickly, and within 18 months over one million has signed up. Currently, it is being used in over 180 countries and translated into 35 languages.

Teachers use avatars as positive reinforcement to show students that their school work and behavior is monitored and shared. Each student has a personized program. An individual classroom is created by the teacher with each of their students. The student can have input on avatars and other parts of the information shared on this app. A parent can be invited by the teacher to participate. Teachers have been delighted that negative behaviors in the classroom have dropped dramatically. Positive social, plus the student’s education, has seen profound growth.

ClassDojo can be downloaded on any device with an online browser. There is no cost to the user.