Jason Hope is revolutionizing the medical industry with his personal touch.

Jason Hope is a philanthropist based in Arizona with a passion for reducing the human suffering and making the world a better place. His primary focus has been to contribute to research that aids in lowering illness that comes with old age. He has also written an eBook that has been launched on Amazon called “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution.” His book talks about the changing trend in technology and the expectations of the future of technology.

Jason Hope has ventured on an innovative approach where rather than treating the diseases that come with old age such as arthritis, high blood pressure, and cancer, he seeks on slowing down the aging process or reversing it. Jason Hope began to support the SENS Foundation in the year 2010 by making a contribution of $500,000 in December. SENS Foundation has a focus on facilitating the public to access technology that would help prevent and reduce illnesses that are age-related.

The SENS Foundation was launched about eight years ago with Aubrey De Grey as the co-founder with their office located in Mountain View, Calif. Aubrey de Grey has the same passion with Jason Hope and donated $10 million to the charity. Jason Hope was entrusted with the endorsement of strategies to combat illnesses such as diabetes.

Hope was confident that the SENS Foundation was bound to bring revolution in the field of medicine and healthcare. The Chief Executive Officer for SENS Foundation Mike Kope appreciated the contribution made by Jason Hope in their cause to combat old age related illness. Mike Kope also looked forward to the trend of biotechnology and was confident it would reenergize the people. The co-founder of the organization Aubrey de Grey correctly pointed out the purpose for the $500,000 that was contributed by Jason Hope.

He stated that the money was to be used for research work that would prevent the artery-cell proteins from compaction. This research work is very vital as it would help understand how to prevent high blood pressure, skin deterioration, eye problems and diabetes as it would prevent arteries from hardening. The donations made by Jason Hope would help reduce human suffering by developing medications known as AGE breakers.

The drugs would help to eliminate the end products of glycation that accumulates in the body as one grows older. This research is yet to see a breakthrough in the way that it would benefit people but has already succeeded on small animals. Furthermore, researchers have identified an end product in the body known as glucosepane that enhance aging and cause various health issues.

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Ian King: A Hiking of the Federal Reserve Rate

Banyan Hill Publishing Company was first founded in 1998, originally named The Sovereign Society; they were able to quickly create a reputation as a reputable source for investment strategies. They were able to accomplish this by only employing the very best experts in a diverse array of investment classes. One of the more recent trends in investment as in the excitement over cryptocurrency. In order to cover the new technology and investment strategies related to it, Banyan Hill Publishing Company has brought on board and investment expert known as Ian King. Read this article at Medium.com.

Ian King has been working with investments since he took a summer internship with Merrill Lynch during his time at college. This just happened to be during a bull market in the 90s, and his experiences there crafted a lifelong fascination with trading. After graduating college, he began to work with Salomon Brothers in the mortgage bond trading department. He eventually was able to work his way up to be the manager of a hedge fund in New York. Under his leadership, the New York-based hedge fund was able to post returns in excess of 300% in just the year 2008. Ian King eventually decided that he would like to try his hand at the new forms of investment and trading which led him to become the cryptocurrency expert for Banyan Hill Publishing Company.

Today Ian King is best known for his publication Crypto Profit Trader. In this newsletter, he posts the newest trading advice as it relates to the cryptocurrency markets. He has recently posted about the possibility of a crash occurring due to the Federal Reserve. Just recently a new Federal Reserve chairman was appointed who has plans to increase the rate of lending from the Federal Reserve to banks. By looking at history, it is possible to see that this increase in rates should have a significant effect on the markets. The last two times the rate was changed at the Federal Reserve the markets responded with a 50% correction.

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In addition to the effects of the changing of the Federal Reserve lending rate analysis seems to indicate that the market is displaying excessive growth in comparison to the current lending rate. After the great recession of 2008, the Federal Reserve lowered lending rates all the way to 0%. As the Federal Reserve is planning to increase rates the historical indications point to a significant market correction that will occur in the near future. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

Using GoBuyside to Disrupt the Financial World

When it comes to understanding the world of finance, there are far too many individuals who have an idea and can follow the conversation, but simply cannot extend it. People hear about buzzwords in finance and in the markets every single day, but are simply not able to truly understand or lead when it comes to making the decisions the marketplace needs. That’s why Arjun Kapur created GoBuyside. When it comes to finding professional talent that can actually be on the same page as you with respect to financial data, analysis, forecasting, and more, then GoBuyside is the organization who can meet your needs. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

Not every position needs to have the same level of financial understanding. Some roles are more into the mindset of understanding entire economic systems and modeling. Others look specifically into the financial statements and try to make assumptions about what companies and sectors are doing. Still, others will try to formulate decisions and predictions based solely on the current markets, whether it is interest rates, volatility indexes, or even just by looking at numbers released about jobs or unemployment. The point is, when you consider all of the different areas of finance, Arjun Kapur came to the realization quickly that employees who possessed financial skills were worth their weight in gold, but you still need to be able to find them.

That’s exactly where GoBuyside comes in. By being a recruiting platform where financial experts can seek out the best potential landing spots for their respective careers, and where top organizations can go to find some of the most educated, talented, and experienced financial professionals as well. At the end of the day, firms need finance professionals, but they have to find ones that make sense for them. Through the screening process designed by GoBuyside, individuals and companies alike are able to find the best matches for one another. It’s not just about bringing in talent to fill a hole in the organization; it’s about finding the right person for the right job and knowing they will buy in and stick around for the long haul.

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GoBuyside and Arjun Kapur have strongly considered all of the best methods of recruitment and discovery when it comes to understanding the needs and demands of top talent. That’s exactly why so many individuals have already found success with GoBuyside, and it’s also why so many companies have continued to line up time and time again for the top candidates by using GoBuyside. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

Dr Saad Saaad shaping the world through humanitarian pediatric services

Dr. Saad Saad is by far one of the best New Jersey based surgeons. With more than forty years in the field, Dr.Saad has performed some of the most elaborate surgeries on hundreds of kids and youngsters. He has no doubt made some of the most notable contributions in pediatric surgery and has two patented inventions in the field.


Inspiration from Kuwait


Dr. Saad was inspired to join the noble medical profession while still in high school in Kuwait. Dr. Saad initially wanted to be an engineer following in the footsteps of two older siblings.


However, he could not bear working in open air, due to very high temperatures experienced in Kuwait in the summers. Being naturally intelligent and academic proficient, Dr Saad was spoilt for choices but his love for working indoors got him opting for medicine. It is a bet that has more than paid off given his major contributions in the field so far.


Humanitarian Work


Dr. Saad has been directly involved in eight Medical Missions in Jerusalem. Together with other like-minded Doctors, he administered free compound surgeries on less fortunate children.


While working for the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia, Dr.Saad pioneered a Surgical Residency Program. The program in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons in England, aimed at aiding Saudi trained surgeons to get a U.K certification domestically.


Dr. Saad says that he does not discriminate on any patients on any basis. He is a doctor for both the rich and the poor. In his eyes, everybody is equal and deserves equal medical attention.


Journey to Surgery


Dr. Saad enrolled for medical school forty-seven years ago at Cairo University. He graduated with honors. While still at medical school he flew to Lebanon to sit for his ECFMG exam.


He later took an internship in England and moved to the United States after he was through with the internship. In the US he got certification in pediatric surgery.


Career in the US


Dr. Saad worked with the Meridan Healthcare System in New Jersey, where he was the Surgeon –in –Chief and also Co-Medical Director of K Hovnanian Children Hospital.

He also participated in four medical missions that administered free surgery to poor people in the United States.


Patents for Medical Inventions


Dr. Saad is indeed a force to reckon with because besides his many achievements he also holds two medical patents for his inventions that have changed the face of pediatric surgery. These are:


 Catheter with Tracking Mechanism

 The Visual Suction/Irrigation Rigid Endoscope


More about Dr. Saad


Dr. Saad Saad, MD, FAAP has forty years of experience in pediatric surgery.

His primary location is in Eatontown in New Jersey.

Dr.Saad specializes in General Surgery and Pediatric Surgery.

He is associated with Clara Maass Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/


How Equities First Holdings Financial Advice Help People be Responsible

Equities First Holdings (EFH) has many accomplishment is 15 years. On their 15-year anniversary they were able to announce a performance milestone. EFH has locations around the world, and they have been responsible for generating over $ 1 billion in transactions. EFH’s success is centered around the equity-loan. The equity-loan along with financial advice has been offered to clients since the day they opened in London in 2012. The London office was created through acquisition by the United States office. Before it was officially called EFH, the company was called Meridian Equity Partners Limited.

The acquisition happened under the guidance of Chris Harrison and William Yonge. The acquisition team consist of Vinay Varma, Sergey Kvitkin, and Iain Wright. The personnel that provided tax advice were Katerina Heal and Kate Habershon. The London office was able to use nearly over 700 transactions to help the operations of EFH expand across the globe.

Equities First Holdings info: www.crunchbase.com/organization/equities-first-usa

Dr. Dov Rand Takes a Proactive Stance on Anti-Aging.

A long and healthy life is a popular wish among people, and until recently, science has had little to offer patients in the way of preventative anti-aging therapy. Now, doctors, like New Jersey’s Dov Rand, who have long researched proactive anti-aging techniques, are looking forward to providing patients with newly researched anti-aging techniques and therapies, putting their patients ahead of the aging process and allowing patients to reduce or avoid the most common age related diseases.

The first step in ahead of the aging process is exercise. Following Dr. Dov Rand’s anti-aging regime requires daily aerobic exercise and strength training. Muscle loss and decreased cardiovascular health is a common problem as we age and are the leading causes of age related diseases. Adopting a consistent and complete exercise regiment is one of the key factors to an effective anti-aging therapy.

Maintaining a healthy weight is also an important factor in effective anti-aging treatment. Dr. Dov Rand uses a low-calorie diet, to help his patients lose weight quickly and requires the supplemental use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or HCG, during calorie restricted periods to maintain current muscle mass and to avoid a shrunken look. Dr. Dov Rand also provides diet and food counseling during his weight loss program to help patients develop good, sustainable future habits.

Vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalances are also a common side effect of aging and can accelerate its process. Proactive anti-aging therapies need a proper regiment of supplementation to encourage a balanced system. At Healthy Medical Centers, Dr. Dov Rand has developed and I.V. nutrient therapy, customized to each of patient. Keeping the body in balance and supplied with the nutritional tools it requires allows the body to heal itself and slow its degeneration.

Aging should be managed proactively, Dr Dov Rand believes, and with forethought and care, a long and healthy life will more than a wish, but a reality.

Tips That Have Helped Louis Chenevert to Become a Great Investor and Leader

Whenever there is any discussion on the legacy that United Technologies Corporation has in the world today, it is hard not to mention Louis Chenevert. The accomplishments he has helped this company to acquire are incredible and unforgettable. A lot of great things happened at UTC when Louis was the CEO. Although Louis is not the current CEO of the company, his mentality was that he had to leave it better than he found it, since this is what true leadership and stewardship portrays. Everyone who knows Louis when he was at UTC knows that he delivered measurable results within the short time he was there.

If Louis never had the desire to see the corporation grow in future, he would not have been committed as he was. Right from his life, Louis showed strong desire to see growth in whatever he did or in wherever he worked. Louis is a Canadian who was born in a place called Quebec. He later went to HEC Montreal where he studied and graduated with a degree in production management. He is known to have worked in some reputable places such as at General Motors for about 14 years and later joined Pratt & Whitney.

Louis rose to the presidency of UTC in 2006 when he was also the CEO. His incomparable devotion and commitment to the corporation didn’t go unrewarded. In the year 2009, the National Building Museum proposed Louis for a prestigious Honor Award. Two years later, HEC Montreal awarded Louis an honorary doctorate. It didn’t take long from then before a magazine called Aviation Week & Space Technology named Louis the Person of the Year. One thing Louis has always believed in is that investing in the team is very important to any company worth going somewhere. This is what he did when he was at UTC. He kept encouraging his employees and motivating them in any possible way in order to realize the success he needed to realize. Louis said that open thinking and relentless focus helped him greatly to grow the business. He advises the new investors to always think big, eliminate roadblocks and walk around if they want to enjoy exceptional success.


One of Lawrence Bender’s Greatest Works: From Dusk Till Dawn

Lawrence Bender is a film producer who has produced a wide range of films, several of which have earned him an Oscar nomination. His Oscar-nominated films include Inglorious Basterds, Good Will Hunting, and Pulp Fiction. Many film fans will know a lot of the work that he has done with Quentin Tarantino. With that in mind, my favorite Lawrence Bender film is From Dusk Till Dawn.

From Dusk Till Dawn stars George Clooney and the aforementioned Tarantino as a set of brothers escaping to Mexico to get away from law enforcement. Along their way, they kidnap an innocent family led by Jacob Fuller, played by Harvey Keitel, traveling around Texas. After this group reaches their destination in Mexico, a bizarre mix of action, comedy, and horror begins to unfold.

Unfortunately, this new group finds that their new destination in Mexico isn’t what it seems to be. In turn, the two brothers and innocent family now find themselves dealing with a group of vampires that are looking to feed on them. What unfolds is a film filled with gory battles, slick cinematography, and hilarious one-liners.

Being that this is a horror film, it contains plenty of scares to keep even the most avid genre fan not knowing what to expect next. Each actor in this film puts on a memorable performance. However, George Clooney steals the show as the cool-headed brother that plays an evil psychopath with a certain hard to deny charisma. This film also features a cool soundtrack with memorable musical numbers that remain in your head long after the final credits roll.

In conclusion, my favorite Lawrence Bender film is From Dusk Till Dawn. This film was released in 1996, right around the time where George Clooney was starting to become a household name. He shines in From Dusk Till Dawn, thanks to the work that Quentin Tarantino, Lawrence Bender, and Robert Rodriguez put into this film.


Jorge Moll: A Literal Look at Neuro Response to Altruism

The study of human behavior is complex and intimidating to most, but neuroscientist, Jorge Moll, has revealed something extraordinary that revolutionizes the way behavior and decision making is observed. More specifically, he revealed the origin and contributing factors associated with our desire and willingness to give.

For many years, the study of human behavior has been observed objectively with time spent watching and analyzing along with subjective findings through series of questions and answers from individuals themselves to get a, hopefully honest, first-person perspective on specific subject matters (https://interview.net/jorge-moll/). Jorge Moll, with the use of fMRI technology, has founded a visual and scientific discovery into humanistic moral responses.

Jorge Moll conducted research and with the images obtained from the fMRI readings. Jorge Moll focused on human values in correlation with motivation. Participants were asked a series of questions pertaining to a variety of social phenomena and controversial topics and given funds with the option to donate to different charitable organizations.

fMRI scans revealed responses simultaneously with both emotions and decision making neurological responses indicated by colored markers. Jorge Moll noticed his participants’ response patterns had remarkable correlations. All showed a verifiable response in the anterior prefrontal cortex of the brain. Different sections of the prefrontal region specifically associated with the gratifying feeling of being rewarded, joy and compassion in comparison to areas associated with punishment, anger, or aversion were observed. The time it took for each participant to make decisions to donate was taken into consideration as well. Measurements of time were compared alongside what the participant revealed to show an adverse response to versus the topics in agreeing toward.

Collectively, Jorge Moll concludes that although the anatomy of the brain of each individual and its functioning patterns have great correlation comparably one to another, the motivating factors and responses are individualistic. The desire to give and contribute to a great cause shows a similar yet more gratifying response in comparison to receiving funds and compares to the rewarding stimuli of food, sex, money, and drugs. One would say each grants satisfaction, and one may also conclude that giving links to happiness.


Peter Briger Sits on Board of Princeton University Investment Company

The professional investor and businessman Peter Briger sits on the Board of Directors of Princeton University Investment Company and provides leadership and direction for his alumni university. Peter Briger graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts and he also attended Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania where he received his Masters of Business Administration. After his college career, Peter Briger joined Goldman Sachs where he established a reputation in his career as a shrewd investment manager and held various positions within various committees at the organization.

Goldman Sachs is one of the most respected investment firms in the world with billions of dollars in assets under management. Peter Briger gained superior experience and expertise within the investment arena that he has used to catapult his career into one of the world’s most respected Chief Executive Officers within the investment management sector. In 2002 Peter Briger co-founded Fortress Investment Group a global investment firm that currently manages more than $30 billion in assets under management.

Peter Briger co-founded Fortress with five principal members including Wes Edens, Randall Nardone, Michael Edwards and Rob Kauffman. In December 2017 Fortress Investment Group was sold to SoftBank Group a global technology conglomerate that specializes in telecommunications, AI research, internet technologies and various other advanced technology infrastructure that is propelling the world into an information revolution. Fortress Investment Group was bought by SoftBank for $3.3 billion and quickly became one of their key assets under management that provides them with an opportunity to expand their company into the alternative asset investment industry.

Peter Briger remained Co-Chief Executive Officer after the acquisition with Wes Edens and they continue to provide excellent intellectual knowledge, analysis, and evaluation skills that provide the company with the needed directional guidance to capitalize on various opportunities around the globe and propel the company’s portfolio to create extremely lucrative returns on investment. Peter Briger primarily leads the Fortress Credit business within Fortress Investment Group which has more than 300 professional investment managers and staff that specialize in distressed, illiquid credit investments and undervalued assets.

By providing extremely high levels of analysis and evaluation of various underperforming assets around the globe, Peter Briger and Fortress continue to seize opportunities for it, investors, to flourish in their returns on investment. Fortress Investment Group is located in New York City, New York and has affiliate offices around the globe that provide the necessary research and evaluation processes to continue the expansion of the organization and provide its clients with high levels of return on investments through long-term and short-term opportunities. Peter Briger currently serves on the Board of Directors of Princeton University Investment Company where he provides high-level intellectual direction for the university and continues to provide resources for the expansion of their investment schools of study. Peter Briger, a graduate of Princeton University continues to provide direction for not only his alma mater but his current company Fortress Investment Group where he has established himself as a true leader and creative investor.

To know more visit @: fortune.com/2015/05/18/how-wall-street-got-into-the-wild-world-of-bitcoin/