Luke Lazarus Offers Help To Stuggling Companies

The world has greatly advanced in countless ways in recent years. Because of this, it is getting much more difficult for a new business to grow and continue to thrive in the competitive marketplace. It has been estimated that most new businesses will fail within their first five years. This is very ominous news in a society where quality job growth continues to decline and has been for decades. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

For anyone who follows the world of business, there is a small trend hidden in the sad data. While most businesses seem to end up failing early on, there are a few super-entrepreneurs who are finding ways to thrive. These serial entrepreneurs are a small percentage of all small to large business owners and are enjoying much success in the shadows.

The success is being attributed to more than survivorship. It is not just luck they are chopping up to the success of their businesses. It is raw skills and knowledge allowing these talented individuals to have the success they have. It is also the help from other successful owners that they have been able to achieve financial wealth. Men such as Luke Lazarus helps other businesses owners trying to make their way in the marketplace.

Who Is Luke Lazarus?

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Luke Lazarus started his very first business when he was just eight years old. Since then, his thirst for business continues. When attending high school, he proved to be a high achiever and maintained perfect grades. He was also a star athlete for his school.

Because he stood out for his business talents, sports and academics, he was a top prospect for many universities around Australia and out of the country. He received numerous scholarships from top schools. However, he ended up taking a more unique route after graduating. He chose to stay in his hometown and earned his MBA from a local business school in Melbourne.

Luke Lazarus Becomes A Business Consultant

Throughout his career, Luke took great joy seeing others achieve their business goals. He decided to take time away from growing his own businesses and wealth to focus on helping others who are struggling.

When it comes to his style of consulting, he developed a unique approach that places a big emphasis on analysis, systems and emotional connections with customers.

Over the years, Lazarus has helped dozens of businesses go from struggling startups to successful, million-dollar IPOs. The most important help he offers business owners he chooses to work with is helping them shape their books, operations and messaging to their customers, investors and stakeholders.

He feels there is a significant gap between what many new business owners believe when it comes to venture capital and how it really is in a real-world setting.

Without having sufficient capital, it can be extremely difficult for a new business to grow to a viable size operation. Luke uses his years of experience to help his clients shape their companies into an operation that can lead to more capital funding.

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How HCR Wealth Advisors are Assisting Clients in Creating Personalized Financial Strategies

HCR Wealth Advisors

The ability to create personalized financial strategies is one of the qualities of a wealth management entity. HCR Wealth Advisors — for the last three decades — have revolutionized this critical niche by injecting a lot of professionalism and assisting clients in planning well in terms of finances. According to management, people in the USA use billions of dollars on health-related expenses. Fortunately, the management believes that Health Savings Account (HSA) is helping to revolutionize how people save for healthcare in the USA.

One of the reasons why this program will change how people view healthcare (in terms of finances) is through creating a predictable future. HCR Wealth Advisors believes that one of the best ways of creating a better future in terms of healthcare is by planning. Unfortunately, very few people have an understanding of what planning in this niche entails. Through the guidance of this entity, it is possible to create achievable dreams.

Second, HCR Wealth Advisors points out that this option is also one of the best ways to save more without tax restrictions. Since the entity is passionate about guiding clients on the best ways to invest and define the future, the HSA program will assist investors to pay less tax through the following way. It is one of the few programs to exclude its deduction from the gross income and therefore helping the client to save more under less tax obligation.

Apart from assisting clients in making better choices in healthcare investment, the entity is passionate about financial freedom. According to HCR Wealth Advisors, there is a massive gap between peoples’ finances, investments, and financial liabilities. Fortunately, they have assisted hundreds of clients in consolidating a client’s financial realities into one actionable strategy. The management believes that working with one consolidated strategy changes how the client views finances.


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Wes Edens; Owner Of Milwaukee Bucks

Wes Edens had purchase the Milwaukee Bucks back in 2014. In just five years, he owned a franchise that was a successful No. 1 seed. This earned the Milwaukee Bucks a home-court advantage all through the whole post season. Wes Edens accumulated a net worth of $1.65 billion over just 30 years.

Mr. Edens earned his Finance and Business Administration degree at Oregon State back in 1984. In 1987, he bagan to invest at Lehman Brothers. His title at Lehman Brothers was Partner and Managing Director from 1987 to 1993.

Wes Edens had the expertise to get the firm through the Oct. 19, 1987 Black Monday crash. Then in 1994, he became the Partner and Managing Director at Black Rock Financial Management Inc. which was a worldwide investing firm. He served this title until 1997. Black Rock is where he created his first hedge fund and where Wes Edens had decided to begin his own company. Even so, Black Rock had done very well and he is still friends with his colleagues at that company.

In 1998, Mr. Edens founded Fortress Investments, an investment group. His fortune really got a boost with Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens was the co-founder of that company with Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman.

In 2016, Mr. Edens’ pay was $54 million which included his dividends as a stockholder as well as his total yearly compensation.

Moving up in time, Mr. Edens is backing his daughter, Mallory, to get a chance to own her own NBA at some point in the future. She is interested in the Knicks. Mallory would like to take on her dad’s Bucks some day in the Eastern Conference Finals. She is getting out the message that there are not enough of women in sports of any kind. With no women as a head coach, GM or commissioner in any of the major sports leagues, Mallory would like to see a change.

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Why Smita Shah Still Has Fun in Engineering

Spaan Tech is now one of the fastest-growing tech companies around and having said that, it also means the owner of the company is far beyond her time. This is exactly how many of her peers felt early in life. They felt as though Smita Shah was wise beyond her years, and today she is still solving engineering riddles. She started her company, Spaan Tech 20 years ago, and since that time she has excelled tremendously. 


Once she had graduated with a Master’s Degree from MIT, she wanted to do something more. Her positive outlook led her to decide that if something came of it she would be happy, and if not she would take a job elsewhere. At the time, it was when the internet was first being introduced and connections were slow. She was passionate about math, and she was always competitive with her skills. 


She has said that people are still surprised that she, as a woman has a degree from MIT, and that she is skilled in math and science. She wants to encourage other young women to jump in and grab the bull by the horns. It’s now true that more women are becoming aware that they can compete in math and science, and they are also super successful. 


Smita Shah says that as it turns out, these young women are often very good at what they do, and they are now competing at the top. Smita Shah also had the chance to intern at the White House, and Senator Cuomo was aware that at the time the Indian culture was a commonality among Indian families. She was proud to say that her father was an engineer, but upon her mentioning that her mother was a real estate broker it was different. Learn more:


Being interviewed by Steve Cochran gave her the opportunity to share her insights about growing up in a culture known for being adept in certain areas of education, and she was also able to share more information about her company. Smita had the chance to convey not only what it was like as a girl to be numbered among young men for her math and science skills, but what it was like being labeled as such in her Indian culture. 

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Aaron Lupuloff Takes Education Seriously

Aaron Lupuloff and the GCPS Foundation

Starting the GCPS Foundation launched the ideas of starting an educational system designed to help the students that reside in the metropolitan area of Atlanta Georgia. Its success throughout the years by Lupuloff has helped launch not only GCPS which is the Gwinnett County Public School Foundation but also and created and launched the NHS which is the Norcross High School Foundation. Based off of the success of this he became a founding member of the Georgia Tech Parent Advisory Board but now no longer holds that position.

Aaron Lupuloff is big on promoting higher educational standards and he is always trying to improve the quality of education for the students and the standards are always set high because he genuinely cares about his students. He also is a major contributor to the education system that services the largest school system in the metropolitan area of Atlanta Georgia which is also the 13th largest school district in the United States. He is the Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public School (GCPS) Foundation which is a charity that provides financial assistance to the students of GCPS and Aaron Lupuloff makes a great effort to continuously improve the quality of the students’ education and ensures that the standards are always kept set high.

Strength in Charity Foundations

Along with GCPS Foundation, Aaron is connected to the Norcross High School where he formed the Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence (NHS). Here is where he holds the title of Treasurer, Vice-President, and President. He was worked here as a booster club officer and he was also a member of a lot of sports clubs. Here at NHS, they had a focus on starting a foundation that benefited:


  • Academics


  • Athletics

The Arts

  • The Arts

According to, the GCPS Foundation does a lot for the students of Gwinnett County. They believe in empowering their students by providing them with the much-needed help through their services that are available to the most needed, and this is the most important factor for GCPS to achieve.

So basically, what this tells us is that Aaron Lupuloff and Gwinnett County Public School (GCPS) Foundation cares deeply about the students that live in the metropolitan Atlanta area of Georgia by focusing first on those students in need most and by helping to structure them to achieve all that they can achieve and this foundation can help make that all possible by:

Providing funds and schlorships

  • Providing funds and schlorships

Bulds and Develops Leadership

  • Bulds and Develops Leadership

Encourage and Empower Students

  • Encourage and Empower Students

Provides Fully Funded Programs

  • Provides Fully Funded Programs

Improves the achievements of Students

  • Improves the achievements of Students

It is important for the community to be involved as well so all as a community can succeed. This is the commitment in which Aaron Lupuloff stands for.

Donata Meirelles Shares Her Insights on Scented Candles for You

Fashion is a pillar of modern society. Some of the most accomplished fashion moguls in the world are the think tanks behind fashion trends witnessed across the globe. It is not surprising to find many social media stars eagerly awaiting fashion shows to learn the latest trends in the industry. The community often shuns people who ignore fashion trends. Social media has made fashion an even more important aspect of everyone’s life. Social media keeps millions of people up to date on fashion styles in the world. Learn more about Donata Meirelles at

Fashion encases many aspects of day-to-day living. Donata Meirelles recently gave her thoughts on the use of fancy scented candles. Many designers have taken to producing scented candles that produce a wonderful burst of aroma. For many people memories are associated with certain smells and colors. It is not rare for people to associate smells with places and people often bring a sense of deja vu. Research has proven that scents help in memory retention. Based in Portugal, Donata Meirelles is a fashion icon with over three decades in the fashion industry.

Her works have been featured in many catwalks across the globe. She shared tips on how to maximize the effects of scented candles. Donata Meirelles noted that the placement of a candle is crucial. Scented candles should be placed in places like the entrance of the house, bathrooms or kitchen areas. This will give each room a sweet scent of its own. The time that a candle is lit according to Donata is also crucial. Candles should be lit at dusk or dawn when people are in the house most. The choice of brand is also an important aspect of scented candles. Donata advice consumers to invest in Jo Malone and Diptyque as they are the best brands in the market. Candles should, however, be used with the utmost care to avoid causing injury or unintended fire.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Led JHSF In Exploring Other Promising Opportunities

JHSF Par S.A and its affiliate company JHSF Participações S.A. is engaged in the construction and development of residential and commercial activities in Brazil and in other countries. The Brazilian company operated through its real estate business, recurring income, hotels, restaurants, and airport. Since it began, JHSF has developed over six million square meters of properties and buildings. Today, JHSF is recognized as one of the pioneers in construction industries and in developing luxurious and large scale residential and commercial structures. In addition, JHSF, through its CEO, Jose Auriemo Neto explored other opportunities aside from construction. It also operates retail stores, restaurants, and hotels.

JHSF also developed shopping centers including Catarina Fashion Outlet, Shopping Cicade Jardim, Shopping Bela Vista, and Shopping Ponta Negra. The company also manages five hotels and 19 restaurants under the name Fasano. In 2001, JHSF started expanding its operations and took a plunge in the shopping malls industry. The company is also responsible for the construction and development of the first shopping mall in Brazil with a subway station, which is the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. Jose Auriemo Neto, the son of one of the founding members of the company took the leadership of the company. At the age of 27, the eldest son of the renowned construction tycoon committed to working hard. This is also the time when JHSF expanded its focus in the luxury and high-income sector of the market.

Fondly called Zeco by his friends, loved ones, and employees, the company leader has contributed a lot to the company long before he assumed the leadership. Jose Auriemo Neto was the one who created the Pak Bem, which is the parking lot business of the company. He founded this division at the age of 17 and became the director of shopping malls operation when he reached 22 years old. In 2006, under his expertise leadership, JHSF founded the Cicade Jardim Complex, which has now become the ultimate place to be when people would like to visit and buy top luxury products in the country. It is remarkable that all of Zeco’s teenage and adult life was spent working for the betterment of JHSF. And, because of his drive for excellence, Jose Auriemo Neto brought JHSF to greater heights that its founding members have never thought it would be able to accomplish.

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Jeunesse Global Event

Jeunesses Global is hosting it’s NEXT event in 2019 in cities around the world: Orlando, Singapore, Macau, Milan, and Rio De Janeiro. This world tour is set to kick off on September 5, 2019 with their event in Orlando, which is followed by Singapore and Macao near the end of the month, and Milan in October and Rio de Janeiro in November. 

The Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis will be giving a talk on how to take Jeunesse to the next level in 2020. Jeunesse leaders will be sharing all of their favorite strategies which they have used in order to grow their businesses. You’ll be able to hear from the field leaders and business builders whom are experts in building up their Jeunesse business.

Attendees will also be able to learn about the journey and the work required in order to build Jeunesse Global. The attendees will be able to make new contacts from entrepreneurs around the world. You’re able to get an overall strategy from the regional leaders and make a success plan for your goals. 

Jeunesse Global began as a humble company and gradually expanded into a major world player. They are a company which is aiming to re-define youth. They offer life-changing opportunities through their revolutionary products services. They began under a belief that everyone deserved to be able to live a youthful life with the ability to enhance their own potential and health.

Jeunesse Global is a company which offers a package called the Y.E.S. system, which is a Youth Enhancement System. The Youth Enhancement System is a comprehensive system which comprises skincare, vitamins, energy, antioxidants, and more. You begin by restoring age-related skin damage, reduce eye damage, and slow premature aging. The system includes: rejeuvenate, diminish, enhance with essentials, enhance energy with energy drinks, defend yourself against free radicals, and curbing appetite.


Max Salk, a landscape photographer, doubles as a businessman in New York. Juggling between running his business and practicing landscape photography is not easy, but Max knows how to balance the two. He implements various principles in his daily life that help him juggle the two. Max Salk also loves traveling and sports. Max Salk owns a photography website where he displays his pictures. He has put his first ever landscape pictures on the first page of the site to commemorate the day. The photos, taken in the Netherlands, made Max Salk fall in love with landscape photography. The photos were taken over a foggy landscape, on a morning when Max decided to go for a walk. The walk was the beginning of Max Salk’s journey in landscape photography. Luckily for him, he had his camera with him, and he, therefore, had the opportunity to capture the beauty of the scenery.

Max Salk’s first principle is to be always prepared. Carrying a camera on the fateful morning walk was a preparation that made him a landscape photographer. Instead of going out without anything, Max decided to take his camera in case he encountered anything worth remembrance, and years later he is glad that he took his camera with him. Preparation ensures that you are ready to tackle anything thrown your way, whether good or bad. Max advises entrepreneurs to practice the same in their businesses. They should not relax but make preparations for the future. IBM is one company that values the importance of preparation in business. Even before companies were built to use patents practically, IBM was already researching on the field. It is now a top company in the patent sector. Preparation has made IBM flexible to changes in the evolving world of technology.


After preparation, Max Salk says that it is necessary to let things take their natural course. An entrepreneur does not have to force everything to go according to his plan because everything is not in humans’ control. They should take things in stride and go along with the flow. Whether it is the market changing, entrepreneurs should embrace the new changes and structure their businesses in such a way that it fits.


Betsy DeVos Is a Thinker

Betsy DeVos doesn’t want to play mind games with other people. She doesn’t ever have to do so, either. Her days are always brimming with brand new things. She constantly encounters brand new faces. She constantly does things that are totally unfamiliar to her as well. A United States Education Secretary career cannot be too predictable. It can be impossible for DeVos to make guesses about her upcoming schedule. She’s perpetually on the go. She travels all over the United States regularly. She travels all over the planet on a frequent basis, too. No one can dispute that she’s a globetrotter of sorts. She doesn’t travel for simple leisure purposes. She travels out of the desire to leave a positive mark.


Joy may seem rather elusive in this day and age. DeVos doesn’t want joy to be something that’s alienating to citizens of the United States. She wants it to be something that they know is an option for them. That’s probably the reason she’s so enthusiastic about making adjustments that involve education in the vast country. The American educational system covers so many pupils. It covers pupils who are in Illinois and New York state. It covers those who are in Hawaii, Alaska, New Hampshire, Florida, California, Missouri, Texas and beyond as well. Since it’s such an enormous system, it can be difficult for people to manage. DeVos wants to make that difficulty a thing of the past. She wants strengthening the educational system to be something that feels realistic to people all over the place.


There aren’t many people around who know precisely how DeVos feels day in and day out. The closest person who may comprehend her is Dick DeVos. Since she’s married to him, that’s a positive thing. They share all of their objectives with each other on a nightly basis. They talk about all of their plans as well. Secrecy just isn’t something that interests this pairing. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a project that was set up in the eighties. It’s more than just a straightforward project per se. It’s a group that doesn’t take in any profits from anyone. Betsy and DeVos devised this organization in order to give back to the wonderful folks of society. They want to assist young individuals with all of their educational routes. They want to assist adults who wish to make artwork a lot more accessible to people everywhere. Betsy DeVos is always contemplating her place under the sun. She’s always trying to figure out how she can represent individuals who may be a bit more vulnerable than she is. She frequently asks Dick if he can offer her any advice that’s sound and well-rounded. He often can.


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