Robert Deignan Contributions to the Tech World through ATS Digital Services

Technology — for the past three decades — has changed how people view the world of productivity and entertainment. Unfortunately, these advancements have come with their share of disappointments, primarily through malware and cyber crimes. Robert Deignan is, fortunately, helping people to enjoy and maximize the advantages that come with technology — through his fast-growing company. Creating ATS Digital Services was not only timely for him, but it was a perfect example that it is possible to solve all the malware-related issues.

The Purdue University graduate is a firm believer in solutions, and all his life after college is synonymous with finding solutions in the tech world. Working in a tech-based company shortly after university was phenomenal for him because it was an eye-opener of what consumer goes through when dealing with malware and other related crimes. His company has also been able to work with other affiliated companies, and Robert Deignan believes that this is the right direction in this new niche.

In the years Robert Deignan has been in this industry, he has noticed the following realities. First, he understands that the world of tech security is ever changing and in order to protect clients, a company needs constant updates on its systems. Second, he understands that research in this niche is critical. In the years ATS Digital Services has been in operational, he has invested in the company by bringing some of the best talents in his firm.

Under his leadership, ATS Digital Services has also redefined productivity in different ways. In the past five years, for example, Robert Deignan has worked hard to be a perfect example to his juniors in terms of reporting to work and more importantly, having the right attitude toward work. He believes that inspired people are more productive in this competitive space.

Finally, Robert Deignan believes that the secret to any company is — how it treats new talents. Although there are many reasons why any company should have experienced professionals, Deignan believes that mentoring and training young talents is critical to any company. As one of the major industry players in the IT world, Deignan has mentored hundreds of young professionals.

Organo Gold and Beverage Tastes

Organo Gold isn’t a company that lacks a sense of purpose. It’s honestly a marketing firm that has a mission that’s 100 percent tangible. Watch this video on Youtube.

What specifically is the crucial mission behind Organo Gold? It’s to give people educations that involve Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum mushrooms have long been precious in China. They’re currently on the up and up in other regions, too. These organic components can aid humans who have various health concerns. Visit to know more.

They can heal people who want to feel strong and vibrant. There are so many products that are on hand via Organo Gold at this moment in time. People who explore the company can pick out their desired coffees. They can pick out their desired teas as well. Organo Gold’s employees aren’t at all reluctant to talk about the magnificence of these kinds of beverages. They sometimes even talk to others about choices that can strengthen drink tastes.


Cleaning Up With Unroll Me

Unroll Me is considered one of the best ways to clean up those pesky subscriptions we all receive in our email from time to time. Unroll Me works by organizing all of your emails which you receive in your inbox. Unroll me supports yahoo mail, Gmail, and google apps, it is also working on supporting AOL mail in the future as well. All you have to do is sign up for Unroll Me, and it links to your email accounts, after this your emails will be organized into a group called your Rollup. The Rollup will hold all of your subscriptions, and you can have them delivered at any time you choose through out the day, so that you can go thru them. By visiting your Unroll Me’s website, you can go thru and edit your daily Rollup, ultimately unsubscribing to irrelevant websites. The best part about Unroll Me, is that it is entirely free, as other clean up services do charge a fee every month for the same work that Unroll me does for free. Along with wonderful features that Unroll Me offers, it is also a well designed site with easy access options to see your daily Rollup. If you currently have two different email accounts, or multiple accounts, you can individually sign each up through Unroll Me, and get daily Rollups for each individual email. Unroll Me is a great option for people who are looking to clean up their inboxes and have everything neatly organized into one folder like the daily Rollup. Along with being organized, you will be able to see exactly where and what you are specifically subscribed to. For no cost to you at all, Unroll Me is a great tool to use to sift through all of those pesky unwanted subscription emails.

Betterworks Gives Feedback to Managers

Managing in today’s world presents many challenges. For example, trying to manage employee performance is continuously proven to be a struggle. There is a measurable disconnect in how the employees perceive performance feedback. To put it another way, employees are not finding feedback from their managers helpful. For Millennials the divide is even higher. While only 19 percent of the millennial receive continuous feedback only 17 percent believe it is meaningful. The cure is continuous and ongoing feedback. Here are three ways to ensure that the feedback given is meaningful.

The review process can lose effectiveness if the manager delivering it is uncertain. For example, if the manager is afraid of how the employee will perceive the feedback they may do one of a few things. Managers could focus on the negatives, only talk about the positives, or neither deliver positives or negatives. Instead, deliver correction when it needed and ensure that the focus is looking forward.

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One of the best ways to ensure that meaningful feedback is delivered is to ensure that it is received well. In other words, teach employees how to receive feedback. Personal coaching may be required for employees who oppose feedback. This can be achieved by focusing on how their reluctance affects their colleagues, themselves, and the company.

Delivering feedback on performance must happen continuously. Inconsistent feedback can be perceived negatively and make employees feel singled out. Reviewing performance months after the incident can be confusing and disheartening. Instead, when correction or feedback is needed it should be delivered immediately.

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Max Salk Taps Both His Analytical and Artistic Sides

Max Salk is a master in balancing his full plate, packed with many of his endeavors. And, of course, he would not have things any other way. He enjoys living a full life and making use of all his talents. This photographer, investment analyst, and dedicated volunteer has an intense daily schedule, but he doesn’t mind at all. He loves pursuing all his passions, and he feels like he is not working because he truly enjoys all the activities he is engaged in.

He is a graduate of the University of Illinois at the Urbana-Champaign location, with an undergraduate degree in finance. With this, he was able to dabble in many career paths in the Big Apple. He has had careers ranging from economics, markets, history, and currently he is into investment analysis. For him the key is careful analysis of the current market trends, and being able to present and explain the information well to his superiors and clients. His keen attention to details makes this career path a good fit.

Max Salk is also into photography, which he got interested in when he went on a vacation to Rotterdam, the Netherlands for one semester. Since then, when he travels or even in his home turf, he has been drawn to beautiful backdrops and panoramic scenery. Eventually, he set up his own website filled with collection of prints. People have actually touched based with him to buy some of them. He is both artistic and analytical, tapping both hemispheres of the brain, which is rare for majority of people.

In additional to those activities, Max Salk is involved with the Navy SEAL Foundation. This organization offers support and provides a wide variety of programs to Navy Seals and their families. He says he enjoys volunteering for the sake of both active duty personnel and retired veterans. Max Salk said he feels empathetic towards the struggles of these families because it is not easy to be away and apart from each other. As everyone knows, when Navy Seals are deployed for combat, it takes many months before they can touch base with their loved ones again. Max says he is doing this to show support and appreciation for the hard work these Navy Seals do to protect the country.

Serge Belamant Founder of Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is the famous founding patent holder of blockchain technologies. Block chain technology is seen as the driving force that can rival or maybe even surpass crypto currencies. Crypto currency has been recently making waves and grabbing the attention of many global investors over the past couple of years, with Bitcoin and Ehtereum leading the cypto pack. These are seen as forces that will revolutionize the global economy. However, many industry professionals highlighted the Serge Belmant’s blockchain technology can easily stand alone without crypto currency. In fact, they view that blockchain has outrivaled crypto. Only time will be able to tell which technology is the last one standing. But one thing is sure, many industries today now already rely on blockchain technology to be able to do their business transactions.

Serge Belamant is an innovative man that is seen as the instrumental factor that developed block chain applications. He utilized smart cards containing microprocessors that have the capacity to function online or offline. The capacity to function offline is a huge boost and advancement. Blockchain technology is always compared to a ledger of records. But Serge Belamant crafted it in such a way that the information contained therewith are easily linked together and encrypted for added safety. On top of that, each ledger is embedded with crucial data protections features, including a time stamp. Serge Belamant said that he envisioned blockchain technology to help financial services sector. It is there for security and transparency.

On top of that, the accuracy of data is guaranteed making worldwide transactions possible. With many systems now becoming old, decrepit, and inefficient, the ability of block chain technology can come in handy to make everything more trust worthy and reliable. That being said, financial transactions are only a small fraction of what blockchain technology is capable of performing. Serge Belamant sees that his patent will play a critical role in the future of global economy because it has the capacity to affect things like costs, contracts, labor-intensive businesses. These operations can be made smoother with the infusion of block chain technology. It has the capacity to reduce inaccuracies and errors, which are vital in business because it has detrimental consequences that can affect company outcomes on a large scale.

Steve Ritchie Is Bringing Change At Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie has had a long career in the pizza business. He started out with the Papa John’s chain back in 1996 when he was hired as a customer service representative. He has worked in a number of capacities with Papa John’s including work as a delivery driver and as a manager of a store.

Steve Ritchie knows first hand what it is like to be a Papa John’s owner as he became a franchisee with the company in 2006. In 2010, Steve Ritchie began working in the operations area at Papa John’s. He was later promoted to chief operating officer. In 2015, Steve Ritchie became president of Papa John’s.

Right now, Steve Ritchie is serving as the CEO of Papa John’s. The chain had something of a financial downturn just before Mr. Ritchie came on board as CEO. It is Mr. Ritchie’s plan to get the company going in the right direction so that customers and franchisees can be proud of the company and in the company’s future.

As part of his overhaul plan at Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie went on the road to visit Papa John’s locations. He learned a lot on his trip. He realized that the company needed to increase its diversity programs so that more minorities and women were promoted to top leadership positions within the company. Mr. Ritchie also announced that every employee at Papa John’s would be required to undertake diversity training in order to serve customers in the best way possible.

Recently, Steve Ritchie announced that Papa John’s signed a deal with Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq will star in upcoming commercials for Papa John’s, and he will be one of the new faces of the company. Shaq will become a member of the board at Papa John’s as part of the deal announced by Steve Ritchie.

Steve Ritchie has a number of ideas to take Papa John’s into the future. He has a lifetime of experience in the pizza business to guide him on his mission.

Dick DeVos Formative in Transformation of Grand Rapids

Dick Devos and his wife Betsy have become synonymous with making an impact. The pair has gone from building structures to re-building institutions, using their insight into communities to make these kinds of improvements. While many Americans came to know the Devos name when Betsy got involved in government, Dick Devos made a name for himself and for the family many years prior. Known as one of the most important innovators in the business world and the spirit behind the revitalization of Grand Rapids, Dick Devos has long dedicated himself to creating a lasting legacy.


Dick Devos made his fortune with the sales program Amway. This became popular around the country, allowing Devos to cash in. His success in business might have seemed like the most important part of Dick’s character, but he had other interests just the same. Devos was mostly interested in rebuilding his home, Grand Rapids. He had seen the city fall into disrepair. Like much of Michigan, it had fallen on hard times as manufacturing jobs had left. The city was hurting, with people out of work and not much going on in terms of art and culture. Devos set out to do something about it.


With this, he and his wife decided to spend money on rebuilding some of the downtown area. Various business buildings were built and renovated. A sports complex was created right in downtown. More than that, the an arts center and theater were created. Devos wanted to make Grand Rapids the kind of place that people wanted to live, to work and to raise their families. With the resources he had earned through his business ventures, he had enough money to turn Grand Rapids into just that place. The revitalization efforts brought more investment back to the community. All of a sudden, more young people saw it as a great place to live. With them coming back, more companies wanted to move in. Devos’s efforts had been a success.


That’s not all Devos was working on. A lifelong enthusiast into aviation, Devos was also appointed to boards to work on those interests. He wanted to make sure that aviation was safe, and he worked hard toward that end. It was then that he realized the power institutions can have when they are run efficiently. This is something that his wife also realized. She took a job with President Donald Trump so she could help work on school choice, an issue that had been close to her heart for decades. Dick and Betsy both saw that schools in Michigan and elsewhere had been failing. They wanted parents who lacked the resources to pick a private school to be able to send their kid to a great school, too. With that interest in mind, Betsy jumped head first into politics to try and bring about change.


The Devos crew is about more than just politics. A long-standing bastion of the Michigan world, Dick and Betsy have set out to make an impact. In doing so, they have altered communities and institutions for the better.


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How James Reese The CEO leads TigerSwan

The role of a project manager is conducting risk management on different occasions. This is one of the crucial things a team leader does. If they learn how to apply a viable risk management process successfully, and then implement it, the projects will run smoothly. At TigerSwan, risk management processes are spearheaded by experts.

Formed in 2008, TigerSwan is an international company that helps clients in offering security, intelligence, coupled with stability in order to protect their strategic advantage, which is the people. The organization understands that the universe has transitioned. Therefore, a lot is at stake when it comes to enhancing security in various regions of the world.

Corporations, as well as governments, are struggling to gain access to invaluable information that would help in enhancing security. As such, TigerSwan seeks to offer a broad range of solutions to help clients in operating safely within the challenging world. The organization intends to allow its customers to work safely in a secure environment.

TigerSwan is headed by James Reese who is also its founder and cheerleader. The organization brings dynamic leadership coupled with creative problem-solving skills in various cross-functional as well as multifunctional environments.

Under the guidance of James Reese, the management also creates viable systems to enhance security in different sectors of the world. This includes families and the corporate business world. TigerSwan is devoted to rigorous compliance standards as well as upholding some of the leading levels of governance in different operations.

With the excellent leadership skills of James Reese still, TigerSwan has managed to cultivate the virtue of offering excellent customer service to its consumers. As such, the firm applies enhanced security measures to help its consumers.

Reese is a revered business leader with a penchant for entrepreneurship. He used to serve as the Delta Force where he provided problem solving techniques to employees. Over the years, he developed interest to serve in a different sector that majorly supports security enhancement. That explains why James Reese currently works at TigerSwan as a team leader. To support his workers in becoming successful at project management, he incorporates his leadership skills in every segment.

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Luke Lazarus – Why Business Owners Trust Him?

For start-ups, one of the biggest hurdles has been to integrate seamlessly business management practices that would ensure productivity, sustainability, and efficiency. Even though many companies end up developing good and objective-based products that have huge potential, unless they are marketed properly and the company is able to establish a brand in the market, long-term growth may be at risk.

Living on the edge is not exactly what a start-up would want in the long-term, and that is why there has to be a comprehensive approach to building a business from the scratch that not only focus on core issues but has an expansive business strategy that takes every possible element of running a business into consideration.

Luke Lazarus has more than two decades of experience in the business sector and has started many businesses successfully that went on to become multi-million dollars organizations a few years later.

After achieving huge success in his entrepreneurial journey, Luke Lazarus decided to become a business consultant to provide objective and result-oriented business solutions to the companies of all sizes and also the start-ups. Many businesses and start-ups fail to enter the mainstream market due to a lack of credibility.

Building credibility relies on winning the trust of the customers and penetrating the market through impact brand-building measures and marketing strategies.

Luke Lazarus helps in developing effective and collaborative marketing strategies that tell a story of the brand and the products and services it offers. It helps in gaining the attention of potential customers and develops a positive reputation as well in the target market. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Inspirery and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO

Luke Lazarus believes that it is necessary for the companies to constantly upgrade their business and marketing plans to suit and align with the transformation that the market is always going through. One of the marketing techniques he relies on heavily and suggests his clients are using social media to their advantage.

Social media provides a huge platform to the companies to develop a positive as well as interactive reputation in the target sector. It not only helps the customers to reach out to the companies easily, but enhances brand visibility, lead generation, and trust building. In the long-term, the positive impact that your social media marketing campaign has is enormously useful in building a brand that showcases sustainable growth moving forward.

Luke Lazarus wants business owners to accept that they cannot do everything on their own. There is no harm in getting help for areas that they have little idea about. The reason why many businesses fail is that business owners are too proud to get any help.

Even if they have taken some help, they would have avoided their companies from going under and flourished in the business.

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