Getting Help with a Benzo Addiction from the American Addiction Centers

Addictions to benzo medications have been on the rise over the recent years. More and more doctors are prescribing benzodiazepine meds like Xanax and Valium to help with many different anxiety and mood disorders.

These medications have powerful addictive properties and can cause a person who has never had an addiction in their life to become addicted in a way that truly overtakes their quality of life and becomes dangerous.

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It is important to reach out for help as soon as possible by contacting the American Addiction Centers. They can help when it comes to dealing with an addiction to the benzos you are currently taking.

Why a Benzo Addiction is So Dangerous

When you are first prescribed a benzo medication, like Xanax, you are instructed to take it when needed and when your anxiety is at its worst. You take the medication and soon after have a feeling of peace, joy, calm and even euphoria.

You love the feeling because it not only takes away your anxiety, panic and worry, but it also helps you to feel more confident in yourself. Unfortunately, the effects wear off as the medication leaves your system, and you may need to take more and more over the next few months or years to achieve the same effect.

This is a major issue for individuals because an overdose can and will eventually happen, and this could prove to be fatal for certain patients.

How to Reach Out for Help

If you’re suffering with a benzo addiction right now, it is important that you reach out for help as soon as possible. It is also never too late to get help from the experts in order to get your life back on track.

If you feel it is time to get help for the addiction, it is best to do so by going with a more professional approach.

There are withdrawals that can be expected when dealing with a benzo addiction, so knowing how to handle these withdrawals and having medical help when needed is so important and can make the process a whole lot easier.

If you would like to learn more about how benzo addiction works and what to expect, it is important that you make use of the American Addiction Centers and see how they are able to help you.

They can help people of all ages who are currently struggling with a benzo addiction and know that they need a lot of help.

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You will want to contact them about their different programs to see which one is right for you and which will work for the specific type of addiction that you have right this minute.

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Parents Beware: American Addiction Centers Exposes Drug and Alcohol use at College

Most young adults attend a university to improve their life. A college education provides people with more money, more opportunity and a better social position. However, there are some hidden pitfalls at universities that could create a problem for students.

The American Addiction Centers is keenly aware of the drug and alcohol problem that takes place on college campuses. They want parents to be aware of these problems as well. If not, their students can end up becoming life-long addicts.

Student life at college campuses is very busy and it moves fast. A lot of young adults are arriving on campus, getting acclimated to the school environment and discovering life outside of their hometown and neighborhoods.

This time in a young person’s life represents the transition from childhood into becoming an independent adult. Read more: American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils Realities of Recovery | Marketwatch and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

During this coming of age experience, many young adults are trying to figure out what life will be like for them. They experiment with sexual activity, being rebellious and making decisions on their own. They also use alcohol and drugs to see how they will respond to these substances.

Many pupils that attend college often do drugs to handle the pressure of being at school. Students often have a large coarse load, or they might have complicated classes which causes them a lot of stress. Fitting in is a part of life that never goes away. People want to belong and be a part of a crowd.

On college campuses this usually means taking part in drinking sessions and using drugs.

Curiosity and exploration are other factors that happen a lot at college. Students who are not used to having freedom are generally trying to find their way and want to explore new things. Alcohol and drugs often play a role within this process.

Finally, college students just like to drink and do drugs because it is fun for them. These substances are also used to relieve stress and to help students to unwind.

AAC know that college students could develop addiction problems that could haunt them the rest of their lives. They caution parents to evaluate their college students to ensure they are not being hooked on drugs and alcohol.

Remember that many college campuses are liberal places. They are in tune with the changing cultural and social norms pertaining to marijuana use. This factor alone causes millions of students to become more prone to use drugs.

Parents should monitor their kids, behavior to ensure that they are not acting differently. While a young adult is a grown up, they still need accountability and transparency.

If they are suddenly hanging around questionable people or doing unusual things – moms and dads should inquire about what is happening with their child. Parents must be aware of things their kids are doing at college.

Any parent that cannot get involved in their college student’s life might be allowing them to go down a dark path.

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What is AUD?

How much do you know about AUD? Alcohol use disorder is a disease that can lead to death if not treated. It’s oftentimes difficult to determine if you suffer from AUD.

However, there is an 11-question quiz available that can help you learn if AUD is affecting your life. Treatment is available, but it’s up to you to take the first steps to get the help that you need.

Since alcoholism (AUD) is a disease, those affected really cannot control what they do and drinking is something they do without a lot of say so in the matter. They see the hassles and harm that it causes in their life, yet their addiction is so powerful that they cannot control taking another drink.

Many people have a vision of what they think a person with AUD looks like and its oftentimes far from the truth. AUD is a condition that can affect anyone.

AUD is a Progressive Condition

People affected by AUD develop the condition over a prolonged period of time. It’s a condition that can affect anyone, of any age. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

Many people with AUD don’t understand how alcohol affects their life and it causes them relationships and other problems. Over 15 million adults are affected by AUD in the U.S. More shocking, some 623,000 adolescents also battle AUD.

Stages of AUD

As a progressive disease, AUD develops in stages over a period of time. The longer that you’ve been drinking, the later in the AUD stage you are and the harder it is to stop drinking.

However, with willpower and desire combined with the right tools, overcoming AUD is not only plausible but easily achievable.

Treatment for AUD

No matter what stage AUD you’re in, help is out there if you’re willing to accept it. For most people, rehab is the best means of treatment. Inpatient and outpatient rehab offers treatment tools designed to help the patient succeed.

It’s best to get help for AUD as soon as possible since it’s easier to treat in the early stages. Medications and other treatment options are also available for some people.

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American Addiction Centers: Clean Living

A clean life is always the best way to live in today’s society. After all, we should all be thankful to be alive and treat each and every day as a gift.

One can’t help but think of the many people that are stuck in bad situations in today’s day and age. It is why it is such a shame when someone has a chance to do something special and unique with their life, and they throw it all away because of an addiction.

Now, addiction works in two ways: it is either self-induced or it is something that someone can’t control. For some people, they are truly their own worst enemy when it comes to getting better and beating their addiction.

For other people, they were born with it because of their family genes. They are stuck with it, and they want a way out of it. They are just finding it hard to defeat and hard to conquer. It is easier said than done. There is a place they can go to for help, though, and that place is called the AAC (American Addiction Centers).

No matter what someone’s story is, they will welcome him or her with open arms and treat them like a friend or a family member. They will not criticize anyone or make them feel bad about their addiction. They simply want to help. If the person is willing to embrace that help and that love, it is there for them. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reality Blackout Drunk Driving | Gazetteday and American Addiction Centers | Rehabs

The AAC is fighting hard against drinking and driving right now. They are still in a state of shock after hearing the results of a survey they conducted with over 600 people. The survey concluded that 36 percent of the people surveyed have driven while blackout drunk. It was 24 percent men and 12 percent women.

At the end of the day, they are human beings with friends and family that love them to pieces. They want to see them live a clean lifestyle. They know they can’t handle their alcohol. If they were able to do it, they would not find themselves waking up the next day at home and not knowing how they got there along with their car.

Binge drinking is big on the Fourth of July as well, as the survey showed that 57 percent of the people admitted to binge drinking on that holiday. Even if someone gets a DUI, they still feel comfortable driving after a night of drinking.

That number came in at ten percent. Now that the AAC has done this survey, they know what they need to focus on at the moment. They are focusing on other addictions as well, but this survey was really startling to them.

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