Felipe Montoro Jens Is Building To Make A Better Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens sees a lot of potential in the country of Brazil. The nation is developing quickly and investors may be able to find a lot of opportunities in the emerging market. The jungle systems that can be found in the country are some of the most valuable throughout the entire planet and many people are concerned that many of these regions will be lost due to progress. Fortunately, the government of Brazil has begun working with some of the leaders of different industries to make plans for a more sustainable future for the growing country bt creating infrastructures that are friendly to the environment. Join linkedin to see Felipe Montoro Jens full profile.

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the leaders in the country when it comes to advocating for the sustainable future of Brazil. He is well-known in the financial industry of the country and has also earned a reputation as an expert when it comes to infrastructure. While Felipe Montoro Jens was working with Santo Antônio Energia as its Director, he began gaining experience when it came to the development of infrastructure. Currently, he is serving on the boards of several different companies and these positions allow him to have an impact on many different infrastructures taking place throughout the country.

While it’s important that Brazil develop economically, it’s also important to ensure that this development is sustainable so that the country will be able to prosper for many years to come because of the initiatives that are taking place today. Felipe Montoro Jens has been working with infrastructure for the last two and a half decades and his experience has played an important part in the development of several different projects. He is often asked for advice when it comes to the development and implementation of financial strategies to create these large infrastructure projects. Website: http://www.felipemontorojens.com.br/

Keeping Informed About The Zika Virus


Stay Aware and Not Afraid
The article that has appeared on www.buzzfeed.com made the claim that the World Health Organization has declared a public health emergency. This emergency is about the Zika virus. This is a disease that has been spreading to America. There is a warning to pregnant women: they have been warned not to travel to countries known to be affected by this virus. There have been some very shocking images that show babies who are born with “shrunken heads” due contracting this virus. The world may be in a state of panic over this entire virus. It is a really good idea to stay aware and informed regarding this Zika Virus. Fear and panic ought to come second to the overall awareness of the virus.

What is the Zika Virus?
The Zika virus was actually found in Uganda. It has been in circulation since the year 1947. The outbreaks of this virus had occurred in Africa, the Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia. These are the core places that this virus had shown itself. Then, the virus showed up in Brazil in May 2015, concerning health experts like Sergio Cortes. This led to the outbreak in 22 other countries. This virus can be transmitted to people from infected mosquitos. This is in the tropical regions. It is may be viewed as a mild infection. 80 percent of individuals do not have symptoms. The other 20 percent may experience joint pain for a week or so, fever, and even a rash. Children may be born with brain damage if their pregnant mothers spread this to the unborn baby.