An Introduction to Peter Harris, former CEO of CBL

After receiving his Master’s Degree in Marketing from the Unversity of Aukland in 1985, Peter Harris began a long and distinguished career in the Insurance and Finance world. Starting with Boston Marks Group in 1989 as their Finance Director, Mr. Harris began working his way through the upper levels of executive management in the New Zealand corporate landscape. Through his work, Peter Harris carved out a niche for himself and his organizations by providing financial and insurance services to the contracting, transportation and aviation industries.

Peter Harris then capitalized on his success at Boston Marks by leveraging his experience and position to be named the Chief Executive Officer of General Capital Ltd, a firm providing investment banking services to the high net worth private clients and private corporate markets in the aviation and transportation industries, both industries where he had exhibited marked success in his previous roles.

It was in that role that Peter Harris oversaw the acquisition of CBL insurance and its subsequent international organic ad growth. Now, as a member of the CBL insurance organization, Mr. Harris took over as the Director of International Business, working in that capacity for 11 productive and rewarding years. Peter Harris flourished in this role for more than a decade. When the time came for the organization to name a new Managing Director and CEO, the choice was an obvious one. Peter Harris was named to that position in 2007 and remained as the leader of the CBL organization for 11 more years, more than two decades in the leadership of the largest New Zealand-owned insurance company earning an investment-grade international financial strength rating from AM Best of A- (Excellent) with an Outlook of “Positive.

In his time at CBL, Peter Harris has become known as a thought leader in the finance market. He was the leader of an international team that worked to provide insurance and reinsurance based on credit in the construction and building sector. As part of this international growth strategy, CBL grew from an organization of two employees in Aukland to more than 550 in 25 countries.

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Isabel dos Santos: Development in Africa through Technology

Isabel dos Santos: Development in Africa through Technology

Isabel dos Santos has extensive experience and background investing in a wide and varied sectors including oil, telecommunications, education, finance, construction, land use and territory management. Having a firm understanding of each of these fields have given her the confidence to analyze and speak about the issues that continue to plague the continent of Africa. She claims that these issues can easily be solved by technology.

As the chairwoman of Unitel, the biggest company in telecommunications in her home country of Angola, She gained experience and knowledge about how technology could be utilized to develop and improve the way industries operate. She has learned that technology must continually invested in and improved. She witnessed this technology transform the telecommunication sector and improve the lives of the residents and business enterprises in Angola.

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Isabel dos Santos is concerned about population growth in many regions throughout Africa and how this will impact food production in the future. She believes that this challenge can be overcome by the implementation of technology. She diligently points out that the use of the land has not been efficient. As the population rises, agricultural production has decreased causing major disruptions in food supply. Isabel dos Santos recognizes that cutting edge technology can greatly improve and speed up production in this industry. She claims that if Africa were competitive in the agricultural sector, modern technology will need to be utilized in order to achieve the right price point for food production. In order to make this a reality and grow the economy of the continent, the leadership managing food production will need to make it a priority to be educated on the new and emerging agricultural technologies. The people they hire to produce the food must also become familiar with this technology and how to use it properly.

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Slyce Shares their annual financial and technological report with the public

The company Slyce Inc is known to lead the pack when it comes to a visual search platform. They are a very fast growing company in the industry which has just recently gained momentum thanks to the advancement of certain mobile technologies. They have recently partnered will several companies and brand that have been major players for decades in their specific categories. Companies such as Urban Outfitters, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus and many others. The Slyce platform allows the user to capture an image of a certain product and then the platform analysis this image and figures out what product is featured. This data is then very closely matched to the products of that specific retailers product line to find a possible match. This allows the customer to find what he/she is looking for with much greater ease as well as increase the sales of the retailer. The connection of the retailer and customer becomes a lot more intimate. This kind of technology is being used in various product categories such as shoes, fashion, appliances and other physical objects.

Slyce Inc has worked tirelessly in the last year to make the process of allowing retailers to utilize their technology more stream line as well as figuring out how this can monetized more efficiently. The technologies that have made their platform possible have also been refined. Things like 3D image capturing, which allow the user to take 3D images of items in a broad spectrum of categories and then the platform provides the user with items that fit the item in the image or items closely related to that item. Another technology that was streamlined was the implementation of the Universal Scanner. This scanner allowed the recognition of physical objects, par-codes as well as printed media from magazines.

Slyce also provided their platform across several mobile platforms such as iOS and Android for retailers so that it could be very easily implemented within existing devices and websites.