George Soros: His Money is Changing the World

George Soros is a billionaire liberal financier that is changing the world with his massive fortune. This smart billionaire mogul is considered one of the top richest people in all of existence. His enormous wealth makes him one of the most powerful people on the planet. He is worth billions upon billions of dollars. His wealth is so vast that he could literally fund his own nation on his own.

Soros is an extremely rich man, but he does not just keep his wealth to himself. Instead, he shares his wealth in the form of donations. Over the years, he has provided billions of dollars to various causes. Soros is a strong supporter of liberal causes. The former investment broker has his own philanthropy organization called Open Society Foundation. This organization is the vehicle that Soros uses to provide various organizations with the money they need to operate, spread and grow.

Political activism is a very important matter for Mr. Soros. He is a firm believer in the system of an open society. An open society is a political  governmental system that provides people with the most freedoms and the best opportunities to live and grow. In an open society people can worship as they choose without fear of retaliation.

Open societies also allow people to vote for their leaders and to choose the best course of action to create economic opportunities. In short, an ope

n society helps people to experience life to the fullest. So, Soros ensures that societies stay “open” and not “closed” by providing funding to various liberal organizations.

Why does Soros like liberal organizations? Liberal organizations usually represent Soros’s ideology political views. While Soros does not agree on every last liberal cause, he does support a lot of them. He wants to ensure that liberalism is being represented from all aspects of life. The traditional power structures within most countries typically hinder many minority and subcultural groups from expressing their views within greater society. Soros knows that this is a huge problem.

The bottom line is that Soros has given $18 billion dollars of his own money to provide support for liberal organizations. He supports these groups within the United States and in various countries across the globe. His money is helping to change the world. The organizations that receive his funding now have the ability to spread their message, increase their numbers and to branch out into various regions. George Soros is a man with a great vision and he has the money to make it happen. You can read more about Soros’s work in the L A Times. and follow him