Betterworks Gives Feedback to Managers

Managing in today’s world presents many challenges. For example, trying to manage employee performance is continuously proven to be a struggle. There is a measurable disconnect in how the employees perceive performance feedback. To put it another way, employees are not finding feedback from their managers helpful. For Millennials the divide is even higher. While only 19 percent of the millennial receive continuous feedback only 17 percent believe it is meaningful. The cure is continuous and ongoing feedback. Here are three ways to ensure that the feedback given is meaningful.

The review process can lose effectiveness if the manager delivering it is uncertain. For example, if the manager is afraid of how the employee will perceive the feedback they may do one of a few things. Managers could focus on the negatives, only talk about the positives, or neither deliver positives or negatives. Instead, deliver correction when it needed and ensure that the focus is looking forward.

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One of the best ways to ensure that meaningful feedback is delivered is to ensure that it is received well. In other words, teach employees how to receive feedback. Personal coaching may be required for employees who oppose feedback. This can be achieved by focusing on how their reluctance affects their colleagues, themselves, and the company.

Delivering feedback on performance must happen continuously. Inconsistent feedback can be perceived negatively and make employees feel singled out. Reviewing performance months after the incident can be confusing and disheartening. Instead, when correction or feedback is needed it should be delivered immediately.

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