Sudhir Choudrie: A Successful Entrepreneur and a Role Model to His Children

Sudhir Choudhrie is a billionaire who currently resides in the United Kingdom. He built his $2 billion wealth by doing business and investing his money in various industries. After graduating from university, he immediately set up a business that focuses on retail. His first attempt was to sell TV sets and accessories purchased from the United Kingdom to the Indian government. This business setting became successful, and he was able to change the Indian television industry. Then, he started selling farm equipment to the farmers who live in the Soviet Union. It helped them with their farming needs, and it added more money into the wealth that he is building. Sudhir Choudhrie decided to establish a formal company after his short stint in becoming a salesman. He established the Magnum International Trading Company Ltd back in the year 1975, and he focused on the growing export market.

Through the years, the business that he established would grow stronger and more reliable. His son, Bhanu, also learned a lot from his father, and he became a successful businessman as well. Bhanu established the Alpha C&C Group, and he gave his father a position to become the company’s vice-chairman. Sudhir Choudhrie continues to manage the company and offers new ways of how it can end up becoming more successful. The business managed by the father and son tandem continues to gain more attention to the public as its value keeps on increasing. Many renowned business investors are also optimistic about the business, and they knew that it would be a great thing investing in the Alpha C&C Group to earn more.

Aside from managing their family business, Sudhir Choudhrie also served as a director for several airline companies. He was appointed as the director for the Deccan Aviation Ltd from 2007 to 2008 and served once again as a director for the Kingfisher Airlines from 2008 to the present. He also joined Ebookers back in 1999 to serve as their non-executive director. He left the company in 2005. Sudhir Choudhrie also served as an Honorary Consult to India by the Latvian government, from 1993 to 2004. Because of his life achievements, the former UK Prime Minister Theresa May awarded him the Asian Business Lifetime Achievement Year Award in 2013. Click here.

The Branches of Jose Auriemo Neto of JHSF

The brothers Fabio and Jose Ariemo founded JHS in 1972. They led it together until the mid-1990s when a strong disagreement led to them dividing JHS into two completely independent companies: JHSI and JHSF. Several years later the brothers made up but have since continued to keep their companies separate. Many people still don’t realize this. Because of the similarity of their names, many assume their branches of the same company. Fabio had three children: a son and two daughters. His son, Jose Auriemo Neto, had a very active childhood, among other things attending youth conferences in Tokyo and playing amateur football in Tokyo.

At the age of only 17 he started his first company: a small parking chain. That same year he began studying engineering at college but dropped out after deciding to follow in his father’s footsteps at JHSF. In the early 2000s, Jose Auriemo Neto convinced his father Fabio Ariemo, the CEO of JHSF, to take the company into luxury retail sector. The construction of their first luxury mall complex included the relocation of 70 families who had previously lived on the intended location.

The luxury mall complex complex called Cidade Jardim would eventually contain 180 internationally popular and well-established stores. Around the same time that construction first began, Jose assumed the CEO position after his father retired. About JHSF company, is expanding internationally under Jose. So far it has stretched its reach into Uruguay and the U.S. On a typical workday Jose works from 8:15 am until at least 9 pm.

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Highlighting The Entrepreneurial Prowess of Marc Beer

For over 25 years, Marc Beer has demonstrated that he has a talent for entrepreneurship. With his talent of creating workable solutions with the goal being to solve the most pressing issues a company may have, Beer has aided the success of numerous companies and bringing them into an era of success. 


How exactly does Marc Beer find the drive for his line of work and where did he get his start? His goal is to help those that he feels are underserved and it began after he graduated from Miami University in 1987 with a Bachelors of Science in business. He would go from University to go down a path for a pharmaceutical sales career. During this time, he eventually became the VP of Global Marketing at Genzyme. He enjoyed the feeling of helping in those in need but he also wanted to do more which led to the creation of his first company, ViaCell in 2000. 7 years later, he sold the company for $300 million, granting his first entrepreneurial success. 


While since then Beer has seen downs in the form of family loss with the unfortunate death of his wife, he rose back up with the forming of his most recent company, Renovia. A partnership formation between Beer, Yolanda Lorie, and a gynecologist by the name of Dr. Ray Iglesias, the two formed Renovia in 2016 with the intent of developing therapeutic and diagnostic devices to help women with pelvic floor disorders, an issue that is recorded to affect around 25% women in the U.S alone. They would accomplish their goals by showcasing a different approach and removing the stigma that surrounded discussions about pelvic floor disorders, specifically the belief that something like this shouldn’t be talked about at all. Learn more:


His accomplishments show that Marc Beer sees nothing wrong with putting people first and he’s fully aware that his success would not be a thing if he had not held onto this belief and drive. He prides himself on being able to work alongside his coworkers and his eye for talent. His love for caring for the community is also amplified through his giving back effort. Beer has served as members of both the Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Commitee and the Graduate Studies Research and Advisory Council. Currently, he’s a member of the Miami University Business Advisory Council


On an endnote, Beer gave his advice for upcoming entrepreneurals which involve the guidelines he’s has followed since the start of his career such as creating a financial plan and giving back to the community as a few tips.

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Equities First Holdings- Geeks News

Equities First Holdings Has Knowledgeable Lending Professionals

Equities First Holdings is a reputable lender that provides financial solutions to customers. Since the company was established in 2002, it has remained one of the leading lenders in the alternative lending field. Its stock-based loans are a great option for many people and businesses around the world. The lending experts at Equities First Holdings provide top-notch service and are happy to assist clients.

Max Salk Taps Both His Analytical and Artistic Sides

Max Salk is a master in balancing his full plate, packed with many of his endeavors. And, of course, he would not have things any other way. He enjoys living a full life and making use of all his talents. This photographer, investment analyst, and dedicated volunteer has an intense daily schedule, but he doesn’t mind at all. He loves pursuing all his passions, and he feels like he is not working because he truly enjoys all the activities he is engaged in.

He is a graduate of the University of Illinois at the Urbana-Champaign location, with an undergraduate degree in finance. With this, he was able to dabble in many career paths in the Big Apple. He has had careers ranging from economics, markets, history, and currently he is into investment analysis. For him the key is careful analysis of the current market trends, and being able to present and explain the information well to his superiors and clients. His keen attention to details makes this career path a good fit.

Max Salk is also into photography, which he got interested in when he went on a vacation to Rotterdam, the Netherlands for one semester. Since then, when he travels or even in his home turf, he has been drawn to beautiful backdrops and panoramic scenery. Eventually, he set up his own website filled with collection of prints. People have actually touched based with him to buy some of them. He is both artistic and analytical, tapping both hemispheres of the brain, which is rare for majority of people.

In additional to those activities, Max Salk is involved with the Navy SEAL Foundation. This organization offers support and provides a wide variety of programs to Navy Seals and their families. He says he enjoys volunteering for the sake of both active duty personnel and retired veterans. Max Salk said he feels empathetic towards the struggles of these families because it is not easy to be away and apart from each other. As everyone knows, when Navy Seals are deployed for combat, it takes many months before they can touch base with their loved ones again. Max says he is doing this to show support and appreciation for the hard work these Navy Seals do to protect the country.

How James Reese The CEO leads TigerSwan

The role of a project manager is conducting risk management on different occasions. This is one of the crucial things a team leader does. If they learn how to apply a viable risk management process successfully, and then implement it, the projects will run smoothly. At TigerSwan, risk management processes are spearheaded by experts.

Formed in 2008, TigerSwan is an international company that helps clients in offering security, intelligence, coupled with stability in order to protect their strategic advantage, which is the people. The organization understands that the universe has transitioned. Therefore, a lot is at stake when it comes to enhancing security in various regions of the world.

Corporations, as well as governments, are struggling to gain access to invaluable information that would help in enhancing security. As such, TigerSwan seeks to offer a broad range of solutions to help clients in operating safely within the challenging world. The organization intends to allow its customers to work safely in a secure environment.

TigerSwan is headed by James Reese who is also its founder and cheerleader. The organization brings dynamic leadership coupled with creative problem-solving skills in various cross-functional as well as multifunctional environments.

Under the guidance of James Reese, the management also creates viable systems to enhance security in different sectors of the world. This includes families and the corporate business world. TigerSwan is devoted to rigorous compliance standards as well as upholding some of the leading levels of governance in different operations.

With the excellent leadership skills of James Reese still, TigerSwan has managed to cultivate the virtue of offering excellent customer service to its consumers. As such, the firm applies enhanced security measures to help its consumers.

Reese is a revered business leader with a penchant for entrepreneurship. He used to serve as the Delta Force where he provided problem solving techniques to employees. Over the years, he developed interest to serve in a different sector that majorly supports security enhancement. That explains why James Reese currently works at TigerSwan as a team leader. To support his workers in becoming successful at project management, he incorporates his leadership skills in every segment.

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Max Salk, a landscape photographer, doubles as a businessman in New York. Juggling between running his business and practicing landscape photography is not easy, but Max knows how to balance the two. He implements various principles in his daily life that help him juggle the two. Max Salk also loves traveling and sports. Max Salk owns a photography website where he displays his pictures. He has put his first ever landscape pictures on the first page of the site to commemorate the day. The photos, taken in the Netherlands, made Max Salk fall in love with landscape photography. The photos were taken over a foggy landscape, on a morning when Max decided to go for a walk. The walk was the beginning of Max Salk’s journey in landscape photography. Luckily for him, he had his camera with him, and he, therefore, had the opportunity to capture the beauty of the scenery.

Max Salk’s first principle is to be always prepared. Carrying a camera on the fateful morning walk was a preparation that made him a landscape photographer. Instead of going out without anything, Max decided to take his camera in case he encountered anything worth remembrance, and years later he is glad that he took his camera with him. Preparation ensures that you are ready to tackle anything thrown your way, whether good or bad. Max advises entrepreneurs to practice the same in their businesses. They should not relax but make preparations for the future. IBM is one company that values the importance of preparation in business. Even before companies were built to use patents practically, IBM was already researching on the field. It is now a top company in the patent sector. Preparation has made IBM flexible to changes in the evolving world of technology.


After preparation, Max Salk says that it is necessary to let things take their natural course. An entrepreneur does not have to force everything to go according to his plan because everything is not in humans’ control. They should take things in stride and go along with the flow. Whether it is the market changing, entrepreneurs should embrace the new changes and structure their businesses in such a way that it fits.


How The Penny Has Become Almost Obsolete

The penny is an iconic part of the United States’ history. It is a legend and symbolizes so much for this nation. It was the first currency established by the United States government. In 1909, the penny got a new look. President Abraham Lincoln’s face began to appear on the front of the penny. After this, the penny became a symbol of the culture in the United States.

It also became a celebrated coin because it featured a noteworthy president. The penny has had many different faces and looks. Even the composition of it has changed. But the face of President Abraham Lincoln has remained for over one hundred years.

Additionally, the history and symbolize of this once cent coin has remained. But now there are talks that could make this historic one cent coin obsolete. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

Most people know the coin to be made of copper. Initially, that was accurate. But after World War II, the composition changed slightly. Zinc began to be added to the composition. The cost of copper began to rise over time. This led to the composition being altered once again. At one point in time, it was made of steel. Today, the penny we are familiar with is mostly made of zinc with about a two percent margin made of copper.

U.S. Money Reserve has reported on the issue that some people are calling for this iconic coin to be discontinued from circulation. U.S. Money Reserve resides in Texas where it distributes precious metals and legal tenders to hundreds of thousands of customers annually. They have been in business for a long time. Thus, they have seen certain items go in and out of style. They too have noticed how the penny is not a sought after coin.

The penny is being called to be removed from circulation because some view the penny as already obsolete. We are moving to a society where the money is handled through digital means. Debit cards, credit cards and even digital currencies seem to be taking over the future of spending.

The one cent penny seems to hold such little meaning to a lot of consumers today. The penny has a lot of historical meaning. Some do not want to remove a coin that is rooted in history. But our changing society may no longer have a need for this iconic and legendary monetary coin.

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Marc Beer Will Serve As The Chairman Of The LumeN XT Board

LumeN XT has appointed Marc Beer to serve as the chairman of the board. The company is privately-held, and it has focused on coming up with minimally invasive surgical procedures. As the new chairman, he brings on board his experience in diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. He is honored to work alongside surgeons and engineers who are focused on formulating new surgical techniques that will be safer. According to Marc Beer, there will be more surgeries that will be less invasive thanks to LumeN XT. Their main focus is on enhancing visualization, flexibility, and precision. LumeN XT will also make sure that the disposable options will be pocket-friendly, and safety will be enhanced through visualization.


Marc Beer has showcased that he is capable of enhancing the growth of a company as per his positive track record when dealing with start-up firms. As the co-founder of LumeN XT, Paul Rhyne was happy to issue such sentiments. Marc Beer enhances the success of a company by offering the necessary guidance that will enhance the global commercial rollout as well as the profit margins of the firms.


As an executive at Renovia, Inc. and founding chairman, Marc Beer has been able to guide the company every step of the way while also making sure that the biotechnology firm has not deviated from its mission. Under his tenure, the corporation has been able to discover and deliver quality diagnostic and therapeutic devices that are meant for women with pelvic floor disorders.


Before founding Renovia, Marc Beer was an executive at Minerva Neurosciences Inc. The biopharmaceutical firm was at its clinical-stages at that moment. The firm’s primary focus was on developing suitable treatment options that were meant for people with CNS (central nervous system) diseases. At the moment, Minerva is about to come up with suitable treatment options for mood disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, schizophrenia, insomnia, and Parkinson’s Disease. Before Marc Beer began serving at Minerva, he held different roles in the biopharmaceutical sector. His main duties included overseeing commercial launches that were focused on addressing rare diseases on an international scale. Other areas include IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), global growth, and acquisitions.


Some of the job positions that Marc Beer has held over the years include; working as a founding CEO, founding chairman, a vice president, and he has also held various marketing roles in different firms. Throughout his career, he has shown that he is dedicated and he never fails to accomplish his goals. He is also a determined individual. For instance, as an executive at Renovia Inc., Marc Beer was focused on the company’s growth, and that is why he also oversaw the fundraiser where the firm received $42.3 million. His experience has also proved to be advantageous throughout his career in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more:


James River Capital On The Importance Of Leadership

There are many ways for a company to get started and for James River Capital, it was under another organization before it got on its own two feet. Before being known as James River, the company was still apart of its parent organization, Kidder. James River was originally founded back in 1986 and acted as an alternative to the parent firm. Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders were among the two top individuals that managed to climb to the top and maintain executive positions at James River Capital. In 1995, Paul and Kevin were able to buy control over James River Captial and it became its own accredited firm that now manages millions of dollars for their many clients all around the world.


Recently, James River Capital has been posting to their own blog in order to give advice to others out there, especially the next generation of leaders. James River even published a leadership manual, which goes over various things that every leader should be doing or at least keep in mind for their business or next startup. Good leaders nowadays consist of men and women that not only demand the respect of their peers and employees, but they are also a valued member of their own team that others want to respect. It is not enough to just instruct employees anymore. Instead, it is far more important to engage with employees and help them produce greater results for a better final product in an even better timeframe. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn

James River Capital is the perfect example of good leadership amounting to good results. Paul Saunders and his partner are able to create a perfect working unit within their company which is always enabling them to facilitate new growth. Every company is going to have bad times, but it is critical that any leader is capable of dealing with these highs and lows by adapting to the situation. If the leader of an organization is falling under the pressure and doesn’t know what to do, then employees will behave in the same manner and amplify the effect to make it many times worse. Learn more: