Matt Badiali Advocates for Zinc in What He Believes is a Bull Market

Matt Badiali is a source of investment information for many average to mid-level investors. He helms two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing, writes for, and shares information through his social media accounts. He is a natural resource investment guru and advises anyone who listens in how to make money from his respective niche. What makes Badiali’s advice reliable is the fact that he is a trained geologist.

Matt Badiali began his tenure as an advisor for some big resource companies. A graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a Master’s in geology, Badiali was turned on to investing by a friend. Since then he has used his knowledge to personally vet resource companies and provide actionable advice to investors. His newsletters break down investing into simple terms as his main target are average investors. According to Badiali he imagines he’s talking to his dad when he writes. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.

There is not aspect of natural resources Badiali does not touch. He covers oil, gas, precious metals, and even cannabis. His social media profile is full of advice on the latest trends in the natural resource market. Trends like Zinc. In fact, Badiali has been talking about Zinc for awhile on his medium account.

Badiali’s focus has been on precious metals for awhile now. The precious metals market has experienced a slump as of late. Gold and silver prices in general reaching some unseen lows. Matt Badiali has been watching these fluctuations, however, because what goes down eventually comes up. Zinc, for instance, is a metal that drops down only to increase later. It has seen 154% to 219% gains in recent years. Badiali believes that this is part of a bull market. He thinks that the highest peak this bull market will hit is forthcoming and investors who buy-in early may experience a 500% gain.

Part of Badiali’s belief in precious metals comes from their use in advancing technology. Metals like silver, gold, and zinc are used as components in various tech. Some used for green energy tech. Badiali believes this demand is what will cause the metals to climb back up. So buying in while the price is low means getting rewarded big as it increases.

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