Oren Frank and the Future of Mental Health

Oren Frank is the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace. The mental health app has grown since launching in 2012, with 1 million paid users and a value of $50 million. Frank credits his background in advertising and marketing for the growth. But it was a couple’s counseling session that first inspired him to envision a better world with “therapy for all.”

Birth of an Idea

Oren Frank came up with the idea for Talkspace with his wife, when they noticed that the quality of their lives had improved with therapy. He also observed that traditional therapy was inconvenient to modern life. Schedules were growing more hectic, and people were growing more dependent on mobile phones. Frank came up with a solution to all this, by marrying therapy with modern technology.


Therapy for All

Today, users on Talkspace can access a licensed and trained counselor from anywhere with an internet connection. The unique platform allows licensed counselors to treat patients through video calls and texting. A monthly subscription model makes the service less expensive than traditional therapy. Talkspace has made therapy more affordable, but it has broadened the market for people seeking therapy. Most Talkspace users would not ordinarily seek therapy on their own if a mobile option wasn’t available. The app helps people with disabilities, in rural areas, or traveling abroad, who have limited access to therapists.

Using Tech to Better Society

Oren Frank started his company with the goal of providing accessible, affordable therapy to all. Now that this goal has been reached, his focus is on improving Talkspace and fixing society through more tech-based solutions. The future of Talkspace may include an IPO and expanded services, such as medical prescriptions. Meanwhile, Frank seeks to tackle corporate corruption next. His idea for using algorithms to predict fraud is a small one, but Oren Frank is no stranger to turning ideas into businesses. He’s done it once before.

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Deirdre Baggot’s Career Life and Accomplishments

Deirdre Baggot is a Gregory LaVert scholar with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She enrolled at Loyola University Graduate School of business located in Chicago. She acquired a Master’s degree in Business Administration. In addition, she went to the University of Colorado and earned her degree in Doctor of Philosophy.

Dr. Deirdre Baggot has immense expertise as a clinician and a hospital executive. She has led in bundled fees during her leadership in acute care episode or CMS ACE. She has also pioneered in making huge innovations in the payment transformation and bundled payments while serving in two healthcare companies.

The medical scholar has also written twenty scripts on the topic of healthcare changes, payment reformation, and bundled payments. She is savvy in most subjects such as Planet Money, and the Morning Edition of National Public Radio. Keep up to date ECGMC Thought Leadership

She has accrued national tribute in the field of medicine for impressive work on bundled payment methods. Additionally, she has attended several medical conferences for keynote speaking. They include Pay-for-Performance Summit and Bundled Payment congress among others.

After serving in the academic healthcare for 10 years, Deirdre Baggot joined the Camden Group in 2010, which the G.E took control of later. The role at the Camden Group was to help create and develop a consulting experience aimed at value-based refunding in healthcare. In 2012, she was employed as a qualified reviewer to CMS for the Bundled fees for Care Improvement program. It took around three months to realize profitable returns.

She has owed her success in generating new business to being highly knowledgeable in her field. This works together with relevant real-life experience. Moreover, she has had great mentors for a long time. One of them is Jean Pryzybylek, her boss at Northwestern among others. She has also invested in being a speaking coach.

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Deirdre Baggot Continues To Excel In The Area Of Payment Reform Within In Healthcare Sphere:

Deirdre Baggot is one of the leading experts in the United States in the area of payment reform within the healthcare sector. She had been a professional within the healthcare industry for more than two decades and has developed an impeccable reputation in her field. Deirdre Baggot holds an RN, MBA and PhD degree and is notable for her regular work as a featured speaker at major healthcare industry conferences. In the past, she has been a speaker at events such as the 3rd Annual Value-Based Care Summit, the Sixth National Bundled Payment Sumit and the Bundled Payment Implementation Forum.

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Much of Deirdre Baggot’s impressive career has included the development of critical client relationships. The has also extensively developed strategies that have been implemented in more than two-hundred hospitals. Her efforts are particularly notable due to the fact that this work has led to a significant improvement in the experiences that patients have had as well as improving their overall outcomes from a clinical standpoint. These improved results have also come at a decreased overall cost. Deirdre has also been quite a prolific writer during her career. She is the author of more than twenty different papers that cover the bundled payment topic. This is the area she is perhaps most well know in. Her strategy for bundled payment places a focus on healthcare being delivered in a quality over quantity manner.

These days, Deirdre Baggot continues to keep busy. Much of her time is spent engaged in different meetings that involve the topic of healthcare payment reform. She has become quite selective about which meetings she attends these days and has learned to turn down meetings where she is not really needed. This helps her to keep her sanity and stay motivated. It has also helped her to prioritize the work that is really important to her and helped her to stay on task.

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Sussex Healthcare: A Haven for the Less Privileged Adults in the Society

Founded in 1985, Sussex Healthcare is a UK-based company providing care homes as well as support services for adults with poor conditions. Today, it runs over 20 homes based in the southeastern UK from just a single at its establishment. Additionally, under the unparalleled leadership of its co-chairs for more than twenty years – Shiraz Boghani with expertise in the hospitality industry, and Shafik Sachedina who is a dental surgery specialist, Sussex healthcare has earned accreditation by the Health Quality Service and the International Organization for Standardization. Visit companieshouse.gov.uk to know more about Sussex Healthcare.

Areas of specialization

Besides the competitive remuneration, a myriad of other benefits Sussex Healthcare employees are privy to include uniforms, subsidized meals, a free staff bus, career enhancements portfolios, pension plans, and paid vacations. These, together with enthusiasm to serve the diverse needs catered for here, attract potential employees to the company who may happen to suit the available job positions. Specialists in reflexology give massages aimed at mitigating stiffness, decreasing soreness. Moreover, it may increase hormonal levels that boost energy, improve focus, and lower anxiety levels. Generally, the endorphins created to enhance your well-being.

Team building specialists

These experts encourage and take the Sussex Healthcare home residents through different games plus some activities that enhance one’s range of motion, reaction time, critical thinking, and decrease soreness. It may improve memory significantly especially for dementia patients. At Sussex Healthcare, hydrotherapy sessions are geared towards improving flexibility, strengthening joints, reducing soreness, and maximizing well-being. Likewise, the therapies help to increase blood flow as well as reduce inflammation.

Designers of crafts and gym equipment operators and trainers

The care home organizes activities that help residents to create crafts to help improve memory and stimulate the creativity of the residents. Nonetheless, it is requisite to have individuals endowed with the know-how to assist them in developing custom designs. Following the recent launch of its state-of-the-art gymnasium, the company needs specialists to operate the many types of equipment that call for skillful handling. The trainers front to residents exercises that stabilize one’s core encourage movements that improve the condition of the knees and injured tendons and maximize the range of motion. For a fact, the business needs an innumerable number of cleaners and cooks across its care homes and various support facilities under its management. Regularly, they are indispensable in maintaining order, sanity, and providing a means of re-energizing through the different delicacies.

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Drew Madden- A Man with Golden Touch and Business Sensation

Drew Madden is a man well known for his vast experiences that span for more than a decade in optimizing, advising, managing and implementing on numerous EMR projects. He has an outstanding ability to combine his skills and knowledge in project management, technical EMR background and consulting operations to help the various healthcare information technologies build efficiently and dominant implementations teams. Drew Madden career has successfully risen to a high level making him the leader of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. He has worked for various companies and in Cerner Corporation where he was implementing the inpatient clinical solutions for four years. In 2005 he moved to Healthia Consulting, and he played a significant role in implementations department before leading the Business Development Position.

As the primary leader of Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden plays a significant role in recruiting, business development and consulting operations. Additionally, he deals with client relationship ensuring the growth of the company and comfortability of its clients by maintaining close relationship both internationally and locally. At Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew helped the business to grow its workforce to 725 employees globally and more than 150 clients’ partners.

He also helped the company increase its annual revenue to more than 130 million dollars and numerous KLAS rewards. Before joining Nordic Consulting Partners, he was the director of Ingenix Consulting Regional sales directors at Midwest division where he mainly dealt with clients development and consulting sales. Other duties he performed at Ingenix Consulting included management of AllScripts and GE-IDX Practices.

Drew Madden is a man who understands the healthcare information technology techniques, and for more than ten years he has worked tirelessly to offer the best and easy solution to various healthcare. Drew is a holder of at least four EPCI certifications, and his primary interest is in planning, optimizing and implementing of electronic health records. Drew Madden went to the University of Iowa where he got is B.S.E in Medical Systems Industrial Engineering. Mr. Madden is the founder and president of Cerner Corporation a company that deals with healthcare information technology and focuses mainly on medical systems, and client’s partnership.