Learn then invest – How Nick Vertucci made it.

Nick Vertucci was one of the investors who were hit hard by the tech bubble that wiped off billions of dollars from investors accounts. Having been a computer shop owner he had invested a substantial amount of money in stocks and other investment opportunities that were arising from the sector. He was doing quite well for himself, and despite having a young family, he had been able to invest in a home for them. The house would prove to be the only enduring investment after the mayhem that came with that bubble burst. His business in computers quickly crumbled and soon enough he was digging into his savings to sustain his family. He would soon realize that he was depleting his savings so fast and without another source of income the situation was moving from bad to worse by the day. Nick Vertucci would be asked by a friend to attend a seminar with him; he later came to learn that it was a real estate training and despite being hesitant at first he would eventually fall to the persuasions of his friend. The training turned out to be a golden opportunity for him to turn around his fortunes. Despite having no prior knowledge of real estate he quickly developed an interest in it. The coming days were marked by intense library sessions where he would read and try and understand as much as possible about the ins and outs of real estate. Nick Vertucci would use the little savings he had to make his first investment in real estate which was a huge risk at the time. This risk, however, would quickly pay off and before long he had been able to invest double his first investment. This would mark the beginning of Nick Vertucci’s investment in an industry that has now made him a multi-millionaire.