One of Lawrence Bender’s Greatest Works: From Dusk Till Dawn

Lawrence Bender is a film producer who has produced a wide range of films, several of which have earned him an Oscar nomination. His Oscar-nominated films include Inglorious Basterds, Good Will Hunting, and Pulp Fiction. Many film fans will know a lot of the work that he has done with Quentin Tarantino. With that in mind, my favorite Lawrence Bender film is From Dusk Till Dawn.

From Dusk Till Dawn stars George Clooney and the aforementioned Tarantino as a set of brothers escaping to Mexico to get away from law enforcement. Along their way, they kidnap an innocent family led by Jacob Fuller, played by Harvey Keitel, traveling around Texas. After this group reaches their destination in Mexico, a bizarre mix of action, comedy, and horror begins to unfold.

Unfortunately, this new group finds that their new destination in Mexico isn’t what it seems to be. In turn, the two brothers and innocent family now find themselves dealing with a group of vampires that are looking to feed on them. What unfolds is a film filled with gory battles, slick cinematography, and hilarious one-liners.

Being that this is a horror film, it contains plenty of scares to keep even the most avid genre fan not knowing what to expect next. Each actor in this film puts on a memorable performance. However, George Clooney steals the show as the cool-headed brother that plays an evil psychopath with a certain hard to deny charisma. This film also features a cool soundtrack with memorable musical numbers that remain in your head long after the final credits roll.

In conclusion, my favorite Lawrence Bender film is From Dusk Till Dawn. This film was released in 1996, right around the time where George Clooney was starting to become a household name. He shines in From Dusk Till Dawn, thanks to the work that Quentin Tarantino, Lawrence Bender, and Robert Rodriguez put into this film.

Hellboy III may still be coming

Hellboy II: The Golden Army did not make the impression, or profit, at the box office the studio was hoping for. This was a shame for fans, since the film hinted at a promising third entry in the series that would see the stakes reaching an apocalyptic level. While the studio did not think it was worth continuing the franchise, both the movie’s director, Guillermo del Toro, and star, Ron Perlman, have been very vocal about wanting to do one last Hellboy film.
Now del Toro has given Skout fans new hope that there may be a third movie. He has said that the studio may consider funding Hellboy III if the sequel to Pacific Rim is a success. This may be asking a lot, since the first film did not do as well as expected. With Pacific Rim 2‘s 2017 release date, it will mean that a final entry in the Hellboy trilogy will not be here until over a decade after the last film was released. While most fans of the del Toro, Perlman, and Hellboy, would be happy with a late entry into the franchise, they should also keep in mind del Toro’s track record with projects he has committed to. He put a considerable amount of time and energy into At the Mountains of Madness, the Hobbit, and Justice League Dark, before each film fell apart for him.

Cruel Intentions Cast Attends Musical Parody

Three of Cruel Intentions sexiest alumni, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, got together for a girls’ night out in LA recently. The trio went to see an unauthorized musical parody of Cruel Intentions. Cruel Intentions was a 1999 drama that wowed audiences, and is still watched today. While no one knows for sure what the old gang thought of the play, each of them did share personal pictures on their social media accounts, which made it appear as if they enjoyed the show, and spending time with each other again.


The parody took place on May 28th in Los Angeles. Audience members reported that the trio was lip-syncing along with the actors on stage, and that Sarah and Selma even recreated their infamous, lesbian kiss from the film. Amen Clinics workers thought that was pretty cool when reading about it on Save On Labs. No word on why Ryan Phillippe wasn’t there, but one can only guess that hanging out with his ex-wife and her friends isn’t a great night out in any guys book.