A Better Way to Manage Employees – Betterworks Software


There are many things which help create a successful business enterprise. However, one of the most important aspects of a good business which is commonly overlooked is human resources. Properly managing people can make or break a business enterprise.

Typical employee performance evaluation

Usually, most businesses will evaluate an employee’s performance on an annual basis. Managers will give employees feedback on how the workers could have performed better and may decide to give an employee a raise in pay or even a promotion. However, this type of evaluation process can be time-consuming. Additionally, since the feedback a manager gives to an employee centers around things which occurred almost a year in the past, it is many times too late for the advice to be useful.

Real-time feedback

These types of conversations should occur regularly throughout the year. Feedback should center around milestones which are reflective of the needs of the individual employee as well as the changing requirements of the business. However, the problem is that it may be challenging to keep track of these milestones while running the daily operations of a business.


Betterworks Software provides a solution

Luckily for business managers, Betterworks Software can help with keeping track of the various individualized milestones set for numerous employees throughout a company. The platform is based upon the OKR model, which stands for Objectives and Key Results. So far 25 companies have posted around 20,000 milestones since joining the platform.

Review of Betterworks’ Scalable Enterprise Performance Management Software

Betterworks has enabled many businesses to succeed in the competitive market through the management of enterprise performance. The company uses a unique tool to ensure the provision of continuous administration of operations through communication with relevant groups, providing enterprise insights and receiving feedbacks. Besides, Betterworks software measures the crucial factors of success hence offering flexible understanding and reports regarding the business.

Betterworks has proven to be fast, flexible and reliable through its innovative features such as strategic business insights and feedback culture. The software frequently delivers aligned operations performance updates as well as feedback on specific productivity of employees and thus offering public recognition. Similarly, Betterworks comprises of natural navigation capabilities which ensure quick changes and updates on goals hence increasing company productivity.

Unlike most business management tools, Betterworks performance is fully integrated directly with the business at hand. It also collects all conversations and technologies conducted by employees regarding the enterprise; therefore becoming flexible to make any changes, share comments, upgrade on services and remaining on top. It is extensively integrated with Gmail and other software such as Outlook hence easing interaction between managers making you in control of all communication.

Another essential feature of Betterworks is the ability to communicate freely on any device, especially smartphones. Managers can quickly converse with relevant groups in the company on both iOS and Android devices while anywhere in the world. The technique is also quick and productive as it does not demand any crucial factors of communication solely found on computers and laptops.