Max Salk, a landscape photographer, doubles as a businessman in New York. Juggling between running his business and practicing landscape photography is not easy, but Max knows how to balance the two. He implements various principles in his daily life that help him juggle the two. Max Salk also loves traveling and sports. Max Salk owns a photography website where he displays his pictures. He has put his first ever landscape pictures on the first page of the site to commemorate the day. The photos, taken in the Netherlands, made Max Salk fall in love with landscape photography. The photos were taken over a foggy landscape, on a morning when Max decided to go for a walk. The walk was the beginning of Max Salk’s journey in landscape photography. Luckily for him, he had his camera with him, and he, therefore, had the opportunity to capture the beauty of the scenery.

Max Salk’s first principle is to be always prepared. Carrying a camera on the fateful morning walk was a preparation that made him a landscape photographer. Instead of going out without anything, Max decided to take his camera in case he encountered anything worth remembrance, and years later he is glad that he took his camera with him. Preparation ensures that you are ready to tackle anything thrown your way, whether good or bad. Max advises entrepreneurs to practice the same in their businesses. They should not relax but make preparations for the future. IBM is one company that values the importance of preparation in business. Even before companies were built to use patents practically, IBM was already researching on the field. It is now a top company in the patent sector. Preparation has made IBM flexible to changes in the evolving world of technology.


After preparation, Max Salk says that it is necessary to let things take their natural course. An entrepreneur does not have to force everything to go according to his plan because everything is not in humans’ control. They should take things in stride and go along with the flow. Whether it is the market changing, entrepreneurs should embrace the new changes and structure their businesses in such a way that it fits.