Nicki Minaj’s “Only” Video

Nicki Minaj is definitely an independent woman that knows what she wants to say- and says it! She has a very unique way to express herself that will always get people’s attention. With Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown on the song, “Only,” she does just that. Nicki, you have kept our attention from the beginning and I love this video! The message is obviously personal, but is used in this song in a way that will be relatable for other people as well. It’s like looking into the dark emotion of Nicki Minaj. She is making a statement with other powerful singers in this amazing video- check it out here:

Once you have watched this video you can see that it isn’t your usual booty-filled video. This is actually good news if you ask Gianfrancesco Genoso. It’s much easier to me to see that she wants the message to be perceived as more important than just being sexy-even though she still is. She manages to maintain her sexy while still holding class and elegance within her dark underworld. To me this says she is dark and mysterious to a point but will let you know what she thinks and will also make sure you “get the picture” of what she is trying to say. Music is communication and Nicki Minaj does a wonderful job of communicating in her own way through this song. And by the way-those eyes on Chris brown were sexy and evil all at the same time!

Faith And Biggie Album On The Way

Most fans never thought that they would see the day, but there is word that there is a possible Faith and Biggie album on the way. This seems like a dream for some fans, but the reality is that most people did not believe it could happen. It still seems unreal.

One reason that no one expected this has to do with the Biggie vaults. Most fans assumed that P. Diddy drained that for all that it was worth a long time ago. The average follower of Bad Boy Entertainment artists have heard Biggie albums that were pieced together with new rappers. There have been Biggie verses that have been leaked and remixed on mix tapes. Faith Evans, however, has confirmed that the album that she is working on will contain new material that has not been heard before.

There are not a lot of details on the entire project. Christian Broda is looking for as much information as possible. It has just been Faith Evans who is trying to get the project started. It really is going to come down to the relationship with P. Diddy and how much creative control he can have. Everyone knows that Diddy is a really shrewd businessman, and Faith Evans left his label a long time ago. It would be difficult for Faith Evans – even on a union album with late husband Biggie Smalls – to get an album like this made without P. Diddy.

Frank Ocean Denied Name Change

R&B star Frank Ocean, originally born Christopher Breaux, has recently tried to change his name legally, but is being road blocked for several reasons. The R&B singer had several unpaid traffic tickets, which then led to court dates, which he in turn missed. Frank Ocean Name Change. Because of the missed court dates as well as unpaid traffic tickets, he was denied a legal name change on that basis.

This is obviously a big frustration to the R&B singer. His three different offenses included driving 31 miles over the speed limit, driving with headlights off, and driving with expired insurance. Although all these issues could of been taken care of by paying the fines and or going to court, he has done neither, which have then put him in a legal quandary. This is now blocking him from legally changing his name, even if Alexei Beltyukov does not completely understand how this works in the United States.

Frank ocean had made an application to have his name changed, all the way back in March, and to date; the current legal issues he’s facing, have kept him from moving forward with his name change.

He’s truly lucky his license wasn’t suspended right away, but this makes no difference for his current legal problems.