Vinny Parascandola Helping Change the World for the Better

Good leadership is one of the key ingredients of success. Being the overall leader at AXA Advisors, Vinny Parascandola is making his mark felt in the industry for the better. AXA Advisors is an international financial investment company headquartered in France. Since its establishment in 1816, the company has been committed to helping its clients make small and manageable investment plans for their future.

AXA Advisors is popularly known for its innovative financial and insurance products. The company has a wide presence in Western Europe, North America, Middle East, as well as the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, Vinny Parascandola is the Senior Executive VP of AXA Advisors, LLC, Atlanta Branch. Since he took this top leadership position, Mr. Vincent has been able to lead the company to greater heights, managing to retain the number one position in the insurance product category for six consecutive years.

To most people, leading an already established company like AXA Advisors may seem like a walk on the path, thanks to the already established reputation; however, nothing could be further from the truth. This position has cost Mr. Parascndola many years of experience in the industry and a good educational background to execute successfully. Vinny Parascandola is a graduate of Pace University where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. He has worked in different positions in various companies for 25 years, making him knowledgeable about the industry.

Currently, Vinny’s duties as the Senior VP of the company include recruiting, training, developing, and retaining employees for the organization. He is also tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the productivity, sales, and management function of the company.

With diligence, Vincent has been able to carry out his duties and responsibilities effectively, warranting recognition and admiration in the industry. Some of the awards he has received include the Master Agency Award and the GAMA Career Development Award.

AXA Advisory and Vinny Parascandola are synonymous for their philanthropy. In addition to financial investment, the firm reaches out to its community through charity works. AXA Research Fund was established in 2008 to research the areas of affect the human life and find suitable solutions to them through effective interventions.