The Chainsmokers Duo

The Chainsmokers is a prolific American duo production. It was founded in 2012, in New York City, United States. The duo group is comprised of to excellent DJs known as Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The duo group produces electro dance music, pop music, and electropop music and their aim is to connect to their fans in a deeper level through their music. Due to their many achievements in the music industry, the Chainsmokers have received a number of awards. These awards include Grammy Award for best dance recording, American Music Award for favorite Electric Dance Music, IHeart Radio Award for best collaboration and so much more.

The Chainsmokers have produced some music records which have made it be top 100 in the billboard chat. These records include selfie, don’t let me down and their recent hot record closer which the featured Halsey who is an upcoming artist. The group has gained popularity through social media platforms and through the many gigs they attend. The chainsmokers have really worked hard to produce smashing great hits which have been greatly appreciated by their fans. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are just a perfect pair who share the same interests in music.

The two incorporate creativity to make more interesting music for their fans. The Chainsmokers have recently released the new music record known as Sick Boy which has put the group in the next phase of music. The group tries to release songs that talk about the current affairs in the society. Sick Boy is a track that has a dark tone reflecting on the bad things happening to the current generation in society. The Chainsmokers have stated that they try to communicate to their fans through their music. The Sick Boy track just puts the fans to feel how it is to be alive in the current society. Andrew Taggart stated that the Chainsmokers are very enthusiastic in the new phase of music that they are venturing and are working to make a big difference in the music industry.