When Talkspace Works to Build Your Relationship

Have You Thought of the Alternatives for Help?

It happens; you leave the therapist’s office, but the challenges you both live with will follow you right out of the door. Solutions aren’t always where you actually meet your therapist.

What happens within your personal space together is also important. Consider taking your therapy with you. The image that comes to mind is simple; it’s an app that you can reach your therapist through. The safe place you need—comes in the form of a message platform that syncs you to a licensed professional.

Being mobile could be a strategic advantage. Having more than one place to start and end your sessions in might improve your relationship. The alternatives, though unlikely to have as great of an effect, force you to one location and a waiting room. Read more on businessinsider.com

Did You Forget About the Qualifications?

The idea of a mobile app, where you will find trained therapists in, may shock you at first.

You should know that Talkspace’s professionals undergo background checks. Only the best of what the professional world has are chosen. The remaining qualifications are the standards you set: you and your partner can change your therapist at any time. Verify each candidate with a free, 10-minute video at the start of your counseling.

Establish who you’re working with from the start and what your goals are. Each step is via a private, encrypted system that keeps you safe.

Things That Make Talkspace Standout:

No Need for Insurance

  • No Need for Insurance: Pay with the money in your pocket, and don’t worry about qualifying for coverage.

As Much or as Little as You Like

  • As Much or as Little as You Like: One, two or even three times a day and with more than one therapists are options you and your partner have.

Mobile with Internet

  • Mobile with Internet: Accessing your smartphone, computer or tablet is all it takes when getting started.

Professional and Courteous

  • Professional and Courteous: Not only are they educated, but these therapists are passionate. You’ll find someone to talk to regarding the specific challenges that exist in your relationship.

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Oren Frank: Changing the Counseling Industry

Oren Frank is the man behind the success of Talkspace. He founded the company together with his wife, Roni Frank, and they launched the service back in 2012. The company managed to become a global hit, and it acquired more than 350,000 users throughout the company’s whole run. The company’s headquarters can be found in New York City, and they keep on expanding their services to reach out to those who need immediate therapy services. Using Talkspace for therapy and counseling has been recommended by the experts from Stanford University. They stated that the approach made by the platform has been phenomenal, with more people now have access to licensed therapists.

Oren Frank shared that the idea behind the creation of the application stemmed from his bad experiences with marriage. He decided to create an application which could seek out help from a professional therapist, and he started to use his app. He was surprised with the advice that was given to him, and it resulted in his marriage being restored. Oren Frank saw the potential of the application, so he finished the app and tweaked some changes to it before releasing it to the public. Talkspace became an instant hit after its release, with people using it for group therapy. However, as more professional therapists became involved, the application had to go several changes to distinguish the patient from the therapists themselves.

Oren Frank stated that the application he created would undergo more changes in the future. It is the company’s vision to be able to reach out to more than 7 billion people around the planet, providing them with the therapy and counseling services that they need. Oren Frank has also revealed that Talkspace has gone through significant updates, allowing the users to use it for unlimited messaging. They could now speak with their therapists anytime and anywhere they wanted, and they will also be able to use images and videos when speaking with them to convey their emotions appropriately. Talkspace has gained the attention of therapists and counselors all over the United States because it has so much potential and it changed the industry for the better.