JD.com Adds a Hungarian Brand to the Wine Collection

Liu Qiangdong is the founded JD.com which at its start of operations was Jingdong. JD.com is an online shopping platform that was values at 12 billion in the beginning of 2018. The business has grown successfully over the years, through strategic management and the commitment to improve user experience and satisfaction. Recently, JD.com worked to earn the sophisticated wine experts who enjoy variety from the Chinese giant of e-commerce, new wine collections resulting from a partnership that they made with Grand Tokaj, a popular and successful Hungarian winery. Samples just got enriched, and thanks to the new business relationship, customers now have the chance to get some of the sweetest and best quality wines. This partnership serves as a gateway for Grand Tokaj to engage in the e-commerce world of the Chinese. Through the data analyzed by JD.com, the Hungarian winery will gain from insights provided, marketing and customization of products to fit and sell in the Chinese market.

With JD.com’s nationally developed network will also ensure that customers receive products on the order day or the next day after the order. Grand Tokaj is a government-backed winery that produces sweet wine from grapes that are partly raisined-also referred to as ‘noble rot’ traditionally and is a method that has existed for centuries. Their products sell well in the Chinese e-commerce market as a thousand bottles of wine sold within 10 hours of its promotion. The Hungarian Brand attracted 400,000 followers in their online store on the day it was launched. It is one of the two brand wines that has received a lot of fans, more than the rest of the wines ever sold in JD.com.

The analysis from JD.com also shows that young people, women, and residents of developed cities, prefer imported wine than local wine. The partnership intends to utilize the opportunity to serve the untapped potential in the wine business, by fulfilling the growing demand for imported wine that is of high quality. JD.com, therefore, is excited to pull together its resources to bring a range of wine choices that will make consumer experiences unique. JD.com has been the leader of online retailing of alcoholic beverages and serves as a platform that has enabled various brands to develop. They apply holistic strategy, retail channels, both online and offline, and also maintain a quality manufacturer and customer initiative that allows the company to design and produce products that customers wish and demand.

Traveling Vineyard Gives Everyone a Chance to Have a Fun Wine Tasting

The point of Traveling Vineyard is to ensure people get the chance to experience a wine tasting in their home. Instead of having to go to an expensive winery with pretentious staff members, people can choose to do the tasting in their own home. There are several benefits to this so people can choose this option over many of the others that are available to them in different situations. The company was set up so people could have fun and enjoy their own home while they were doing a wine tasting. These parties are also set up to allow customers the chance to connect with people who they were once friends with and those who they have not seen very often. It is a great chance for a fun experience and an easy-to-manage party. All the things Traveling Vineyard has done for people have come back to the options they currently have available.

The wine consultant who will come to the party knows about wine. They have gone through training and have learned more about wine than when they first started. They also have different capabilities depending on the type of wine you like and the things your friends want to be able to have during the party. The wine consultant makes a profit from the things your friends buy, that is why the party is free for you to have. There is no cost for the wine tasting, but there is a cost for the wine that people want at home.

One of the things people can do with the wine tastings is earn free wine. Each hostess who has a party will have a chance to do this. It is a way for them to earn something for the party. For every bottle of wine that people buy from the party, the hostess will earn credits and rewards for her own bottles of wine. This is similar to the way other direct selling companies are set up, and it enables the hostess to be rewarded just for having the party and enjoying her friends.

Since Traveling Vineyard first started, more people have signed up with it to be consultants. There are several levels that consultants can get to so they will have a chance to make even more money. They can also take the opportunities they have to recruit people so they will make money from their sales. A consultant who builds a team will be able to make the most amount of money no matter what she is working on or what she is doing with the company. Teams can help make the Traveling Vineyard company stronger while they are also helping the consultants make more money.

Traveling Vineyard info: www.pinterest.com/travelinvinyard/

UKV PLC is a Vintner That’s Becoming Well-Renowned as One That Anyone Can Depend On

UK Vintners operates small teams of wine consultants that are dedicated and are capable of guiding you through options that may be available for you to utilize. They possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in a market that’s rewarding in which they can assist with selecting champagne or wine products that are most appropriate for any purposes or occasions.

If you’re wanting to discuss any requirements that you may be having with one of the consultants who are employed by UK Vintner PLC, you can feel free to contact them personally to give them a clearer idea of how they may be able to assist you with any options that may be available for you to take advantage of.

If your preference is to meet a consultant of champagne in a face to face environment, an arrangement can be made for you to go to their offices, or if it’s more convenient for a consultant to go to your location then that may be an option that’s available for you as well.

UK Vintner PLC operating as a wine merchant that’s independent, therefore, they should not be regarded as one that’s connected to or limited to any particular supply chain. They’re working in conjunction with large networks of merchants, traders, and brokers to draw stock and source them when searching for wine or champagne that’s highly sought after.

The primary business of UKV PLC is based on supply, acquisitions, and sales of fine wine that’s bonded through trading floors and on behalf of trade consumers and private individuals. They’re supplying for consumption and/or investment purposes depending on the requirements of their clients. Be sure to invest in UKV PLC, as they’re a vintner that’s placing a lot of importance on the quality of their wine products, as opposed to quantity.

How To Acquire And Invest In Luxury Wines

Investing in luxury wines can be much more simple than you may think. The first step in investing in a luxury wine is to be able to obtain the wines in quantity at a market price. The lone investor may lack knowledge on which wines to invest in. They may also lack the ability to obtain luxury wines which are sold through brokers and wineries.

So how can an investor obtain wines at market prices in quantity and figure out which wines are worth investing in? One of the ways to do so is by utilizing the services of UKV PLC. This is a wine investment and procurement consulting company that is based in Croydon, England. UKV PLC can obtain luxury wines for investors in quantities. They also offer consultation service and advice on which wines have the best return on investment.

UKV PLC uses its connections with wineries around the world as well as brokers to be able to obtain fine wines at market prices and in bulk for investors. You can also use UKV PLC wine experts’ knowledge to determine which wines would best fit with your investment objectives.

Another service that UKV PLC also offers through a partner is storage of wines in a climate controlled warehouse. It is very important to store wines in a climate controlled environment to ensure that they maintain their quality. If a wine is not stored properly it may lose its quality and may actually drop in value instead of increase in value over time. This would defeat the entire purpose of investing in wines in the first place.

The storage partner of UKV PLC offers a fully insured and climate controlled facility to store wines in. The facility can stores wines indefinitely for investment through a trust or for personal consumption by direct ownership.

Fine Wine Gifts And Events Adds To The Uniqueness Of The Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company is renowned for offering the finest and rarest wines to its worldwide clientele of more than 45,000, including restaurants, hotels and individuals. It is also known for training some of the most discerning palettes worldwide in the Antique Wine Company Academy which offers wine education, masterclasses and corporate events by leading winemakers and Masters. Anyone with an interest in wine and spirits can gain professional accreditation from the AWC Wine Academy.

The Antique Wine Company also offers gifts and rarities designed for individuals and corporations to honor and show appreciations to the recipients. The Vintage Gift Box is both thoughtful and tasteful and offers the recipient a treasure and keepsake for years to come, even after the wine is gone. The bottle of fine rare wine from the year of birth, anniversary or other special life event is enclosed in a leather-bound presentation case with an engraved plaque that can be engraved with a special message from the gift giver. It includes a newspaper from the very special day. The gift giver can choose a selection of rare First Growth Bordeaux encased in a unique handcrafted Linley Helix Display Case to bestow. Viscount David Linley also created nine architectural cabinets that are exquisitely crafted and modelled after the most famous chateaux in Bordeaux. The miniature chateau contains 18 bottled of the finest vintages produced by the specific chateau during the 20th and 21st centuries and makes an excellent gift choice or keepsake.

Among Corporate Gifts offered by the Antique Wine Company are the Milestone Markers that comes in a unique vintage gift box complete with a personalized engraved plaque containing a special bottle of wine. The gift giver may select a single bottle, 3 bottle, 6 bottle or complete case of 12 bottles of fine wine. The Antique Wine Company can tailor your gift case as well as allow their sourcing experts to acquire a particular rare and unusual selection. The recipient is sure to feel appreciated and treasured. Whether personal or corporate, serving a Large Format wine for the occasion is impressive and astound guest because of the spectacular size. Large formats also develop more slowly and the wine develops a more nuanced and complex flavor than the normal sized bottles.

The Antique Wine Company is leading the world to a greater appreciation of wine from the antique classics to the finest wines currently being produced. They provide the best private and corporate events in the unique environment provided by the AWC Wine Academy. You can also purchase unique gifts of the finest and rarest wines. To experience the best wine tasting event, check the calendar of upcoming events to schedule your experience. You are sure to leave with a greater appreciation of wine and the Antique Wine Company.