McDonalds Meatless Burger

Impossible Foods found themselves in a stressful situation when they created a product that customers couldn’t get enough of. They created a meatless burger made of mostly plants. They launched the new burger at Burger King, and it didn’t take long for customers to demand more. They announced in April of 2019, that they were running low on the meatless burger. Customers were demanding more, which put them in a rough position.

Impossible Burgers decided to partner with OSI Group McDonalds in order to keep up with the supply. OSI Group is one of the biggest meat suppliers in the world. They have supplied McDonalds with their met for several years. ISO Group is located in a town around Chicago. They have supplied several food chains and stores with meat.

In order to take care of the supply and demand problem, OSI Group has already got their equipment ready and have found workers to work 12 hour shifts in order to get the job done. They are already working to increase their inventory weekly. Impossible Foods knew that partnering with OSI Group would be a challenge, but they felt it was the best decision for them.

Burger King was the first to launch the new meatless burger, but other food chains are interested in taking part as well. White castle is looking to add the meatless burger to their menu as well. McDonalds was asked if the meatless burger would be added to their menu as well and they are open to the possibility. According to the founder, they are working on their meatless burger as well. The product is becoming so popular, they’re going to start selling the meat to stores as well.

The company located near Chicago is doing what they can to meet the needs of customers around the world.

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